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UPDATE: County Road 39 Reopens Six Hours After Crash

traffic did not clear up til' 10pm. imagine we had to evacuate the island? " Jul 25, 12 8:57 AM

First off where in this article does it state that the cause of the accident was due to either driver speeding? Haven't you heard of people falling asleep at the wheel or not paying attetion to the road and veering into the opposite lane? Or mis-judging the time to turn out of the side streets / businesses on CR39? Considering a garbage truck was involved.. I believe that much damage can be done to the average vehicle without speeding being to blame. Just saying.. On a sidenote- my prayers go out to the person(s) involved in this terrible accident. " Jul 25, 12 11:15 AM

Cops: Woman Sexually Assaulted In Southampton On Sunday

In the wise words of Tupac: "And since we all came from a woman, got our name from a woman and our game from a woman. I wonder why we take from our women , why we rape our women, do we hate our women? I think it's time to kill for our women, time to heal our women, be real to our women." looks like I should pick up some pepper spray from the Sag Harbor pharmacy after all.." Jul 26, 12 9:20 AM

Motorist Beaten By Three Women In Bathing Suits During Traffic Jam

Move over zomibes the "women in bikini apopcolypse" has begun!

On a serious note: I do not condone physical violence as a solution to an issue unless it is in self defense or one has been beyond degraded/disrespected. But I'm sure the victim did not approach these woman in a polite way, especially after sitting in the traffic that didn't move for hours . Maybe the women felt threatened by the most likely angry & strange man approching their vehicle in stand-still traffic..just a thought.
" Jul 27, 12 11:24 AM

**apocalypse" Jul 27, 12 11:26 AM

Police Investigate Shots Fired From Shinnecock Reservation

This will most likely be swept under the rug just like the incident with the baymen. The only people who may have a clue as to who shot off the gun most likely live on the Res and will not give up the persons name. I guess someone needs to be shot or killed for State Police to take this issue seriously. This makes me think twice about attending the Pow Wow.." Jul 31, 12 8:22 AM

UPDATE: Two To Hospital With Minor Injuries After Water Mill Crash

Seriously people..whats up with all these accidents lately? Let's be proactive and be more alert and cautious when driving. And last but not least- stay off the cell phones, your text can't be that important. " Jul 31, 12 10:26 AM

Thiele Joins Effort To Close Hampton Bays Nightclub

They are not going to close all the clubs in HB so move on. They bring too much income to the Town especially for the police department. This club is a craphole though . I wouldn't mind a classy lounge type restaurant in its place or a gay bar. There are none of them out here!! " Aug 3, 12 11:01 AM

Drug Task Force Announces Felony Drug Arrest

People are going to always sell/buy drugs. So in a way HHS is right.. It is a vicious cycle. One goes in jail while another one is planning their next sale. I also think adults should be able to do what they want with their bodies..yes it obvious that prescription pills are highly addictive, but how does that affect anyone else but the addict? Unless of course they are driving around hopped up on pills or a minor is purchasing the product then that's a different story. The government feels the need to control everything in some aspect ,when in hindsight ..some things will never change. " Aug 13, 12 8:30 AM

Woody Allen Shoots On Location In Quogue

Louis C.K. is one funny guy! Can't wait to see it." Sep 17, 12 1:30 PM

Southampton Town Housing Lottery Brings Smiles And Some Tears

The richer get richer and the poorer get poorer. And the middle class, well , do all the work for the rich, pay the most in taxes & are scared when they see the poor looking for jobs.

Just remember you can't man a ship with only a captain.

On a sidenote: Congratulations to those who now have a place to call home for their families. And for those who have nothing nice to say; try to have some humility and be happy for your fellow primates. " Sep 26, 12 12:45 PM

**The rich get richer & the poor get poorer" Sep 26, 12 12:49 PM

Gay-Lesbian Youth Support Group To Host Town Hall Meeting This Month To Discuss Teen's Suicide

As if being gay is a choice ? You are quite mistaken. And it's people like you who don't understand the reality that make the youth scared to come out and be themselves. People are far too judgmental and lack the ability to see things from another view. Until that changes, kids will either bottle up their feelings & worry about the social repercussions or come out and not be accepted and/or bullied because they don't fit the social norm. Kids need to learn we are all equal no matter who we love. When they dont know this I blame it on mainly on parents, lack of education in schools & religion as well. I hope to live in a world someday where one is not judged for whom they love but by the content of their character. My condolences to the family of this young boy ." Oct 10, 12 9:50 AM

Tearful East Hampton Elementary School Principal Addresses Board

The children are being indoctrinated and taught not to question anything esepcailly question anyone in an authoritative position.Thank your loving government for that. I suggest if you have a child in a public school you go to school one day to see what they are being taught. Home schooling for the win ." Apr 5, 13 2:13 PM

Congressman Tim Bishop: Government Shutdown Was Avoidable, A Matter Of Politics

Because socialized medicine really worked in Europe right? Ted Cruz is the only hope for Americas future. Obamacare will absolutely DESTROY this country. Doctors are retiring & people have either lost their jobs completely or have been cut down to part time. Those who don't have health insurance will be forced to buy it AND if they don't, they will have a few thousand dollar fine to pay to the IRS. Who do you think this will affect? The MIDDLE CLASS working men/women. And I find it hilarious that you call the Tea Party fascists when CLEARLY your dear leader Obama is the fascist here. Who do you think wrote Obamacare? The big insurance companies who will profit from its implementation. Oh and just in case you didn't know, Mit Romney helped craft Obamacare. When will the American people realize the Dems and Reps are 2 wings of the same bird of prey? Nevermind..that would mean you would have to actually face reality..Just go back to sleep, the government LOVES you. " Sep 30, 13 3:46 PM

Hampton Bays Property Values Would Increase If Hamlet Becomes Village, Study Finds

So the committee that is pushing for the Village did the study.. Isn't there a conflict of interest there ? I would like to see a study done by a third party that would give a little credibility to the information.

I for one attended the informational meeting regarding the HB village and was not convinced in the slightest that this would benefit the HB taxpayer. And the majority of people that spoke on the microphone were not for it and we're very skeptical of the idea especially considering the issues that Mastic Beach Village is having currently , so I'm not sure what Mr. Doscher is talking about.

Beyond all of the feel good , HB is a prideful community and we shouldn't have to go to the Town to ask to get things done (which we should ) , the reality is this is going to raise taxes & implement more government control over what you can and cannot do with your private property.
As if HB taxpayers don't pay enough in property taxes , let's add another government entity that you have to pay for whom may or may not fix the things they say they will fix (overcrowded houses/motels, potholes etc) And because Hampton Bays is so large in size (12,000 population approx) , this village could become a total monstrosity/bloated government

I implore the taxpayers/registered voters in Hampton Bays to do their own research and think twice before they vote on the referendum.

" Oct 20, 15 3:10 PM

Hampton Bays Library Project Now Stands At $15.8 Million; Board Intends To Buy Adjoining Property

Ya know there is a thing called the Internet now, where people can find information for FREE and even read books for FREE or sometimes for a small price..

Logic would lead us to believe that the Library budget would steadily decrease. I really hope the Hampton Bays taxpayers will get out and vote No to this referendum. " Apr 13, 16 2:57 PM

UPDATE: Schmidt's Market In Southampton Sustains Significant Damage From Sunday Night Fire

NOOOOOOO!! Please tell me the salad bar is OK..." May 2, 16 11:41 AM

Still No Buyer For Hampton Bays Diner Building One Year After Closure

I'd really like to see a Schmidts Market in this spot! We need a nice market in Hampton Bays. I think they would do really well." Aug 17, 16 2:03 PM

Hampton Bays Library Board Will Seek Taxpayer Approval Of $9.9 Million Renovation Plan In March

What part of NO did the Library Board not understand. They really must think we are idiots. Hey Library Board there is a thing called Google now where information is FREE and also there is a thing called a Kindle where you can buy books at a very low cost from the comfort of your home. I understand some people still use the library in order to obtain a book at no cost or use a computer but please explain why you need to spend $10 million dollars of the hard earned HB Taxpayer dollars on unnecessary additions & renovations in this age of technology.

IMHO the Library in its current state is adequate & this referendum is just as preposterous as the first one they tried to foist upon the taxpayers. Many of us cannot even afford to live in the town we grew up in anymore due to the high taxes.

A very big NO vote again. " Jan 19, 17 11:52 AM

Increased Property Assessments A Cause Of Concern For Some, Especially In Flanders And Southampton Village

Isn't the Town of Southampton at 100% market value meaning their assessments are very close to what the market value is throughout the Town of Southampton...

The real estate market is booming right now and this goes for all hamlets including Hampton Bays and Flanders, what do the people expect? Obviously no one wants to pay taxes especially if you have no children in the schools but that just how the government works, no one is singled out and usually everyone in the area gets an increase/decrease based on the market. You can only hope with the increase in assessment, the school districts will counter balance that and lower their tax rates.

If people have an issue with high taxes they should really be complaining to the school boards especially those like ESM where the tax rate is over 20%. " May 12, 17 10:48 AM