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Town Board Requires Affordable Homes, Not Rentals, For Five Flanders Properties

It is 4 distinct civic associations that have voiced their opposition to this invasion of the area by politicians who wish to be seen as the benevolent all knowing all seeing gods from east of the canal. So the plan is to make 2 homes rentals that will be overseen by the town housing authority is it? PLease, we know how well government works, who is the genius that has worked in civil service forever but is now qualified to be a landlord?
There is in fact a glut of home rental available throughout the area, and I know you frequent here quite often TB ( you do, don't you, other than when you visit for candidate night sponsored by the very organizatiuon that you seek to dismiss here?)
The resident have been vociferous at their opposition to this TB. Now, the town seeks to do a survey?? Can you name a single incident wherin the town did a survey to dispute the wishes of 4 different civic associations in the history of this town? Please don't ask that I prove that they haven't. not playing your prove the negtive game as you are want to do so often.
I must ask, is ther ANY chance that someday Ms Fleming ad Ms Thrione-Holst will sposor something that you don't agree with? Or are you on call to post pro Democratic Party legislation at the drop of a hat?
SH Native, the history of town sponsored housing lotteries ( as authored by a Mr. Steve Kenny) requires that the owner keep the house for a certain # of years, upon sale, the amount of $ the "owner" can earn is severly regulated. This came about as a result of a person buying an affordable house for $109K and then selling after the last housing boom for 600K and retiring to Florida. ," Jul 7, 12 5:56 PM

Kind of curious here, TB, are we now governing by survey? Is this process now going to be the standard if there is any dispute on an issue in a hamlet?
Secondly, being the champion of balance, are you endorsing Mr LaValle in his re election bid? Just want to point out that the Dems have the Assembly and the Governors seat and the Republicans only have the Senate by a vote or two seems like it mkes sense to leave things as they are.
" Jul 8, 12 6:07 PM

So I take that response to mean that from this point forward, we will govern by survey? And owning a house to rent out means you are helping with the affordable housing issues in town? How much do you charge in rent TB?
In the normal course of business, do you send your family and friends "younger versions of you" looking for rentals in the Riverside area? I seriously doubt that you do.
Mr Wheeler is right, you're a phony TB. Stay in your waterfront home in Quigue, with the green grass right up to the waterfront as you add to the brown tide. " Jul 9, 12 11:07 AM

Not very, apparently. Buffers are recommended to be 100 feet from wetlands mark, not 15. " Jul 9, 12 11:36 AM

"I'm assuming the Housing Authority has a good reason for recommending a survey of the community"........Yes Mr Bridge, they do.....they don't like what the community has already said so they are making an attempt to override the wishes of that community. That is incredibly evident And we both know what happens when we assume, don't we?
Once again, I ask, have you ever heard of an issue before in the history of the town where a survery was done to come up with an answer to a problem? Ever?

" Jul 10, 12 12:32 PM

New York Knicks' Jason Kidd Charged With DWI In Water Mill

Speaking of stupid, try "you're" instead of "your." " Jul 16, 12 9:01 AM

They do. They are called taxi's." Jul 17, 12 11:41 AM

Housing Authority Chair Blasts Southampton Town Board For Skipping Survey

Why is an elected official from a village on a Town advisory board? I am sure there are enough "civilians" more than willing to serve and get involved in the process." Jul 17, 12 3:14 PM

You just can't let it go and accept defeat, can you Mr. Bridge?
Your play on the "we've never done it that way" once again pays homage to your ability to twist.
I've asked you before, would this be the only time the town would do a survey, or is this a new way of governing?
Let me ask you this as well.....on the several stories on this topic, there has been scant support FOR rental units in the area. Are these folks in need of rental housing just to busy to care? Or perhgaps they just don't exist at all, and the town and Ms Cannon are just trying to build empires? " Jul 18, 12 11:49 AM

Brandt Withdraws From State Assembly Race; Thiele Will Be Unopposed

leadership? in politics? Are you friggin' serious? It is a circus of whores and to believe otherwise is an exercise in futility. " Jul 18, 12 4:55 PM

Group Plans Protest Of Circus At Shinnecock Reservation

That last paragraaph is just plain chilling. These people are so jaded that they woud attempt legislation like that. The circus people were smart to move to the res. They knew that they would get a "pass" for few years from the animal rights group, who would never want to offend the Native Americans. Now they are walking on egg shells as they try to impose their standards onto the reservation. It just keeps goin and going. " Jul 19, 12 6:58 AM

Motorcyclist Sentenced In Death Of Fiancee On Napeague

3 to 9 for being responsible for his own childs death, and that of a young lady? really? Is this what we as a society think is fair punishment?
I certainlt don't." Jul 19, 12 12:17 PM

UPDATE: Suffolk County Crime Stoppers Offers Up To $5,000 Reward For Information Leading To Arrest Of Hit-And-Run Suspect

Now we get to hear from the peanut galllery.......arm chair experts and fans of Law and Order telling us how it should have been done." Jul 20, 12 12:18 PM

Suspect In Fatal Water Mill Hit-and-Run Remains Elusive; Cops Reveal Where Car Was Found

Tell us more, G, you seem to know everrything, tell us how you would have handled it. " Jul 20, 12 12:20 PM

UPDATE: Knife-Wielding Man In Water Mill Identified And Charged By Police

FWIW, these salaries are common, north and east of NYC. It is by far not just SHTPD making this kind of $. " Jul 22, 12 10:03 AM

UPDATE: Suffolk County Crime Stoppers Offers Up To $5,000 Reward For Information Leading To Arrest Of Hit-And-Run Suspect

HHS, why don't you just ask the Chief?
Chief,please elaborate, jst because of the relationship with a politician, there is something amiss?
" Jul 22, 12 11:48 AM

UPDATE: Knife-Wielding Man In Water Mill Identified And Charged By Police

That's right ICE, he "shoulda winged 'em" just like in the movies, huh?" Jul 23, 12 7:49 AM

Dude, please.
There is a real difference between "are" and "our" Mistaking them makes you look really bad and kils any valid debate you enter into And no drives highhat into a tizzy.....so on second thought, keep doing it. " Jul 24, 12 10:50 AM

It is normal course of business, when a cop pulls his weapon, he is out to kill you. There are no warning shots, or wing shots. There is no premise under the law for that tv inspired crap. Git it? Get out of the couch and join the real world. " Jul 24, 12 3:27 PM

UPDATE: County Road 39 Reopens Six Hours After Crash

You could tell him to read this story. " Jul 25, 12 10:55 AM

Very irresponsible to make tthat statement Very." Jul 25, 12 11:18 AM

Head-On County Road 39 Crash Backs Up Traffic For More Than Six Hours

"They better not be putting in for OT for this mess" Why not, and what are you going to do abbout it?
This was a NYS PD Accident, how many cops do you think the state and town has on the road at any given time?
You have 3 westbound lanes, and shit two of them down, do the math and tell us how you would have handled it. How many times did you call PD distach and cry like little girl? Do you still have that hair up your wazoo cause your friend Tony didnt get the Chiefs job?
The people that think the cops were laughing as you sat in trffic are the real genius's here. Yessiree, let's stand in 90 plus temps with the humidity at 110% instead of getting in the air conditoned car. Yeah, that works. If this had taken two hours instead of six the same idiots would be complaing saying how in their perfect world they would have done a much better job. You folks watch tooo much tv, and should read Mr. z's statements, he is I assume a professional driver and a pretty smart guy, regardless of his politics.
" Jul 26, 12 8:21 AM

UPDATE: Knife-Wielding Man In Water Mill Identified And Charged By Police

Well, "dude" would you please cite a source, where any law enforcement agency, anywhere in the country, trains it police to "shoot to wound" or disable? I know damn well if I were in that positon and I have a nut job with a knife, my gun is going to be ready to use, Its that simple andd it is accepted i the "escalation of deadly force" that police are required to climb. Tht the cop involved got a taste of his pepper spray is common, geez, you're spraying this crap in the air that you are standing in, "dude"
When you get a chance, read Teddy Roosevelt's "Man in the Arena" before you judge the men and women who wear the uniform. " Jul 26, 12 8:26 AM

Head-On County Road 39 Crash Backs Up Traffic For More Than Six Hours

Never let the facts get in the way, eh Chief? I looked at the pictures several times and have yet to see "dozens" of cops standing around, at most 3 in one pic.
Fact: You have 3 lanes of traffice westbound as the westerly migration starts around 2 pm. Shut off two of those lanes, which probably carry 80% of the traffice. Smart folks, realizing what is going on, start heading south on Hill Station, Tuckahoe, Magee, etc. Probably takes all of 10 minutes before those routes are backed up to CR 39. It then take ne or two kind sould to make lefts onto Montauk Hwy, really slowling things down. Now the westbound folks on Montauk Hwy run into the workers doing construction and the 8, yes 8, tractor trailers on the side of the road. The victim is being cut out of the car by the FD, heicopter is called out, DOT needs to inspect the truck before it is towed, and not by Joe's Towing either, thats a srious truck to tow. DEC then needs to come out to supervise the oil/diesel spill. How much time so you tyhink all of this takes? Where do you think they are all based out of? How many cops, between the state and the town do you think are on the road at any given time? Do you know the ambulance was blocked in by folks using the center turning lane? You aren't the kind of guy that volunteers his time with an ambulance or FD, that is apparent cause you don't appear to know crap about the way things work. Look at the pics again. Your statement "They could of opened a sliver of a path for cars to go through" (should be could HAVE not OF, btw) Shows what an ignorant person you are. You just want to criticize, with no basis of facts. " Jul 27, 12 9:42 AM

UPDATE: Knife-Wielding Man In Water Mill Identified And Charged By Police

Still waiting ICE. Any more brilliant comments? Find anything to back up your idiotic statements?" Jul 27, 12 9:43 AM

UPDATE: County Road 39 Reopens Six Hours After Crash

Well Bel, if you could do that, why didn't everyone here crying about being stuck for hours on end do the same? Noyac to Hampton Bays under those circumstance, in 45 minutes is pretty darn good. " Jul 29, 12 10:11 AM

Around Town Hall: Collins To Head Planning Department, Attorney Hired For Disciplinary Hearing

Do tell TB, "GOP, all business guys" how did you earn your living?" Jul 29, 12 10:37 AM

Head-On County Road 39 Crash Backs Up Traffic For More Than Six Hours

Perhaps you didn't read the story, look at the pictures, or read the comments. Certainly not Mr Z's comments, anyway. Fatal and near fatal (i.e. injuries capable of causing death) are both treated the same. You may feeel you have the know how and experience to say how it should be done, but it is obvious you don't.
Yes, you can always interview the survivor and ask what happened. After all, what would be his motivtion to lie? (Are you serious?)
"Clean up the mess and open the road" Agin, you didn't read the story. There appears to be about 40 gallons of diesel fuel on the road. The days of dumping some kitty litter and moving on are long gone. The DEC was involved in the clean up and just so you know, they don't have an office and staff within a few blocks of the accident scene.
"None of us want to second guess emergency responders" really? Thats is exactly what your entire post is about.

Just because you have a keyboard connected to the internet doesn't qualify you to say how things should be done.

For you folks so concerned as to the why's and wherefore's, go join the local VOLUNTEER ambulance of Fire Department and learn how things are done and why. " Jul 30, 12 10:47 AM

UPDATE: County Road 39 Reopens Six Hours After Crash

You can't fix stupid." Jul 30, 12 10:54 AM

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