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Westhampton Beach Village Board questioned

I would like to respond to "resident" ,I read your posting and find it a bit distrubing that you wrote that our present chief of police is serving in his postion illegally.You also state he his taking comp time he is not entitled to,if this is in fact true,why have not the canidates you favor,joan laveen and hank tucker,acting as board members , not bringing this to the attention of the other residents,why are you the only one privy to this information?Why has the chief not been brought up on charges,certainly if the law has been broken the board members woulodn"t sit back quietly, would they? When someone chooses to publicly publish accusations they call "facts" they should be able to back up the "facts"'; therefore I expect you to come forth with your facts.To publish a blog that is slanderous is a serious matter,to voice your opinion is one thing, to actually say it's a "fact"" is another matter.In your praising of joan and hank you have suceeded in raising a curious question,have they neglected thier responsibility regarding the legality of the chief's postion? As I understand it the chief is on call 24 hours,however as chief he oversees his men,he isn't to be in a patrol car as your comments suggest. As to the moral of the department,it would be interesting how you base "fact" on that. I would like to request that before you send any comments,you check out your source of information first,printing accusations without proof puts you on dangerous ground.I'm sure joan and hank appreciate your support, but I'm curious if they appreciate you slandering someone without really knowing the "facts"" May 19, 09 5:50 PM

Four will vie for two seats on Westhampton Beach board

resident, did you not read my response to you under the WHBVillage board qustioned,where you were publishing inappropiate accusations about the chief? You're at it again,and again I ask you, can you back up any of your statements with proof. It seems to me you are either being fed misinformation, or you have a personal grudge against the chief, but since I have no proof of either,I will say it's a "curious" thought,not an accusation.Your support for hank and joan is clear,that's fine,but can you inform us of any other topics they will bring to the board other then the police department,most people are tired of the same old agendaagainst the chief.By the way I understand that they mention the police contracts in an interview with the press, that,s a big no-no, I think perhaps you could enlighten me as to what your opinion is on that matter.As far as the legallity of the chief's postion,why not ask this at the next board meeting,also ask if he is in fact unquailifed,,it should be interesting. Now why don't you try to show your support for the canidates of your chioce by bringing some honest debate to the table. Let's not repeat the same bitterness of the last few elections,it makes our village a laughing stock, your "poison pen" isn't accomplising anything other then more divison, and taking attention away from the really important issues at stake.Rather than knocking others down, why not try to build up your canidates good points and leave it upto the voters.When all is said and done,truth always wins out,so once again I challenge you to bring out the facts, based on the truth." May 21, 09 3:28 PM

isnit itobvious that if a law was broken the chief would have been removed from his position by now.Elyse is correct,everyone is getting tired of this"old news" mudslining,time for new blood on the board that won't keep old agendas vindictiveness going.how could Mr. Strebel and company possibly make something illegal go away? Think about it,if Mr. Spota saw a law was broken would he look the other way because of Mr. Strebel and company,that wouldmean that he too was breaking the law, wouldn't it? I don't understand the sense this makes. ..Since the chief isn't running for election,let's focus on the canidates and the issues concerning the election, unless this is one of thier issues, then let's have them speak out and present thier thoughts on the matter and what thier solution to the question raised would be, sound fair? I think so.Throwing mud from those not involved doesn't seem fair to me.Those who have questions have a right to answers, but it should be done in a fair way, and answered by those involved who have the answers, not by some nameless blogger.,that is the reason for village board meetings,as residents you have the right to question any decisions made by that board,doesn't that sound like to right way to present your concerns?To print your comments on this blog is a great way for people to express thier concerns and comments,but if you feel the need to raise an issue,do so in a fair way, there 's really no need to make it a mudslining opportunity. sorry you feel upset with Elyse for her comment,I think she is only trying to campaign without the negativeness we have seen in the past,I agree with her that it is now 2009, this is old news,and as I have said , if there were, in fact,any laws broken, I'm sure, the DA would have acted.You can't break civil service law, and continue in the postion in question,certainly in this amount of time the matter must have been resolved,don't you think? I would suspect that no law was broken and think on further investigation,you might find I'm correct.At any rate, I'm looking forward to an election time with honest canidates bringing solutions they hope to make for the betterment of all our residents of the village, I hope it will be an opportunity for us all to hear the issues facing the village debated in a fair and civil way, and to vote for the canidates we each feel will best serve our village." May 22, 09 11:08 PM

resdent, another "fact" you messed up? i told you, the truth will come out." May 23, 09 9:50 AM

sjd,your remarks are strange,what the mayors wife said has nothing to do with the issues of the chief,ask the chief about the crimes,how do you ask what happened and then say no charges were filed,if there was drug use in the bar, why wouldn't it be busted,cause the owner is an ex-cop?now that really sounds strange,ex-cop deserves protection from the law,is this what your saying? i'm beginning to smell a rat along with the snake spewing venom, dean's contract sees to set you and resident into a tissy, i'm beginning to get the picture,two disgrumpled cowards playing jr. high "slam book" antics.the more you talk,the more your disguise is slipping." May 23, 09 1:32 PM

sjd,you and resident need to heed the above letters from Woody.Your rambling and false comments are an insult to the readers intelligence,come back on when you have something constructive to say ,your nonsense is getting you nowhere except,perhaps,letting your disguise slip more each time you respond.On the question of drug raids,did you forget about the drug dealer the chief removed from our local school,oh that would something positive,you wouldn't want to discuss that Once again, to quote you, facts are facts,but you fail to realize how misguided you sound when you give them. Wise up, end your stay on this slippery slope,your certain to fall into the hole you're digging yourself into.Mistruths have a way of pulling the liar into the web they are spinning." May 24, 09 3:26 PM

sjd,let's take one issue at a time,.1-the building is not in violation,try checking the New York B uilding Codes, that should clear this matter. 2-as to the drug raid on the bar owned by a cop, this raid was conducted by the Westhampton police,Suffolk County police Southampton TownDrug Task Force,after the chief became awareof a problem,and did an investatgation.He is the one who once again is responsible for the arrests of those bringing drugs into our village,as he did with the arrest at our schools. Howe ver,I have a question for you on this issue, why was our deputy mayor so crazed by this raid,now he is an excop,hummmmm. That should answer issue 2, now issue 3, the crimes of last fall,they are still under investagation,you aren't watching a TV show where crimes are solved in 22 minutes,that should take care of issue 3. As for mereading Ms. Resident,I think it should be clear,her "facts" are begining to speak for themselves,there is nothing in her facts that are substancial enough to hold water.Now anything else we need to clear up?Oh perhaps you and resident can answer why the deputy mayor was so upset over that drug raid,since you brought the issue to light,or do you prefer to "close the case". Your call." May 25, 09 12:22 PM

resident and sjd, Although we all know the chief's position being legal is in fact a matter of record,I can't help but wonder why, when you printed the letter from Mr. Spota,you failed to print the outcome. If you were privy to the letter, surely you knew the outcome. To have excluded all the "facts" is at the very least unjust and dishonest,as I have said over and over to you, the truth will be known.Be careful of the cans you open,some have worms in them.Perhaps you should read tonights Dean Spear"s blog.Want to dig a little deeper, or areyou big enough to admit you're wrong?Anyone could ha ve told you the real "facts",but we know your accusations were without merit, and choose to let you spew long enough to watch your disguise slip.To be vindictive never gets you very far.I would advise you to get together with whoever is giving you the misinformation and inform that the the truth is coming out,your slander didn't work,the chief 's position is legal,and by the way he's doing a hell of a job! NO CIVIL LAW WAS BROKE, JUST MORE "FACTS" MESSED UP AGAIN!" May 25, 09 9:33 PM

sjd, you are correct,work was being done at the corner rest. ,however they were cited wirh violations,and that's the reason they can't rent,there are still open violations.Interesting however,our deputy mayor a nd two board members, Hank Tucker and Joan Levan all displayed there campaign signs on that property.This is a "fact" you can trust is true.Trusting that another of your issues has been answered,I remain curious what your agenda really is." May 26, 09 10:35 AM

sjd,skirt your comments and avoid the truth?????????I thought I went issue by issue with you and hoped you would see that your information is wrong .As for your agenda,I think it's clear that the truth is known.Now can we end this nonsense?It's election time, I'd rather hear from the canidates and what thier plans are for the village.Since your privy to so much information, maybe you can tell me what thier ideas are, and if we're about to see change.By the way, did you check out Dean Spears blog,some interesting facts there that you might learn from.Why are you telling Elyse to call the PD, I thought you thought they"re useless?" May 26, 09 7:37 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Board votes behind closed doors

Thanks to Ms.Lavan ,Tucker, Kametler,and Birk, our village may very well be paying for more than the library debt!
" Jun 1, 09 8:41 PM

Resident, the point is your friends broke the law,now they will be held accountable., simple! This meeting was held in secret behind closed doors and that is illegal! You've been playing the relationship game again,who cares who is related to who?As a "resident" you should be more concerned with the possibility of a law suit ." Jun 2, 09 11:40 AM

h I'm sure that the board reads this posting and therefore I would hope that they will see the opinion of the readers is that they are not acting in the interest of the people of the village, but rather,acting to fulfill the agenda of which was started by Jim Kametler.The truth of this agenda has been discussed,the bottom line is, Jim thought his friendship with Ray would pay off,when Ray wouldn't play into his hand, he started to attack,truth didn't matter to Jim,he put on his "poor me" act and went for revenge,starting any rumor he could dream up,trying hard to destroy Ray's reputation.He hasn't succeeded,however he has suceeded in having both trustees running for reelection getting on board with him.Now putting their heads together they have come up with another way to harass Ray,going after his comp time,although it appears their actions are illegal, they are still not giving up.Ray's record speaks for itself,I have never heard or read of any disiplinary action against him. It's public knowledge, however, that Jim Kametler 's record clearly questions his intergety and ability to "honestly" serve the community,now he has brought into question the two candidates running for reelection. Are they willing to be responsible for a law suit that may very well be the result of their illegal actions concerning Ray's comp time?I agree with the letter above,yes Ray is a great guy, more than that, he is honest and is trying to work hard to run a department that is one we can not only be proud of, but one that acts and works in a professional manner. His job isn't a popularity contest, it's to see that all his men do their job to protect us,in order to do this, there are bound to be those who feel he's tough, but none can say he's dishonest. If given a choice, which mans' word would you trust,? Laws have been broken trying to harass and knock down Ray, but he is still standing tall and will continue to,he has nothing to hide or defend, can Jim Kametler say the same?I urge you to give serious consideration to this election, will we have more of the same and a possible law suit,or,will we finally have change,it's up to the voters.As for the comp time, seems to me it shows Ray's been working more than he's been given credit for. No surprise, remember the picture in the press showing him at an accident scene working,most chief's don't respond to these things, but there in black and white shows him picking up the slack,caused incidentally, by micro managing of his position ,I personally recognized him in front of the Sunset deli arresting someone during the St Patricks parade 2 years ago, I'm sure there are other examples,however the point is, if his hours are there, you can trust he earned them." Jun 3, 09 9:13 AM

Everyone seems to have Kametlers' number,but,how is it that Le van and Tucker have been caught in his web of deceit? They are the two running for reelection and they are involved in the same game he's playing.Should they not be held responsible as well? If they are reelected we can expect more of the same, perhaps with new members on the board we can begin to bring sanity back to village goverment." Jun 3, 09 7:47 PM

The mayor answered the question last night,that if they were to replace the chief,what salary would a new chief recieve? BY CIVAL LAW THE SAME SALARY, SO I ASK,WHAT'S THIS REALLY ABOUT? This personal agenda is going to cost the village taxpayers plenty." Jun 5, 09 7:29 AM

Board rescinds motion but still targeting Westhampton Beach Village police chief

Nice find by Dean Spier's blog, check it out. Wonder if this will be the new "headline" for our village in Newsday,at the very least it should open some eyes." Jun 6, 09 9:52 AM

Queen of Mean may have been cought with her pants down,Quiet Man Tucker,may also have followed the leader. Read Dean Spiers' blog,very interesting. Could the spotlight be shining on the Lighting Party!" Jun 8, 09 10:48 AM

hey publius , have you checked the crime rate in greenport since their police dept. was dissolved ? it's a fact they had to bring in the guardian angels from ny city things were so bad,want that here? you should check your facts before you speak. the people of greenport would love to have their own police dept back,drugs, shootings, stabbings and GANGS are part of their everyday fears.you can check this out through the suffolk times newspapers archives ." Jun 8, 09 5:51 PM

,pmofo , this "crap" will continue till the voters get the vindictive team of Levan, Tucker o ut along with their sidekick Kametler.P erhaps you should take time to check out the salaries of the other chiefs on the east end,perhaps you will see for yourself that this chief's in line.Also, check what the whole police department makes, from patrolman to detective,might be fair, don't you think?The reason this keeps floating is we need to "flush out "this board and bring in someone with a clean record. " Jun 9, 09 8:49 AM

sjd, ok then what, no police protection , are you for real?you may be "tired" of hearing it, but the salary is in line.Look at other salaries the tax payers pay for, the school superintendent, for example,should we close down the schools too.? " Jun 9, 09 10:55 AM

Westhampton Beach Village Board votes behind closed doors

hey sjd, you posted this already,same nonsense. What about the school superintendent, the taxpayers pay his salary too,should we close down the schools too,if it's the money that upsets you,check out all the salaries paid by the taxpayers. I suspect you have it in for the police, and no reasonable response will matter to you, so be it.I suggest if your goal is to abolish the pd, move where there are no village police, save yourself money and be happy, most of us are in favor of a village pd and the protection it provides us and our families." Jun 9, 09 11:11 AM

Board rescinds motion but still targeting Westhampton Beach Village police chief

pmofo,my question to you is; you haven't told us your occupation, however, would you be willing to take less than half your salary? Do you understand that the cost of living here is greater than most of the country,which is taken into consideration when determining salaries.Why are you so obsessed with the Westhampton PD, you live in East Quoque, you're protected by the town police not Westhampton. Take your complaints to the town board if you think the town police are overpaid. Why do you live here in Suffolk County,there are many choices out there, why not find a place that would make you happy,with lower taxes , no police departments,schools that serve the children with only the minimal teaching tools." Jun 9, 09 7:55 PM

No debate again this year in Westhampton Beach

If you were caught lying and acting illegally would you want to face the public for a debate. Come on, they don't want to answer to the whole village,only the few they have i n their pockets,who are probably waiting for favorspromised.A fine example did everyone with the zip code 11978 recieve their campaign letter,I didn't, but I did read a copy, lies ,lies and more lies!" Jun 13, 09 7:45 PM

Political advertisement causes a stir in Westhampton Beach

Did everyone withe 11978 zip code receive the campaign letter from Joan and Hank?I did not, however,I did read a copy, very revealing, sounds like they may possibly be opening the door for more than one lawsuit for the village." Jun 13, 09 7:53 PM

Board rescinds motion but still targeting Westhampton Beach Village police chief

sjd ,when the election is over,will you be over too? You've been rambling on and on about the same nonsense forever,we all get it;you don't want the police department protecting the village,ok ,we hear you!What will you ramble about next, maybe you should move where you could be happy,or are you just a perpetual whiner?" Jun 15, 09 2:33 PM

Political advertisement causes a stir in Westhampton Beach

Frank , The letter can be read in its entirety on Dean"s blog.which also points out the truth behind this letter,which was sent to only a few select voters in the village.Please go to the blog and read for yourself,it's interesting and a bit scary how these people connive to get votes. I hope the people will stand up for the truth this election,two more years of this and the possibility of law suits,isn't what this village needs.Why do they have time to mail this,but not have time to debate in front of All concerned voters? I guess if one is caught lying and acting illegally behind closed doors, the thought of a debate would be scary! On Friday we will go to the polls and this will be over till next year,I hope for the sake of the village, change will come,but it's up to the voters. Everyone knows what Tucker and Laven are about,and Arrasate and Richman are a chance for change. One important question that hasn't been answered is why has the WHBPD stopped negotiations till after this election,have promises been made, perhaps?This has nothing to do with the chief,whose contract they brought to the public,even though it isn't legal to discuss this while it is in negotiation,why did they not bring up ALL police contracts?One theory about putting the spotlight on the chief is,to take away the issue of the Erv,which is very much on their agenda,although the matter has been withdrawn by the Synagogue, they are still working hard to put fear into those who oppose it,that without them the Erv will turn the village into a Jewish community.Another question,they claim to be trying to save money for the village, any chance they will stop taking health benefits, how much could that save, does one who can afford to donate enough to get on a hospital board,not be able to pay her own benefits,after all this is a part time job,do the other part time workers for the village receive the same perks?Is it just qubbiling about pennies,how about voting on her own tax bill, pennies again?We lost a wonderful trustee,Ms. Barrnet,who worked hard for the village,not for her own glory, but for her love of the village. She was an example of what a trustee should be, but,she was treated so poorly,she stepped down,much to the sorrow of many.Why can't we chip in and get Ms.Laven the memorial with her name on it, that she so desires, and put it on the library we're all stuck paying for,and be done with her. Ditto for Hank." Jun 15, 09 3:26 PM

Four candidates are seeking two open seats in Westhampton Beach election

Let's stop the division , personal agendas, power playing, headlines and all the behind closed doors politics,bring our village back to the peaceful place we were.Two candidates have run a campaign with honesty,and desire no more than to serve the village in the same manner, there has been no antics. Two candidates have been on the board and are running a campaign that has put us on the front page of Newsday,and now has brought the fear of the Erv back, though they said it would not be an issue.They refused to debate in front of the people,but instead have mailings to certain select voters. They have been caught in more than one dishonest and illegal action,that could possibly lead us into another law suit. Do we really want another two years of this, even the mayor has had enough of their antics. The board cannot work for the benefit of the village if they can't work together,we need people to serve us, not themselves.Two candidates come with no agendas, two come with agendas .One question I have is ; if Ms.Laven is concerned about saving money,why a women of her means continues to take health benefits from the taxpayers.Why does she praise herself for the beautification of the village when the ladies before her did fine, where are they now,does she not play well with others? Why does she have to go out of the village tofind supporters ,this is village business,Qiouque and Remsenburg are not part of the village.Why is she not bragging about the new library,she was a big part of that,and now we are paying for it,and she's concerned about saving taxpayers money?As for Hank, if your happy with Laven then you'll be happy with Hank,he follows her lead. He hasn't even been able to take care of the sign issue.If you're happy with a divided village,a board that can't work together, seeing your chief of police on the front page of Newsday,board members working illegally behind closed doors, putting fears of an Erv into a campaign,bringing outsiders into village politics,possibily bringing lawsuits, supporting Kametlers agenda,then vote for them.If however,you want to end this charade,let's vote for change and sanity" Jun 17, 09 9:32 AM

what has being disabled and divorced have to do with his ability to serve the village in a fair and honest way?" Jun 17, 09 10:14 AM

I'm with you Elyse,this is getting crazy. You have my vote, as does Arrasate,I wish you both good luck,we need you to bring back sanity to the village." Jun 17, 09 11:32 AM

What are you trying to imply? " Jun 19, 09 8:02 AM

Certainly you don't mean to imply that Hank and Joan hold themselves to a higher standard! Talk about questions, why were they afraid to debate in public,why was Joans' name on that check, and on and on! You are desperate, trying to bring in a disability into the election,how do you suggest he wouldn't be able to perform as a trustee,you make no sense! He is an honest candidate,more than I can say for Joan and Hank,perhaps dishonesty is their disability!You have Vic Levy telling you the facts you want,he's a upstanding man in the community, and a man who all who know him will agree speaks the truth, listen to him! The results are just hours away,hopefully it will bring the end of you and your nonsense!" Jun 19, 09 6:33 PM

Incumbents sweep in Westhampton Beach, Southampton

The fear of the Ervu has won. Good l uck, do you really think they can keep the Eruv out without a huge legal battle? They have won the "fear factor"but time will tell who the real winners are.The voters have just voted for two more years of turmoil,best buckle up,this is going to be a bumpy ride,Cookhampton is in the drivers seat, be ready to pay a hefty fare! Looks like legal fees may be around the next corner!" Jun 20, 09 6:22 AM

Police chief files notice of claim against Westhampton Beach

Jack,first the chief doesn't make 200k,however,what does the chief of southampton make a year? The chief's salary is in line with all the other chiefs on the east end.He is entitled to his hours he has accured over the past 10 years. Would you not want what you worked for? A contract is a contract,it's that simple.Check the salaries of all the east end chiefs , why is only the westhampton chiefs salary being brought in question and why did it all start during the campaign,was the board not aware of his salary before? I'm not privy to the whole story,but I do think the board will have some explaining to do for this." Jul 17, 09 7:37 PM

Supervisor Kabot will fight DWI charge, stay in race

please before you post a comment, consider that her children may read your comments, some of which are hurtful. In time her guilt or innocence will come to light,if she is in fact,guilty,she will have to face her punishment,dwi is a very serious offense,but until then public opinions against her are hurting the innocent,her family. Some times we are all guilty of letting our political feelings over ride our otherwise fair judgement,and forget we are all human and make mistakes.Let her have her day in court,where her case should be heard and judged." Sep 10, 09 8:48 PM

Westhampton Beach Police remain mum on ongoing internal investigation of incident

I'm from Westhampton Beach and believe me I"m awake.It appears as if sjd and publuis have an axe to grind.What is your problem,you take every opportunity to bash the police.On what authority do question the legal procedures that are being followed by the chief?Also if the board was in fact the ones who went to the authorities,why then would the report go to the chief? Common sense answers that question! Why not wait and see the outcome before you get on your soapbox spewing your misguided opinions! As for the 2 trustees being attacked,they brought this to the plate,and it is still a question if thier actions were legal,time will tell. Mr Tucker will have some explaining to do for his statements,if in fact he claimed the board started the investigation, and the report shows it was in fact the chief. .It's amusing that you would bring up Kametlers retirement,check the records and you'll see why-------could it be that his retirement saved his butt??????????You can't be serious about that guy!!!!!!!He is one of those "bad apples" Publuis wants plucked out,now he sits on the village board------perhaps YOU should "wake up"!" Oct 7, 09 9:00 PM

Bobba,How unfortunate that you felt the need to post such a mean spirited comment." Oct 11, 09 10:05 PM

Kabot's court date is pushed back to December

So many people here seem to have the answers,why are they not throwing thier hats in the ring?It's easy to sit at your computer and slam each other,what are you really doing to correct what upsets you? Do you attend the board meetings and ask questions, do you speak to the board members about your issues,wouldn't that be more productive than this silly back and forth slamming each other? It seems that you can't stay on track,you go from one subject to another,attacking each other and bringing agendas that have nothing to do with the story.The election will be over tomorrow,what or who will you attack next?I can't help but wonder if this blog would have as many comments if you had to use your real name and address!It's an election,not a witch hunt!" Nov 2, 09 8:31 PM

Report: Missing firearm led to inquiry; Two Westhampton Beach Police officers suspended

This is a good cop vs bad cop.The chief has been fighting an uphill battle,trying to clean up the department,it seems as if there might be a light at the end of the tunnel. Westhampton should wake up and pay attention,to start with there are some curious questions to be answered by the board.Why was Hank Tucker so insistant he started the investigation,when in fact it has just been shown that it was indeed the chief,why did Tucker bring this up at a public meeting before the report was finished,and insist he be given a copy?Why did Kametler speak out as he did at the meeting? The report has now been made public,what will happen next will be interesting. Tucker has been caught with his pants down again,how will the story be twisted?The fact is there are bad cops and good cops,which do you want serving you? Keep up the good fight chief,the good cop always wins in the end.Let's get rid of the bad apples,which ever barrel they're found in! How long before everyone gets the picture and starts demanding answers,playing with guns is no small matter in a police department,that kind of behavior and mentality has to be punished and removed from the force !These are actions that must not be brushed under the rug,there is no excuse for their actions.In my opinion the facts are clear,the report is in and has been reviewed,I'm sure,by everyone,so this should not be a matter for a blogging argument,just a case for some serious thought for the residents of Westhampton." Nov 5, 09 11:08 AM

There would be no fuss if the board would have let the chief do his job,they have done all they can to undermine him,and his authority.These are the people the voters of Westhampton put into office,maybe now some w ill wake u p.There is more that will surface I'm sure.It is now known that Hank Tucker lied in front of the public at the Oct meeting and the rest went along with him, will that matter to the people,only time will tell.Those who are commenting here about the police departments problem should look at the facts,instead of bashing,although it is clear,most negative remarks are being made by either friends of the bad cops or the cops themselves.There are some left over from the good ole boys and they are not happy with the chief trying to make them toe the mark! The case against the cops is clear,the question is now,how will the board react,and what do the residents expect,will this be brushed under the rug by more twisting and turning!Lies are like a spider web, the more you spin the bigger it gets!So NorthSea,maybe you can see what this fuss is about,maybe the truth behind the story is starting to come out,but then there are none so blind then those who refuse to see!Let's hope that this is the start of people seeing the truth." Nov 6, 09 8:01 AM

Suspended Westhampton Beach Village Police officers return to work

resident you are back with your attacks against the chief.did you not hear what the board did with the two cops who stole the gun,and is their decision ok with you?The subject here is about them,not the chief and his family. why not stay on the subject,why must you take every opportunity to slam the chief? it is obvious by your comments who has you in their pocket.perhaps you should consider that the way the things are going the pd may well be turned over to the town,the chief could then retire,and your buddies could go on the unemployment line,they don't want to work anyway,how would that suit you?it is a disgrace that kametler tucker and laveen made this decision,but it is opening the eyes of many, .these guys were out since oct 21 with pay,is that a punishment,looks like more of a paid vacation! if you have a gripe take it up with the chief,or at a village meeting,not on a blog that has nothing to do with him and his family.sad you can't see that these cops are wrong and the board is covering it over,the reason,you figure it out." Dec 4, 09 6:25 PM

resident,after posting my comments, i read the letter from the chiefs wife.although i didnt see the comments that were removed,it is obvious they were worse than the one i was answering.. to upset the members of the family and make a wife and mother have to publicly come to the defense of her family,who have nothing to do with the story,is beyond un exceptable you owe them an apology. to try to discredit the chief you have gone over the line.you can dig as deep as you want,you will not find anything,this family is a hardworking honest family, they have nothing to hide,unlike those feeding y ou your information,false though it is.think before you post," Dec 4, 09 7:06 PM

that is the question,why do the residents and taxpayers allow this,perhaps it doesn't matter till it hits home.this board is destroying the village,this decision is only one of many."found the facts" has brought a lot to light,let's hope it will open some eyes.it's time the truth is brought out.these cops have it in for Steve McMannus because he is a "good" cop and doesn't go along with their way of thinking,what they did to him is a serious breach of the behavior we expect from a policeman,their punishment is nothing more than a paid vacation,now the board puts them back on active duty,and will this be acceptable by the residents?it remains to be seen.certainly one has to question what they will do next,and what other unacceptable decision the board will make. this board is out to get the mayor out of office and be able to be in charge and continue to try to get the chief out and let the police department go back to the way it was,a joke! they have been caught lying,breaking the law,spreading false rumors and now excusing behavior unbecoming a police officer,how much more till westhampton wakes up? laveen,tucker and kametler are not serving the village,they are serving their own egos and are trying to suceed with their vindiction toward the chief,are the village taxpayers going to allow this to continue? time will tell,elections are in june,we have a chance to rid ourselves of one. will people dig into his record and see for themselves just what he's really about or will they continue to be snowed over by his lies,time will tell.wake up westhampton,or don't complain when the law suits hit your pocketbook.hank telling you his decision is based on saving the taxpayers money is a lame excuse,these guys are guilty and they are also his buddies! they got away with their behavior even though they were investigated and found guilty,you have to ask yourself what is really behind the decision made by the board to reinstate them?sound fishy,you can bet it is!!!!!!" Dec 5, 09 7:22 AM

Publius, I challenge you to check the record of chief Dean and then explain how he is in anyway to blame for the mess the WHBPD is in now.Untill this board came in he was correcting a deployable mess,they then started to undermine his authority,and the goons saw how easy it was to do as they want.You and all who voted for them are now reaping what you sowed.Put the blame where it belongs,it's obvious you're one of them,therefore,if you meet my challenge,the chief's record is,I"m sure you"ll find,is clean.Your accusations and factless blogs are just more of the boards attempt to discredit him.The truth is starting to come out,this mess is far from over,While your checking records,check trustee Kametler's record,it may give you some interesting reading.That guy has been snowing people forever,but the record will help you see the truth.Ask him how he helped cause the village a million dollar law suit'and now he says he is reinstating these cops to save the village money,what a snow job!!!!!Ask him the real reason the decision was made,do you trust he'll tell the truth??? While your at it check the pay of each cop,it may shock you,the chief's salary is in line with all other chief's o n the east end,he is on call 24-7 365 days a year The cops that were found guilty are paid a pretty penny as are the others on the force,but you don't seem to have a problem with that.These cops were suspended with pay,you don't mind that we were paying their salary while they were on a paid vacation,that's what their punishment amounted to,a paid vacation for behavior unbecoming an officer,and this is ok with you.Get real!Get the board off thsene chief's back and let him do his job,there wasn't any of this nonsense till they came on." Dec 7, 09 4:18 PM

sjd,the reason kametler has it in so bad for the chief is because he refused to make him a dective,it's a joke that you would think there is anyway that the chief would have ever covered up for him,kametler left because he knew what was coming.check your facts before you speak, if the chief covered for him,why is kametler hellbent on getting him out?????it is the board who is responsible for this mess,just hold on,the truth is about to come out,as i understand from watching the video of the last meeting,the investigations are not over. " Dec 10, 09 7:33 AM

Publius, Now that I know who you are,Mr.Palmer,I understand your comments,and where you're coming from.,and where your misinformation is coming from." Dec 15, 09 2:58 PM

Trustees reject mayor's attempt to add seven resolutions after walk-out in Westhampton Beach

Hank is sure lucky he has the village paying for his health insurance,but I'm not sure it will cover his lose of cahones!Mr.Big mouth couldn't take the heat so he ran out of the kitchen!!!!!What a disgrace this board is,t hey know they acted wrongly and rather than face the facts they ran away.Can anyone really defend their actions???Take back our village and get rid of them,do we have to wait till June,what more damage will they do by then?/Good to see ToniJo was willing to attend and do her duty to the village,perhaps she sees the light." Jan 8, 10 2:19 PM

Westhampton Beach board member, father of Village Police chief, exchange words in supermarket

to set the record straight,this has nothing to do with the chiefs contract,this has been going on for much longer than 1 year,as reported in the press. this started way back when jim wanted to be a detective and thought because he was good friends with ray it would be a given,well he wasn't qualifed and therefore didn't get the postion,that's when this vendictive behavior by jim started.since then ill feelings have grown on both sides.it is not to say that this was not an unfortunate happening,however,as a public servant should jim have invited a 70 year old to meet him outside?it's not the behavior we would expect from 2 adults,but threating a senior citizen certainly is over the line.jim made threating comments which i'm sure mr dean answered,however i think it's understandable that he was angry by jims behavior.this is not the first of jims vindictive acts towards the dean family,this nonsense has to stop.as a trustee,i would think his actions in this matter are disgraceful and certainly disrespectful.i would like the press to report more accurately,as said in the beginning,this hasd nothing to do with the chief or his contract,only the fact that both men have ill feelings that go back several years." Feb 2, 10 6:58 PM

does this sound like 'senior abuse'? why would kametler run to the police because cross words were exchanged,little like running to mamma cause someone said something he didn't like......did he think perhaps he would cause embarrasement to the dean fa mily,sorry but anyone who knows both men,knows what this about,it's silly to even have this in the press,except it shows once again the true side of jim kametler.try ing to intimadate a 70 year old with going outside is shameful, he makes himself look like a bully and a fool.grow up jim,people are growing tired of your antics!you mayhave scared off the defenseless animals on oak street,but i doubt you'll scare off ed dean!!!" Feb 3, 10 11:24 AM

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