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School budgets pass throughout East End

Victory for the STUDENTS of Bridgehampton!!!! The community has spoken! Let's hope that the Bridgehampton School can move on from this and continue to be one of the "hidden jewels" of the East End!! Congrats to the candidates who will push BH into academic stratosphere!
To Mr. James Walker: Thank you for all of your efforts during your tenure as Board President; we are happy to be moving forward but saddened to lose a valuable member of the team. Your contributions have not gone unnoticed.
To Mrs. Hiscock and Mr. Delano: Thank you for your efforts and dedication to BH during your time on the board, your contributions are greatly appreciated." May 20, 09 9:41 AM

Cyril's Fish House Will Close For Good, Citing Restrictions Following Court Conviction

I am sick to my stomach about this. Cyrils is an institution in this town. After a long miserable, cold winter, the one thing I could count on was going to Cyrils to have a few bbc's. Now that's gone. When is enough enough?? This town is losing the things that we hold so dear. I understand that code is code but is this decision doing more harm than good for the people who live out here and just need a respite from the BS that is now our home. There are not many staples left from my youth and early adult years. Cyril was always there with a fist bump and a "respect" as were the BBCs. If there is anything that can be done to rectify this situation so that all parties can coexist I would love to contribute. " May 16, 16 8:21 PM

Summer Of Uber Deals Painful Blow To Taxi Industry

They did it to themselves. Many years ago I paid $40 to get from the talkhouse to a house next to the neighborhood house. They have been gauging people for as long as I can remember. I get insurance and all that but damn. Also my mom has paid 80$ to go to southampton and back. It's nuts. " Sep 6, 17 8:08 PM