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Water Mill Station application approved

Planning Board Chairman Finnerty, in granting a SPECIAL EXCEPTION to permit this project TO BE DOUBLE-SIZED, ignored the demand for a complete Environmental Impact Study (EIS) which was called for by all the community groups: the WMCAC, The Group for the East End, The Southampton Town Trustees, The Friends of Lake Nowedonah, and The Water Mill Community Club. These groups were all concerned about traffic, particularly, in the tightest bottleneck in the Hamptons.

The EIS would have clarified the objections with due diligence. Instead, the Station Road project was railroaded through by Chairman Finnerty, and the Town Board should call for his resignation." May 19, 09 3:05 PM

East Hampton Village Plans To Cull Deer Herd, Deer Project Proposed

Good to see the deer will go to feed the needy in the food pantries. It should also be noted that in New Zealand, where they faced the same overwhelming deer problem, deer farming was made legal and became popular with farmers exporting venison. When the law was passed the deer were rounded up by the new deer farmers." Oct 11, 13 5:00 PM

Blue-Green Algae Blooms Discovered In Mecox Bay

Potentially toxic B/G algae in Mecox Bay was only a matter of time. The Trustees, whose mission is to protect the waters, need to contact homeowners tangent to our water bodies to urge them to stop the use of fertilizer (nitrogen and phosphorus). The choice is clean water vs. greener lawns. Lawn clippings left in place are sufficient to return nutrients to soil to maintain green lawns." Aug 23, 16 5:32 PM

Southampton Town Residents Come Out In Support Of Rose Hill Deal

Over 400 people have now signed the petition calling for returning this property to the Town residents. This deal was done without a public hearing, without discussion at the WMCAC, without proper public notice. The public has called for the Town to restore the boat ramp to its fully open and accessible condition. WMCAC has called for full and transparent disclosure of how this agreement came to be." Jun 20, 18 1:45 PM

DEC Scolds Southampton Town Trustees Over Rose Hill Modifications Without Permits

Let's not forget that this property was "leased" to the homeowner in an improper conveyance. There was no required Public Hearing! Further, this property was historically used as a park, and a park cannot be transferred to private hands without agreement by the NYS legislature. This improper deal will be undone in the Courts.

" Aug 14, 18 3:07 PM