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UPDATE: County Road 39 Reopens Six Hours After Crash

It is a about time the police enforce the 35mph zone!! There are people who do 70 mph and 30 mph..That is a deadly combination . This area needs to be watched much more then it is..I travel this route 6 days a week and the police are almost nonexistent ." Jul 24, 12 10:49 PM

Update: Two People Reported In Water Near Shinnecock Inlet Are Safe

The Shinnecock canal and the Shinnecock inlet are two different waterways. Check your title." Aug 19, 13 9:15 PM

UPDATE: Driver In Fatal Crash Pleads Not Guilty To DWI, Held On $250,000 Bail

I think another issue that should be pointed out is the time that bars are aloud to be open.Why is it that New York is the only state that I know of that allows bars to be open till four in the morning. I pretty sure this person was coming home from the night club dream. " Jan 6, 14 6:08 AM

Search Continues For Suspects After Shooting Injures Two On Shinnecock Reservation

Read the first line again i don't think its that hard to understand :) the statement from police was released monday afternoon. The incident occurred just after midnight (Monday morning)" Jun 15, 15 5:00 PM

UPDATE: Discovery Land Changes Time Of Saturday Informational Meeting

Everyone seems concerned about the ground water and chemicals used for a golf course in East Quogue. Has any of those people asked the same questions about the farms that have been pumping pesticides into the ground for over a hundred years?Also farms have Zero resonsiblity for their runoff(unlike a golf courses or developments) as all of us EQ residents should know if you have ever traveled down Lewis road in the rain. " Jun 7, 16 10:01 PM

Im not saying that two wrongs make a right, I'm simply pointing out that people are all up in arms about the development and what it will do to our water, when there has been an underlying issue for over one hundred years." Jun 8, 16 1:13 PM