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Southampton Town Board incumbent Sally Pope (D,WF)

She has been useless during our fiscal fiasco with Kabot ... vote her OUT" Oct 29, 09 10:11 PM

Southampton Town Supervisor candidate Anna Throne-Holst (D, WF)

Frankly, the choice is Kabot -- an incompetant, useless -- blame everyone void like Kabot -- or praying for a miracle like Anna to FIX things -- or in two years her return to the rental apartment life she has now ... Get it right, Anna. All you need to do is ASK" Oct 29, 09 10:15 PM

Kabot's court date is pushed back to December

Ask former Riverhead Town Supervisor Joe Janoski who has been collecting "disability" from his elected job of Town Supervisor about the wonderful benefits of elected office.

Linda Kabot has plenty of access to Town staff as drivers (and has on occasion been seen using them) ... don't cry for her ... she's got plenty of benefits in the Town Supervisor job, golfbuddy." Oct 30, 09 11:00 AM

Sam and golbuddy and Linda Kabot are all crying crocodile tears ... ain't it easy (and misleading) to say these comments are just from "Democrats" when in truth so many of us are frustrated Republicans who are most troubled by the inept management of our Town by Linda Kabot, someone running as a Republican who disgraces the GOP banner!" Oct 30, 09 11:07 AM

Audit finds numerous errors in Southampton Town's accounting practices

Chris Nuzzi ... Nice guy, yes. "Excellent" job ... c'mon, he's been a Kabot puppet and GOP strawman from Day One. Nothing "Excellent" about that job." Oct 30, 09 7:00 PM

Judge orders DA's office to investigate alleged call made following Linda Kabot's DWI arrest

FYI ... Allen Smith is a longtime Democrat" Oct 30, 09 7:08 PM

As a family that will never get over one of their own having been killed by a drunk driver ... who cares " Oct 30, 09 7:10 PM

Kabot's court date is pushed back to December

seems all your vile stems from a personal connection with the aforementioned soon-to-be unemployed Town Supervisor ... your hostility to EDme is beyond rude" Oct 31, 09 6:19 PM

I agree the voters of the Town of Southampton are pretty smart -- they will see through the light-weight, shenanigans of an incompetent Town Supervisor and put Kabot on the unemployment line with their votes on Tuesday. " Oct 31, 09 6:25 PM

The people who are pissed off are senior citizens and families on limited incomes upon whom Linda Kabot has raised taxes during her time in office ... " Oct 31, 09 6:29 PM

Throne-Holst outraised Kabot in election campaign, though supervisor outspent her challenger

Now Anna needs to better manage the remaining responsibilities of her campaign (like ensure that reports are filed on time) and reassure voters in these closing hours she can be an able manager of the Town.

" Oct 31, 09 6:33 PM

Madoff's Montauk house sold for $9.4 million

The Hegner's are most generous to donate the commission. Dodger's idea is really pretty silly as the local towns have no connection to the crimes of Madoff and deserve none of the monies/" Oct 31, 09 7:44 PM

Voters cast their ballots today

Few have seen an election season like this one and early projections and "street talk" seems to have Kabot losing this one. It is the best course for taxpayers and, quite frankly, the best course for Linda. We may have disagreed on her management of the Town but she should be thanked for her public service, nonetheless. " Nov 3, 09 3:20 PM

If you do not VOTE today, plain and simple: you abandon your right to complain about the government or elected officials or politics.

So PLEASE get out and exercise your democratic privilege. " Nov 3, 09 3:23 PM

Throne-Holst defeats Kabot; Nuzzi and Malone beat Pope and Fleming

Never underestimate the wisdom of Southampton voters to recognize a need for a change of leadership -- and it is not about Republican or Democrat (witness Virginia and New Jersey where Republicans are doing well and Southampton where one Republican is not doing well) but basic competence in doing the job.

Mismanagement, tax increases and arrogance are lethal combinations for any politician -- and Linda Kabot learns that the hard way this Election Night. " Nov 3, 09 10:50 PM

Brian Tymann learns it is not nice to ignore the pleadings of Westhampton residents when he turned his back on the Westhampton Cemetery and favored a small clique of wealthy homeowners. " Nov 3, 09 10:53 PM

Southampton Town Supervisor incumbent Linda Kabot (R)

See, thankfully the voters had their own presence of mind on Kabot. The Press endorsement is irrelevant. " Nov 3, 09 11:05 PM

Throne-Holst defeats Kabot; Nuzzi and Malone beat Pope and Fleming

time to pour golfbuddy and Sam a stiff cocktail ..." Nov 3, 09 11:06 PM

Wilkinson beats Zwirn; Quigley and Stanzione beat Leber and Whelan

When does the moving van arrive to take Ben Zwirn back to his home in Nassau County?" Nov 3, 09 11:20 PM

Throne-Holst defeats Kabot; Nuzzi and Malone beat Pope and Fleming

Your ignorance and dislike of the police -- in total -- is off-putting. I bet when you need 'em, you won't hesitate for a minute to call a police officer. And Kabot -- look at her history -- was hardly a voice of integrity, readily catering to the STPD for their endorsement and their political contributions.

" Nov 4, 09 9:16 AM

Anna now needs to remember how she got there ... have a talented fiscal team and good manager, Anna, and watch the "store" better than you watched your campaign team. Good luck." Nov 4, 09 9:20 AM

Yankees treasure to be returned

Alfredo Blanco is a "stand up guy" ... a real gentleman who has done a wonderful thing. This is a terrific story. " Nov 4, 09 9:33 AM

Throne-Holst unseats Kabot as Southampton Town supervisor; Republicans maintain board majority

foxnfowl ... that which you describe in your post ... what rock have you been living under? You describe to a perfect "t" what life in Southampton has been like under Linda " take no responsibility" Kabot ... and what have you Dick Cheney Republicans done about illegal immigrants taking jobs ? Under Kabot the taxes were raised higher than anytime in the last decade ? During Kabot's time on the Town Council and as Supervisor police salaries and benefits went up 125 percent ... and for 25 years of Republican control in Southampton the cost of living and housing has skyrocketed through the roof... and your point, foxnfowl, except sour grapes for a loss only arrogance could love? " Nov 4, 09 5:32 PM

and who has led the tax and pend parade all these years in Southampton Town? The GOP, you crazy guy ..." Nov 5, 09 2:43 PM

Sammy, you know 16 percent is a huge losing margin for a sitting Republican officeholder (and an embarrassment in a town vastly Republican) ... it says, Republicans were fed up and rejected Kabot, too" Nov 5, 09 2:47 PM

well, of corse you are incorrect. The children we educate her, largely, never come back here. They can not afford to live here." Nov 5, 09 2:49 PM

You are so correct. They wanted to bury this fraudulent accounting activity as soon as they learned about it. If they could have had their way, they would have sealed the room and hidden it from the news media, too. Kabot could have helped herself by advocating full disclosure, chapter and verse, and proceeding to hold certain people accountable. Because they buried the whole thing in an auditing maze, no one will ever be held responsible. PERIOD. The losers? The taxpayers in this town over the next decade and beyond. " Nov 5, 09 2:55 PM

No Bill ... you won't be named to the vacancy on the Town Board. Sorry." Nov 5, 09 2:56 PM

Throne-Holst defeats Kabot; Nuzzi and Malone beat Pope and Fleming

highhat size ... my only beef with your comment is all these folks ... town employees, police, civil servants are motivated to extract for themselves the ultimate benefit ... but it is your Town Council that ratifies, approves these huge benefits ... aim your fire at them -- Nuzzi et all feel to survive in office, they must hand over in total all that is asked by the "organized" police union ... so whose to blame, the requester or the grantor? " Nov 10, 09 10:42 PM

And they won't ... greenies all until it comes to campaign trash" Nov 10, 09 10:45 PM

Health care reform passes House with Bishop's blessing

Your ignorance about the bill is astounding, friend. Go to thomas.gov and get smarter." Nov 10, 09 10:46 PM

You obviously did not read this legislation available online or you would not write such uninformed, blindly wrong comments " Nov 10, 09 10:48 PM

Another "head in the sand" well-healed Republican who has corporate health care and would deny others ... the blindly ignorant comments astound" Nov 10, 09 10:50 PM

This is very simple: for those who want to know ... the "haves" with cushy health plans want the "have nots" to continue to suffer and they want the hospital to keep billing (through your tax dollars) the local property taxpayer supporting Peconic, ELI Hospital and Southampton Hospital emergency rooms ... " Nov 10, 09 10:54 PM

Parties eye vacant Southampton Town Board seat in 2010

Don't you people get it? New blood, new faces are warranted .. a has-been like Kabot, Pope or even Fleming (who was defeated) are not the answer. .. get a successful business woman or man to run ... at least they have tried to survive in this awful economy and met a payroll !!!!!

The defeat of Russo ought to tell you something, when the voters decide ... they don''t want some "loser" like Kabot, et al to be thereafter appointed ... get a clue, boys and girls ... " Nov 10, 09 11:00 PM

Tymann defeat mocked at cemetery that clashed with Southampton Town Trustees

Well one thing is absolutely true ... Tymann's "master of the universe", combative stance in a small community hurt him and any future he may have thought he had in politics. His arrogance was displayed throughout -- even if you disagree with your constituents there is a courtesy warranted that Tymann never exhibited. Analyze the vote for trustees all you want but folks in the know felt he cared little for the interests of his home community and totally ignored the real issue of a future resting place for their families. " Nov 12, 09 9:57 AM

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