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Campaign Diary: Altschuler Outraises Bishop For Third Filing In A Row

“The biggest single donor he has right now are the employees of Goldman Sachs.” Did Tim condemn such contributions to Obama in 2008 or forrmer Goldman Sachs employees who joined Obama administration? I don't remember Tim complaining about such contributions he received in past. Sorry, Tim. During difficult times people tend to spend money more wisely." Jun 19, 12 7:17 PM

I love the trio whose comments followed mine. They're a riot. My first advice: "People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones." Next, don't make accusations that you cannot substantiate. Just because your neighbor gossipped to you about Randy, it doesn't mean it wasn't misrepresented, exagerated or taken out of context. For example, there's a big difference between sending & receiving. I'd tell you guys wat i mean, but if you don't check for yourselves you won't learn anything. However, I doubt you'll bother. Finally, get your stories in order. One criticizes Randy's wealth as fundraising source, Other criticizes alleged donations. Fellas, you need to meet and decide on some consistancy in your criticisms of Randy. Either he's too tall or too short. He cannot be both. Just a suggestion, but Suffolk County has suffered from poor representation in Congress for years now. Dump Bishop. You'll feel better in the morning." Jun 20, 12 8:26 AM

League of Women Voters To Host Congressional Candidates Debate

Where is coverage of the debate that was just held this week at the library in Hampton Bays?" May 18, 16 2:00 PM

Rumba Files Trademark Infringement Complaint Against New Caribbean-Theme Restaurant In Hampton Bays

Rhumba and Karamba sound alike? Not if you are Cuban. Just because they share hast 3 letters does not make that so. Otherwise the word "orange" would have more rhyming words. As for menu, if similar foods on menu indicated a copyright infringement, Hampton Bays would have only one pizzeria, one Chinese take-out joint, one deli, etc. Heck, there's a point in town where I can see a half dozen banks. When they built the last one, were they infringing on rights of others? No, they were just stupid. But there is no law against that." Jun 20, 16 1:56 PM

Southampton Town, CSEA Meet With Arbiter About Contract Settlement

Next, it will be suggested that Gregor is somehow part of the vast rightwing conspiracy. I can confirm that is in no way the case. Alex has never been to any of our meetings and he does not know our secret handshake.

Speaking from across the aisle, there are quite a few issues that find me opposing Gregor. But this has nothing to do with any of them. Are those across the aisle so eager to eat their own if they do not march in step with everybody else? Would I like to see Gregor defeated in an election? Of course. But here's a fair warning. Anyone who would defeat Gregor in a general election, would probably be even less likely to sign off on such a settlement. Those of you across the aisle who are criticizing Gregor now? Keep up the good work. You'll make mine easier next year." Jun 20, 16 2:19 PM

Alec Baldwin, Local Environmentalists Petition For Pine Barrens Commission To Review 'The Hills'

Whatever happened to private property? Should California be respected to pressure New York to do what they think is correct with our property? Should Nassau residents be respected to pressure Suffolk County to choose what is done with our property? Should Southampton listen to East Hampton? "The Baldwins are life long residents of Long Island." So what! Since when is perceived moral superiority a prerequisite for petitions. Yes, Baldwin has every right to voice his support for this petition, but one should check to see if his name is on it. His address is Amaganset. He should stick to ecology in his own back yard. It should be a petition started by an East Quogue resident asking other East Quogue residents to sign it. Mister Baldwin and his like are doing what they always do when they cannot win an issue at the ballot: turn to court or higher jurisdiction. If Southampton won't comply to their agenda they turn to county or state. What a shock. We already have one carpet bagger running things in Southampton. Do we really need another out-of-towner telling us what to do with our property?" Jul 21, 16 2:51 PM

Southampton Town Voters To Decide On Trustees Taxing District

Previous leaders were unreliable day or night, lights on or off. Things are so much better now. How can we condemn just a fraction of the trustees for a unanimous decision? Why throw out the baby with the bath water? Just fix the agreement. Or should we side with the hypocrites who showed up last week?" Jun 13, 18 10:48 PM

Thiele Withdraws Support For Deepwater Wind Project, Says 'Bait and Switch' Has Eroded Trust

With all the problems this project failed to address, this was the only issue concerning the project that I raised during our debates to which Fred Thiele responded. The whole project is so poorly conceived. A whole laundry list of flaws can be recited. It has reached this point in part due to our Assemblyman's intent or neglect. What benefit does his relative turnaround do now? I hope he takes some responsibility and addresses the harm its done so far. But this is not the first bad idea that caused Fred to spin 180 degrees and I suspect it will not be the last, I look forward to next year. I hope the damage Fred can do between now and then is minimized.

Patrick O'Connor " Jan 24, 19 7:48 PM

Southampton Democratic And Independence Party Members Scramble To Submit Petitions To Force Primaries In June

I cannot conceive of a greater recipe for chaos then having these people in office." Apr 3, 19 7:47 PM

Southampton Town Board Poised To Support Trustee Tax Line Following Joint Meeting

It is obvious that most critics cite a couple issues that they feel have gone unanswered by the trustees. The fact is that the trustees have answered these issues. These critics just do not like the answers. But if voters decide based on single issues rather than the overall positive accomplishments made by the majority currently serving as trustees, then there will be an opportunity for the harbingers of chaos who appear on the rogue petition for the Independence Party line on the November ballot." Apr 3, 19 8:06 PM

State Looks To Designate Funds For Expansion Of The LIRR Montauk Branch

Proud that another of the issues I raised in last years race for Assembly District #1 is getting attention. My question: did Fred suddenly find religion on the need to improve transportation through the Hamptons? Or is this yet another example less than transparent workings of Make-A-Deal Thiele surfacing now that there is a photo op associated with the need to fix this problem. Looking forward to 2020. " Apr 17, 19 7:54 PM

Court Blocks Linda Kabot's Write-In Campaign For Independence Party Votes For County Legislator

harsh words? truth hurts.
following the rules? Orwell called that “Newspeak“
How about letting voters decide rather than having a court decide what Fleming would probably lose at ballot?" May 4, 19 8:20 PM

What is Bridget afraid of?
Let the voters decide!" May 4, 19 8:21 PM