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Health care reform passes House with Bishop's blessing

Your ignorance about the bill is astounding, friend. Go to thomas.gov and get smarter." Nov 10, 09 10:46 PM

You obviously did not read this legislation available online or you would not write such uninformed, blindly wrong comments " Nov 10, 09 10:48 PM

Another "head in the sand" well-healed Republican who has corporate health care and would deny others ... the blindly ignorant comments astound" Nov 10, 09 10:50 PM

This is very simple: for those who want to know ... the "haves" with cushy health plans want the "have nots" to continue to suffer and they want the hospital to keep billing (through your tax dollars) the local property taxpayer supporting Peconic, ELI Hospital and Southampton Hospital emergency rooms ... " Nov 10, 09 10:54 PM

Parties eye vacant Southampton Town Board seat in 2010

Don't you people get it? New blood, new faces are warranted .. a has-been like Kabot, Pope or even Fleming (who was defeated) are not the answer. .. get a successful business woman or man to run ... at least they have tried to survive in this awful economy and met a payroll !!!!!

The defeat of Russo ought to tell you something, when the voters decide ... they don''t want some "loser" like Kabot, et al to be thereafter appointed ... get a clue, boys and girls ... " Nov 10, 09 11:00 PM

Tymann defeat mocked at cemetery that clashed with Southampton Town Trustees

Well one thing is absolutely true ... Tymann's "master of the universe", combative stance in a small community hurt him and any future he may have thought he had in politics. His arrogance was displayed throughout -- even if you disagree with your constituents there is a courtesy warranted that Tymann never exhibited. Analyze the vote for trustees all you want but folks in the know felt he cared little for the interests of his home community and totally ignored the real issue of a future resting place for their families. " Nov 12, 09 9:57 AM

Parties eye vacant Southampton Town Board seat in 2010

How about an accomplished business woman or man in this town? A person who has met payrolls, run a business and has some good common sense. Nuzzi is planning to run for Supervisor someday; let's identify another person with the practical skills to move up in the town hierarchy -- regardless of Party. Are the Democrats and the Republicans capable of reaching beyond those who couldn't get a job elsewhere so they gravitate to the public trough? Be creative and put the taxpayers first, for a change." Nov 12, 09 10:07 AM

Throne-Holst has aggressive agenda as next supervisor

It is a shame that even as she prepares to exit public office, Ms Kabot has to take a "shot" at the previous Supervisor. Is she devoid of any capacity for graciousness? Lots of issues, lots of issues does that one have ... too much anger." Nov 12, 09 10:18 AM

Bishop's burn pit legislation signed into law

The ignorance and buffoonery written here by partisan hacks is astounding. It is perfectly fine to disagree with the public official -- even when the information cited is grossly wrong -- but to denigrate and disrespect another human being in the manner these clowns do -- well, they reveal themselves and their own low class way of living. Thank you Mr Congressman for standing up for the veteran and for working to bring reasonably priced health care to Long Islanders. " Nov 12, 09 10:24 AM

Kabot attorney will represent two suspended Westhampton Beach Police officers

More to the point ... does anyone not see what is happening here? Attorney William Keahon is creating what appears to be one helluva conflict of interest ... his defense of Linda Kabot in her DWI arrest most likely will center on Attorney Keahon discrediting the Westhampton Beach Police Department, its training, its policies et al ... and now we read Attorney Keahon is taking on a second anti-WHB Police Dept case representing two officers who were suspended with pay. Keahon appears to want to wholly discredit the local police department -- and even as information in one trial may not be used in a second unrelated case, Keahon seems to want to build a wholesale public image detrimental to the Westhampton Beach Department. It stinks!

Hopefully, talented and adequate counsel will be retained to uphold what many local citizens believe is a hard-working, reputable organization. " Nov 19, 09 2:20 PM

Southampton Hospital receives $5 million for Emergency Department

The Paulson's are tremendously generous for stepping forward in this manner to assist the hospital. This is quite possibly the best news the hospital has gotten in so many years since the Ferry fiasco and near financial collapse of his community asset.

Now if only the public would begin to regain a similar confidence in the hospital's ability to heal -- rather than flee Up West when faced with a medical emergency. " Nov 20, 09 5:49 PM

Bishop visits first-time homebuyers helped by tax credit

Congratulations to the McKinney's and their young son !!!!! It is clear without a tax stimulus this young couple would continue to pay the landlord, probably not spend money on appliances and a new kitchen, not plan on building a pool (and hiring local contractors) and our economy would remain stuck in the George Bush muck of 2007-08. So for those "free market" types that tout tax incentives ... but criticize the same remedies President Obama is promoting ..... see your hypocrisy?" Nov 20, 09 6:15 PM

U.S. Representive Tim Bishop details new initiatives

You need to check the record, friend. Today's fiscal mess comes from an unfunded war in Iraq, a spend-happy previous GOP Congress that blew the healthy surplus left by Bill Clinton in 2001 and a Wall Street loving President Bush who took his eye off the ball and left us an economy in shambles.

Bishop has been attentive to local needs, the plight of those without health insurance and seniors who are struggling to survive in this horrible economy. " Dec 14, 09 9:01 PM

Shinnecock Indian Nation wins preliminary federal recognition

While access to the health and welfare benefits is a plus, this is the single most destructive action to our bucolic way of life that could come to the East End and Southampton. Make no mistake about it: since the late 1990s the tribe has been on a legal and political path to make casino gaming a reality in Hampton Bays. That is what their quest for Federal recognition has been all about.

As a Federal tribe, they will have a "free zone" to do as they please -- erect a huge monstrosity that will lure vasts amounts of new crime, wanton shady characters and related negative consequences.

Local taxes will rise to handle the influx (even as the Shinnecocks don't pay local taxes) and the need for additional police, fire etc. And don't even try to suggest it will be good for the local economy. It won't. Jobs will go to the tribe and spending for ancillary services will largely go to outside vendors. It WILL be an economic disaster. This is one heckuva nightmare waiting to unfold.

If you think it is anything less, join Alice in her looking glass and say "good bye" to our unique and beautiful way of life here on the East End. " Dec 21, 09 3:22 PM

Multimillion dollar checks to the tribe by mega gaming companies will bring any of the reluctant (if there actually are any) Shinnecock families four square behind the casino. Anyone here who is lauding it -- does not understand that for the outside East End community -- the only impact is gambling and its destructive forces on the East End. " Dec 21, 09 3:29 PM

And Atlantic City, Southern Connecticut ... ask those civic and neighborhood leaders what an economic, traffic and crime entanglement it has been on their communities ...!" Dec 21, 09 3:33 PM

And NOT one comment here involves people being racist against the Shinnecocks, so such a suggestion is way off base ... disagreeing with the plan to put a casino and all its negatives in our backyard is the issue -- not the wonderful families that live on the reservation!" Dec 21, 09 3:37 PM

Don't you remember the Shinnecocks began clearing the "proposed site" without town permission?" Dec 21, 09 3:41 PM

Throne-Holst is sworn in as 78th Southampton Town supervisor

Anna and all members of the Town Council -- Republican and Democratic and Independent alike -- deserve the public's benefit of the doubt. Let us give them an opportunity in this "honeymoon" period to assemble a good bipartisan agenda, assimilate their egos and personalities in the best interests of the Town to work cooperatively and actually bring to fuitition a constructive, positive approach to governing. It has been many many years since such cooperation and unity was prevelant on the Town Board -- no blame being assessed against any particular party or leader -- but if members of the Council care less about who gets credit and more about getting finances, taxes and program oversight under better control -- who knows, it could indeed be a better day.

A special plea to the media -- do your job more diligently and probe, ask questions, ensure programs and finances are being managed thoughtfully. The problem of recent years, in part, rests in a less aggressive media not watching on behalf of the taxpayers what is actually happening at town hall. If the media were truly acting as the "fourth estate" electeds would be less inclined to let things slide or ignore problems as they fester. A pair of watchful eyes can make all the difference and let's face it, the media is harder to ignore than some gadfly sitting at Town Hall meetings.

May all of good will endeavor to support all these fine women and men who selflessly give of their time, talent and heart to effect better government in this place we love. " Jan 2, 10 10:45 AM

Shinnecocks are looking at benefits that come with federal recognition

And who makes right the abusive discrimination the Irish endured? Or the Polish? or the Italians? or African Americans? or the Muslims? How about taxpayer reparations? We could bankrupt the national treasury but that "ain't" gonna reverse injustice no matter where it reared its ugly head.

Get over it and move on. It's a new day, a new generation worthy of forgoing the "sins of the fathers" ... geez" Jan 2, 10 10:52 AM

Former Southampton Supervisor Linda Kabot writes to state comptroller about maladministration

There never is anything "statesman-like" or graceful about Kabot. Now she wants to exact her pound of flesh and true to form pass the buck. Kabot never had the courage nor the conviction to open up all the books to the State Comptroller when she was Supervisor and now she wants to re-write history -- including her culpability in the financial mess as a then-sitting board member. She is so young to be so bitter. A sad, very sad legacy she leaves. " Jan 13, 10 2:09 PM

Local politicians consider congressional campaign

Well, of course, Nuzzi, Schneiderman and Fitzpatrick are the not even serious wannabes that just hope to be thought of as material "for higher office". Nixon's grandson, Chris Cox, has no idea about life on Long Island except his tony summers in silver-spoon, privileged Westhampton and the rest of the GOP challengers will need to spend huge sums to convince locals they got what it takes to earn a vote.

Yes, there's political "blood in the water" but don't count Bishop out. He's managed to woo many influential Republicans as well as sane Democrats and he is raising serious money -- which no one else has. Any way you slice it, the guy will have an uphill fight and probably the closest race ever.

How come more credible local Republicans who actually live here don't get in to this race? Maybe they know something these other clowns don't.

" Mar 7, 10 6:39 PM

President signs historic health care legislation into law with Bishop's support

In the face of partisan Republican bad-mouthing, Tim Bishop demonstrated a unique leadership and courage in voting for health care -- despite the crazies of late imported to rudely disrupt, intimidate and bully at his many town meetings -- other leaders witnessed similar hardships when enactment came in 1935 of Social Security and 1965 of Medicare. It is a truly historic moment. Reasoned, thinking people may not all agree on the details but they will embrace the need to protect families from arbitrary decisions of the insurance lobby and the "haves" who in this debate would deny the "have not's".

I would caution the wild-eyed partisans in the Republican Party and their candidates from away who are moving here simply to run for a seat in Congress on the East End of Suffolk County (the recent college grad Chris Cox, billionaire Randy Altschuler) to get their facts straight and be honest in their debate. Tea party types are a flash in the pan and do not withstand the scrutiny they deserve. " Mar 28, 10 1:34 PM

Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson encountered the same kinds of small minded Republican thinking only to see today, nary a Republican willing to end Social Security or Medicare as we know it. Why? Because even as their own President George Bush (43) tried to privatize the program, the Republicans in charge then rejected it wholesale.

When you have coverage, it is easy to deny those who don't ... wake up friends! " Mar 28, 10 1:39 PM

Let it be known ... Tim Bishop will be re-elected because he did stand up for his constituents. Yes, he sure did ... for those denied medical coverage because of pre-existing conditions, for all the children born with serious health problems whose families were denied access to affordable care, for the seriously ill who are denied care because they reached their policy limits, for the working poor who earn above the median income ($24,000) and have NO access to health insurance nor Medicaid, for the students who are thrown off the family policy while still in school and unable to afford health insurance and for those Long Island families who go bankrupt or near bankrupt paying for the care of loved ones who face life-threatening illness or health crisis -- cancer, strokes, industrial accidents or other incidents where there is NO insurance or it ran out and the family loses everything while paying to attend to their loved ones.

Those with caring hearts "get it" and understand the real debate is between the "haves" and the "have nots".

Yes, Congressman Bishop will be re-elected handily because he works hard for the East End and because he does the correct thing and fights against the kind of injustice that hurt so many families when it came to having access to health care in America. " Mar 28, 10 1:52 PM

Stony Brook University will announce drastic cuts to Stony Brook Southampton

Well this certainly is the end of the Southampton college campus. In a few years, it will be shuttered all together and the land sold to developers.

The State should have recource for this horrible breach of faioth. Stony Brook should pay back the $ 35 million gotten from the taxpayers. The colege campus is dead, dead, dead. RIP. " Apr 6, 10 11:03 PM

ignorant, cheap shot. Bishop was a good steward all those years, ask Thiele." Apr 6, 10 11:04 PM

Say good bye. They have decided it is done, stick a fork in it. All the politicians with blood oin their hands need to fix this." Apr 6, 10 11:06 PM

Governor Paterson vetoes bill to rename Westhampton preserve after Edwin 'Buzz' Schwenk

Mr Penny has it wrong as far as Buzz and the East End -- there was NEVER any daylight between Buzz Schwenk and his lifetime advocacy of protecting open spaces and the pristine way of life on the East End. Don't forget he did resign from working with the UpIsland builders when they overreached.

He loved the East End, struck alliances to protect and preserve it, brought various parties together to get the Pine Barrens bills enacted ... all as he would humbly say from the likes of just another local guy ... a "milkman" as he was in those early years ....

Governor Patterson should reverse himself and if anyone might convince the Governor, it would be Kenny Lavalle. Let's hope Patterson does the correct thing here. " Jul 23, 10 4:08 PM

Robert Morgan, former mayor of Westhampton Beach, dies at 75

A good deal of the Main Street beauty and certainly the Village Green as we see it today came about because of Bob Morgan's tenacious devotion to making this community pleasing to the eye, attractive to residents and firsttime visitors alike. He paid a lot of the expenses to institute new flowers, trees and bushes out of his own pocket. He loved WHB and the village is the better for his having selflessly devoted himself to making it a better community -- as a volunteer and as an elected. We shall remember him fondly and our sympathies to Gary, family and friends. " Jul 23, 10 4:16 PM

This Year, An Election Year Battle For Bishop

Few know it but in Washington DC Congressman Bishop has the reputation of "going to the mat" for ALL the people he represents -- that is why so many Republicans embrace him. Randy Altshuler moved out here simply to run for Congress and the GOP leaders rejected him for sending USA jobs overseas and for being a carpetbagger.

When it counted Bishop went against his own leaders to stand up for Long Island and they listened to him. He is a pro-small business, anti-tax middle class advocate and no elected be they Republican or Democrat has the excellent constituent service of this man. I want a representative in Washington DC who grew up here, knows the people here and worked his way up. He has good values and will continue to be our champion and advocate -- for Republicans and for Democrats. " Oct 24, 10 10:57 AM

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