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UPDATE: County Road 39 Reopens Six Hours After Crash

Maybe when it's your father-in-law (the man in this accident is mine), you won't be so worried about people "suffering after a long hot day's work"...did you see the pictures in this article? My father-in-law was trapped inside that car and near death for hours. The paramedics and law enforcement did EXACTLY what they should have done, and the fellow drivers should be happy they were the ones sitting in a car and NOT the guy hit by a truck! The problem is the roadway itself and the fact that lawmakers up there won't do anything to solve the issue - why don't you NOT forget about this inconvenience by lunch today and do something productive by starting a petition to lawmakers to prevent another tragedy. Or you can wait until you're sitting in traffic after another tragedy occurs - you'll have time to write a petition then." Jul 25, 12 9:32 AM

And you would know if he was cut off by a speeder and/or trying to avoid an accident in the first place? Or if he had a heart attack while driving the car? Every time we are coming up to visit and heading out of town - he warns us to drive carefully on this road - EVERY time - he is adamant about it and tells us of all the accidents. He would be the first one to tell you that yes, it is the people driving on this road who are the primary problem. But the sheer number of accidents in this particular area are cause for the roadway to perhaps be made safer for those who are not driving recklessly. Let's be real - the community has a better chance of having the roadway made safer than trying to get individuals to not drive stupidly - perhaps this wrecked car could be left on the median to slow people down." Jul 25, 12 10:31 AM