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Trawling for answers to dwindling fish counts

I was a commercial fisherman most of my life as a child up to teen hood then as a young adult I worked with my dad and grandfather most of my life .things have changed allot since I was a kid we were pushed out of the business
because of new regulations and rules and the price of fuel we could no sustain being cost effective to fish any more. back in the early 80's national marine fisheries dedicated all fisherman days at sea for ground fishing and it just happened to be my dad had (HART SURGERY ONE YEAR ) and did not ground fish so the national marine fisheries took away 109 Of his 128 days at sea for ground fishing leaving the business with 19 days to fish the whole winter season HMM I wonder how you can live on that. people have to understand there are more reason for the disappearance of winter flounder
in the area .lets just say it seems strange when they took away the stripped bass in mass away from the commercial fisherman and many years later allotted us 206 tags which I say is BS the number of flounders started to disappear HMM I wonder . we used to go in fleets from Hampton bays to Westhampton and from Hampton Bays to Southampton and
back in a day have a boat load of fish you don’t see that any more. just say there are 1 million striped bass from Montauk to Hampton Bays and they ATE 10 baby flounders a day but I know there are many more bass than that You do the math maybe they should not limit the bass and screw up the Eco system or just limit all fish then this tag system is a joke.
I could go on for hours but im tired of typing
good luck to all my fellow Commercial fisherman " May 24, 09 6:13 PM

Riverside Man Dies Hours After Being Shot Outside Hampton Bays Nightclub

R.I.P Uncle Carl You Will Be Missed :P(!!!!!!!!!!" Oct 31, 10 11:16 AM

DEC Charges Against Kelly And Paul Lester Dismissed In East Hampton Town Justice Court

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finally a fisherman wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

" Oct 30, 11 1:16 AM

Angry Residents Want Answers Before Hampton Bays Shelter Opens

who do you mean annie with the toilet paper on finger or the air guitar guy and it is not the pipes its the tubes I used to be a Hampton Bays man and now i am ashamed to even be from a town that socially puts down other people who are less fortunate. I heard that the crazy lady with the tp on finger was a millionaire
and the air guitar guy was an all state wrestler on the Hampton Bays baymen
wrestling team !!!!!!" Nov 16, 11 7:46 PM

Man Arrested On Shelter Island Is Suspect In East Hampton Burglaries

what a dirt bag from Montauk unheard of lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" May 21, 12 12:20 PM

he should have hijacked the ferry lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" May 21, 12 12:21 PM

Southampton Town Board Suspends Second Police Officer; Police Union Stands Behind Cop

109,000 nice job to sit in car and do drugs!!!!!!!!!!
i wish i could make 109,000 and not do drugs!!!!!!!!!!
" Jul 10, 12 5:58 PM

who put his life on the line he put other peoples lives on the line doing drugs and falling asleep in cop car on the job LOLOLOL!!!!!!!!
what a joke that why normal people cant live in the hampton bay!!!!!!!!!!!!" Jul 10, 12 6:01 PM

Large Sand Shark Netted At Amagansett Beach

That is the first sand shark i ever saw with Teeth?????" Jul 22, 12 12:12 PM

the reason they call them sand sharks is they have like sand paper like teeth
that looks like a common gray shark to me .
" Jul 22, 12 5:09 PM

UPDATE: Crew Buries Whale On Beach In Hampton Bays

The whale must have ate it !!!!!" Aug 12, 12 11:53 AM

Brothers Recognized By Southampton Village For Saving Woman From Drowning

Great job to all but best were the boys!!
" Aug 13, 12 11:29 AM

DEC Pays Fishermen Back For Confiscated Catch

yea like me and my family cause my father had Hart surgery and did not ground fish one season the D.E.C took away my families 128 days at sea and left us with eight days at sea for the whole winter for every year that is not enough to feed your family dinner i did not land any fluke one year and they took my fluke all gear
endorsement off my food fish license NYS D.E.C sucks bad!!!!!!!!!
" Feb 19, 13 8:27 PM

Southampton Village Man Charged With Hit And Run

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" Mar 1, 13 9:49 PM

85-year-old Man Dies After Fishing Boat Capsizes In Shinnecock Inlet

Dont forget Charlie !!!!!
" May 16, 13 7:19 PM

Police: Thieves Targeting High-End Cars On East End

appear to be related due to patterns in( they way they )were carried out. Most occurred overnight, allowing hours to pass before they
Who proofs this paper lol
" Aug 26, 13 10:26 AM

i was just Kidding lol
you do a great job!!!!!!
" Aug 26, 13 5:50 PM

i think someone all ready had "TOO BAD" LOL" Aug 27, 13 10:46 AM

Evelyn Darling, Owner Of Mrs. D's Hot Dogs, Dies October 5

R.I.P Mrs D Loved your kind words and always a great Hotdog And a ice cold Yoohoo You will be missed !!!!!!!
" Oct 9, 13 12:35 PM

UPDATE: Second Defendant Pleads Not Guilty In Eastport Home Invasion Murder

soap on a rope for all convicted lol!!!!!!!!!!!
" Jan 30, 14 11:36 PM

Bridgehampton Library Looking To Replace Faulty Geothermal Heating System

Filter 500.00 fixed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
end of problem
" Feb 20, 14 5:19 PM