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Airport Noise Opponents Claim FBI Investigated Rally

The Chief of Police has proved accusations by Ms. Cunningham to be false. Ms. Cunningham owes the East Hampton Aviation Association an apology and a retraction in kind given her Press Release contained blatant lies. Her attempts at blaming the aviation association are not just bothersome, but reveal the kind of disingenuous ethics used by the coalition in general to attack those whose lives depend on safety measures and proper maintenance at the airport. Ms. Cunningham is a proven liar. " Sep 6, 12 12:30 PM

Aviation Businesses File Suit Against FAA, Argue Mismanagement Of East Hampton Airport

The Town was NOT a party to that 2005 court case and is not and never has been obligated to any backdoor agreement made by Gruber. Gruber has sued the Town over 7 times and LOST "without merit" every single time. Gruber is actively suing the Town NOW, yet the Town appointed this jerk to the Airport Noise Sub-committe even as they've had to hire a law firm to defend itself from Gruber's lawsuit regarding the airport. It's all politics, folks, pure and simple. The anti-noise people want to come across as truly experiencing noise issues but a review of the complaints show that of the 12,000 or so complaints were made by 600 or so individuals of which HALF of the 600 were made by TWO people alone. Anti-airport coalition actively campaigned to increase the number of complaints to exaggerate the noise issue. The Town Board with these so called noise studies has done nothing but gin up the results to give themselves an excuse to severely restrict use of the airport as Gruber pulls the puppet strings. " Feb 26, 15 12:30 PM

East Hampton Town Will Hold Off On Airport Restrictions For Three Weeks

I bet Amelia Airport still wants her Starbucks coffee and wields her weed whacker and screams louder than EPNdb 91.0+ when she doesn't get her way because she can't afford such luxury so if she can't no one else should either. SNOB!! The fact that she can't tell the difference between noise and proper maintenance of infrastructure, safety over politics, Federally constructed chartered purposed airports vs. a grass nostalgia runway reeks of bias and bile. " May 18, 15 4:41 PM

A scientific public opinion poll of EH voters done in April 2012 indicated that "88% favored FAA funds for repairing existing runways and taxiways, 77% favored using FAA funds for safety measures such as deer fencing and noise abatement measures." The nationally recognized polling company, Potholm Group, conducted the poll. It was press released by the EHAA on July 19, 2012. If the Town were truly interested in noise abatement it would, one, listen to those it supposedly represents, and two, actually spend money on REAL noise abatement measures (implement the Master Plan/ALP) but instead are using airport funds to attack the very businesses, FBO included, that make the airport money and are doing NOTHING but being a part of the problem instead of the solution." May 19, 15 12:21 PM

Finding common ground, I am sure, includes actually implementing the Master Plan that includes significant noise abatement measures, working with the FAA instead of against them, acknowledging the vast majority of EH voters who support FAA funding for safety measures and noise abatement, using airport funds for actual airport maintenance, working with the pilots and FBO, waste airport funds on untold number of useless noise studies, become so much a part of the problem instead of solutions to give no other options but to compel a lawsuit from the pilots and airport users and FBO, etc etc etc!! Instead, they've managed to close a runway due to intentional neglect (30 years of no maintenance), failed to trim trees, failed to erect a fence, failed to install a much needed AWOS (weathering system), failed to repave a runway, failed to finish a taxiway, failed to update runway lights, failed to uphold hangar lease obligations, made approaching/departing the airport to literally concentrate noise over more populated areas, allowed encroachment of airport operations to exacerbate complaints, promote a noise study so flawed and ignored fact that of the 633 household HALF came from TEN households, oh and let's not forget appointing Gruber (notorious airport opponent) to the airport's BFAC WHILE he was suing the Town over the airport, ETC ETC ETC.....And you wonder why pilots and airport businesses are vitriolic?!!??" May 19, 15 1:01 PM

East Hampton Town To Appoint Airport Management Advisory Committee, Engineering Firm Lists Projects

Key word, MANAGEMENT !!!! So, business as per usual by Town Board for even thinking of appointing professional airport opposition (EHREN, GRUBER & TRUNZO) who have publicly called for the closure of said airport. We are all paying for Town Board's supidity, especially that of Burke-Gonzalez's!!!" May 21, 15 4:33 PM

" May 21, 15 4:34 PM

What gall, Trish. The farce is your complete blindness as to who actually has wasted $$$$$$$ and airport funds (GRUBER, EHREN, TRUNZO) filing frivolous lawsuits (ALL thrown out for lacking merit). You knowingly lie and manipulate the facts by using the word "expansion" when maintenance and repair are pretty self-explanatory. The airport was built in 1936 with Federal funds and has always been operated as an airport with charter service as was its intended purpose. You clearly don't understand basic facts and are so quick to accuse the FBOs of nefarious deeds making it up as you go along when all they've been doing is trying to run their businesses while dealing with adversarial Town Boards who know jack squat other than play politics with this airport. Appointing serial anti airport litigists to the Airport Management Advisory Committee is about the dumbest move ever. No wonder the pilot community has no trust in their judgment and finally had to sue the Town. " May 22, 15 12:31 AM

Judge Puts Off Airport Ruling Three More Weeks, Restrictions Will Remain On Hold

Rivets (not "rivits"). Exaggerate much?! If you want to be taken seriously about noise abatement, why don't you insist the Town implement the Master Plan, which has significant noise abatement measures instead of going about it backwards and inside out. I wouldn't have minded some of the restrictions, but the fines are just ridiculous and the Town has done nothing to really address the problems. It can start by taking care of the airport infrastructure and implement every single measure in it to abate and mitigate noise issues. All it's managed to do so far is continue to stick their greedy hands in the cookie jar and rob the airport funds, alienate and snub the aviation community and the FAA and play politics with the airport. If I ran a business the same way they've managed this Town asset, I'd be fired for dereliction of duty. So, "Xtiego," what are you going to do?? Keep counting imaginary rivets or are you going to call the Town demanding it implement the Airport Master Plan and get some meaningful noise abatement and help the aviation community help you???" Jun 5, 15 6:45 PM

You can't "see" rivets unless maybe you’re wing walking so stop with the exaggerations!! Modern jets use thick skin and flush rivets for aerodynamic smoothness. A few jets, use friction stir welding and use no rivets. Just FYI. Any suggestion that those on the ground can observe rivets on any aircraft is pure exaggeration.

The lighter the airplane the more gust sensitive it is, which means when the wind comes from various directions, light airplanes need to use the runway that is more into the prevailing winds. When HTO was designed, prevailing winds were integral to that design consideration.
From a noise perspective, more runways mean that a specific area of the community isn't impacted all the time and therefore, noise issues are mitigated in conjunction with other effective noise abatement measures. Collectively, these measures are significant and will get the results desired. It’s worked at countless airports around the country. There is no singular solution. So, doesn’t it make sense to implement the Airport Master Plan and get all the noise abatement measures put in place and take advantage of ALL possible measures?
" Jun 6, 15 2:51 AM

Spike In Noise Complaints Prompts Brookhaven Town To Close Down Two East Moriches Airports

Please give a direct link to the petition to SAVE EMO AIRPORTS. (Unable to find petition on change.org). Thanks.
" Sep 17, 16 11:46 AM

https://www.change.org/p/town-of-brookhaven-stop-town-of-brookhaven-from-closing-down-lufker-spadaro-airport-operating-since-1956" Sep 17, 16 12:03 PM

Southampton Town Board Member Won't Attend Work Sessions Until School Ends

Why can't work session meetings take place later in the afternoons or sporadically scheduled over the weekends? Imagine the talents that would be eligible to participate in our local government. It's a win-win for everyone.
" Jan 6, 18 2:36 PM