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This Year, An Election Year Battle For Bishop

Few know it but in Washington DC Congressman Bishop has the reputation of "going to the mat" for ALL the people he represents -- that is why so many Republicans embrace him. Randy Altshuler moved out here simply to run for Congress and the GOP leaders rejected him for sending USA jobs overseas and for being a carpetbagger.

When it counted Bishop went against his own leaders to stand up for Long Island and they listened to him. He is a pro-small business, anti-tax middle class advocate and no elected be they Republican or Democrat has the excellent constituent service of this man. I want a representative in Washington DC who grew up here, knows the people here and worked his way up. He has good values and will continue to be our champion and advocate -- for Republicans and for Democrats. " Oct 24, 10 10:57 AM

Election 2010: Senator LaValle Seeks 'Balance' In Albany

It is kinda amazing ... when someone like Kenny Lavalle is doing a good job and has been doing it well for so many years -- excellent constituent servicce, responsive, hard-working etc -- people think its time to throw 'em out. So if you've been at your own job for 10, 20 or 30 years, should management throw you out "just because?" Hardly seems smart when you have the expertise and been a good producer. So it ain't broke friends, let's not change our Senator who is one of the very few stable, sane voices in Albany. Have you seen the mess both parties have made of Albany? Keep one solid, good elected official like Kenny Lavalle -- he's been one who puts us first and takes on a disfunctional Albany with quiet aplomb and dignity, getting things done for us.

" Oct 24, 10 11:11 AM

CPF Revenues End Streak With Dip In September

If the town attorney and State Comptroller were doing their jobs, they'd be investigating the Community Preservation Fund (CPF). This "cookie jar" for the electeds of both sides is really a disaster and their decisions smack of Boss Tweed politics. " Oct 24, 10 11:15 AM

Earthquake Reported Tuesday Morning Offshore Near East End

I think the Republicans said it is the President's fault?" Nov 30, 10 7:49 PM

Bishop Earns Plum Committee Post

The best thing about Tim Bishop representing the East End in Congress is he is a native, local, born and bred here. Any way you slice it, Tim Bishop has Long Island and the East End in his DNA ... it ain't all about politics.

It's about someone strong, with integrity like Congressman Bishop who will stand up for Suffolk County. " Feb 2, 11 11:54 AM

The Press News Group To Offer Premium Membership Subscriptions

With the escalating price of newsprint and the competing free digital media we should support our hometown paper ... for a modest price we get all the news ... how would we fell if no local paper were available?

Go for it. Spend the money and save our local newspaper." Feb 25, 11 9:41 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Justice Violated Judicial Conduct Rules

Well anyone who knows -- actually knows Gus Kelly -- knows he is an honest, reputable attorney. These instances cited by the Commission are serious but more about dotting the "i's" and crossing the "t's" and important to keeping judges beyond reproach. So, yes, they are mistakes but with the strict compliance now promised by Kelly, anyone who engages his counsel or appears before him in local court can be assured of a fair, impartial handling of legal matters. Any doubts, look at his long, distinguished record. " May 3, 11 10:39 AM

Former Supervisor Linda Kabot Files Suit Against Westhampton Beach

Well of course Kabot just wants to get a settlement and, more importantly, give the WHB police a black eye. Acquittal is not the same as being not guilty, folks. Is anyone else tired of our law enforcement personnel being constantly disrespected ? Think about the occasion when YOU might need to call upon them. For the most part, they are dedicated, hard-working men and women and we should lament all this "Monday morning quarterbacking" of their actions. " May 9, 11 12:16 PM

Nuzzi Not Sure If He Will Accept GOP Nomination For Supervisor

OK you naysayers and conspiracy-mongers, be fearful; very fearful of Nuzzi as a candidate for Supervisor. You will find, as Supervisor, he will be a good leader, a decisive administrator and discerning public official.

Those "in the know" who actually have worked with, and are familar with, Nuzzi and his outlook on life will attest to his honesty, his hard-work and welcoming demeanor to all his constituents.

The fiasco that was Kratoville had many fathers; it's a feeble but nice try to lay that at Nuzzi's feet. The ghosts of Republicans past will be effectively excised with the election of Nuzzi. If we really want a new broom sweeping clean in Town Hall let's say "thanks" and goodbye to ATH. She's been way out of her element and we got what we voted for. " May 19, 11 1:22 PM

Protestors Gather In Front Of Bishop's Southampton Office

The economy is in shambles , the poorest of the poor and the middle class are barely holding on and Republicans want to protect their very wealthy friends. The GOP refuses to close the corporate welfare loopholes -- tax breaks for owners of corporate jets, welfare for the oil companies and a host of other favorable treatments to the multimillionaires.

Meanwhile senior citizens are being told their Medicare and Social Security will be frozen at last year's levels, babyboomers will see their eligibility for Medicare and Social Security moved to an older age and the unemployed struggling to survive will go begging again when Republicans hold up their benefits as they did earlier this year.

Frankly these national Republicans do NOT care about the little guy or gal -- different than New York Republicans (like a Ken Lavalle, for example) who routinely step forward in Albany to protect middle class New Yorkers. Why has the national GOP so abandoned us for the wealthiest among us?
" Jul 27, 11 8:10 AM

Just imagine if Congressman Tim Bishop had not won ... thank goodness he is there in Washington DC opposing this national Republican madness and standing firm against cuts to Medicare and Social Security and fighting to reduce our debt. Best proof ever for the wisdom of East End Republicans who voted to keep Bishop fighting for Long Island values! " Jul 27, 11 8:15 AM

When your credit card, mortgage and other payments rise dramatically because the full faith and credit of the United States has been thrown in the garbage can by Teabaggers who'd rather see default than any act of compromise -- be sure to write the Teabaggers a note of thanks for paying more for everything because Wall Street lowers the US creditworthiness ... " Jul 27, 11 8:19 AM

Charles Zaloom Dies At 87

We extend heartfelt sympathies to the Zaloom family. Mr. Zaloom was a wonderful man and great supporter of small business and all things Westhampton Beach. It was an honor to know him." Aug 7, 11 6:06 PM

Southampton Town Councilman Chris Nuzzi Unveils Business Development Initiative

Because it is a patch-work of a system where the one hand does not know what the other hand is up to and could care less. Businesses have waited months to get through a single problem and sometimes years for approval! Chris Nuzzi's initiative is "spot on" as our friends across the pond might say ...

Now if Mr. Nuzzi could get Levy on board with the County Health Dept and solve there that torturous approval process. They are without a doubt the biggest obstacle to creating new jobs in Southampton town. " Aug 22, 11 1:05 PM

Press Columnist Lee Davis, 81, Dies

Lee Davis personified Westhampton. Few past or present can match his passion for the community, its history and those who shaped it. He especially loved and took pride in the Performing Arts Center and even as he chided many about politics, he was a great chronicler of the goings on locally. To Chris and his multitude of friends, sincere sympathies, Lee will be remembered for the indelible mark he has left, as did his mother and father before him. Rest in Peace. " Sep 3, 11 4:19 PM

East Hampton Town Natural Resources Director Larry Penny Suspended, Could Be Fired

Without addressing the merits or demerits of accusations against Mr Penny (for it is a personnel matter for which no one else has the facts), there should be a certain dignified way in which to handle this and that has NOT been the case.

Many locals know Larry Penny and his unblemished record of achievement. He is a reputable, insightful and dedicated individual. Whatever happens here, we ask the Town Board to handle the matter with dignity and respect for an outstanding person." Dec 16, 11 9:45 AM

Eckart's Luncheonette Celebrates 100 Years Of Tradition

Our family has been going there for over 50 years. This is one of the favorite places on Eastern Long Island and any local familiar with Eckart's knows the food is GREAT, best bargain on Long Island and the people wonderful! No one is a stranger at Eckart's ... first with beloved "Red" and now with Shirley and Dee and their family ...

All good wishes for continued success and 100 more years of the Eckart magic!" Dec 16, 11 10:26 AM

Bill Frankenbach Remembered By Family And Friends As 'Colorful Character'

Bill was a valuable, involved community leader, businessman and patriot. His stewardship and active involvement in the Republican Party over 50 years made possible prudent, responsible leadership in town and county governmentat at decisive times in our local history.

A true patriot, Bill was a caring, active veteran with a distinguished record of military service. His was a life well-lived and he leaves behind a devoted family and a legion of friends and admirers.

Our condolences to his loved ones, family and close friends." Dec 28, 11 4:40 PM

Pope Names Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary Roman Catholic Church A Basilica

WOW how wonderful for the dynamic Catholic community in and around Southampton. This designation is a distinguishing honor and the parishioners, Msgr Madley, Bishop Murphy and all local believers should take pride in this recognition from Rome.

It is a most beautiful local church and we thank you for taking such good care of it. Congratulations! " Dec 28, 11 4:52 PM

Beloved Mail Carrier Bids Adieu To Westhampton Beach

Liz Duerschmidt is one of those unspoken treasures of Westhampton Beach. Yes, she had a job that put her in contact with so many locals, business people and part-time residents but the wonderful thing about Liz is her good cheer, welcoming demeanor and caring heart. She has created a reservoir of memories in the beautiful art work that bears her name. There is not a historical site in Westhampton that Liz hasn't painted and made available to local folks. We extend good wishes and thanks for capturing the memories and for all she has meant to our community. Enjoy a well deserved retirement that probably -- knowing Liz -- won't be about retiring! " Dec 28, 11 5:09 PM

Suffolk Bancorp Files Late Reports

In an age of remote, corporate arrogance in banking it is good we still have a very local bank in the Suffolk County National Bank

Try living with those mega-banks who care less about their cutomers, change tellers and floor managers every month, don't know any small businesses or local customers by name and have zero local identity. It is a miracle having SCNB and Bridgehampton National still locally owned and locally manged.

Your negative comments are inappropriate. " Dec 28, 11 6:03 PM

Campaign Diary: Bishop and Altschuler Debate in Westhampton Beach; Bishop Earns Endorsements

He tried Connecticut, New Jersey and twice on Long Island. After Randy "send 'em jobs overseas" Altschuler loses to lifetime local Tim Bishp will he be done here? What are the odds he moves once again to a more right wing enclave -- like the south -- and runs yet again?" Nov 2, 12 5:33 AM

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