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Lou Howard Of Amityville Dies January 25

Lou Howard was a tremendous guy, great politician and community leader. Wonderful sense of humor, generous heart. Rest in peace, my friend." Feb 23, 16 4:21 PM

William Michael Pitcher, Former Editor of The Southampton Press Western Edition, Dies February 21

Michael Pitcher was a tremendous, good guy. Great editor and community leader. His stewardship of East End Hospice set it on a good footing and ensured Important help for those in need. May he Rest In Peace. Lots of prayers and sympathies to his family." Feb 22, 18 9:47 PM

Gershon Wins Democratic Primary; Zeldin Attacks City Roots

Lee Zeldin does not represent the values and the concerns held by true East Enders. He's no Bill Carney, no Otis Pike. No Tim Bishop. Say what you will, preferring to be a shill for The Donald over passionate for Eastern Long Island speaks volumes about Zeldin and his priorities. " Jun 27, 18 5:19 AM

"Never let ignorance get in the way of the facts," DJT." Jun 27, 18 5:26 AM

Rose Jewelers In Southampton Village To Close After 70 Years In Business

Murray and Robert were both wonderful guys and great jewelers and Jan continued to lift up the family business in an even tougher economic environment. Rose has been a staple on Main Street and a reliable business where quality and customer service reigned. It was a loss for Patchogue and Riverhead and now Southampton. Sorry to see it close, an end of an era. Wish all the best to Jan and her family! " Jul 7, 18 7:54 AM

H. Beecher Halsey Jr. Of Westhampton Beach Dies December 27

Beecher Halsey, one of the finest and most decent of men, accomplished much for the community. From his many years on the Board of Education to his tenure on the County Legislature, Beecher's interest was always the common good. As it is said, "he was a stand up guy."

Sadly, one more seat at Eckart's goes empty, Beecher Halsey leaves a legacy of love for WHB and all the East End. Rest in peace, dear friend.

" Dec 29, 18 10:08 AM

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