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Riverhead man stabbed to death in front of Hampton Bays Diner

What does the Whitehouse Night club have to do with the stabbing at the diner? Not only does it have history, it brings massive amounts of revenue to the Hampton Bays, as well as all the other clubs in Hampton Bays. If any of them are a problem it is The Boardy Barn. I have seen so many people taken out in ambulances every time that is open, but noone will say anything bad about them. Why do you think King Kullen moved out of that shopping center. trust me I know first hand. The Barn would let out, and people would come into King Kullen, and pee in the isles, or eat the food, and throw it food around, even girl vomiting in there. They even caught people pissing in the meat department. Why pick on Whitehouse? Why pick on any of them? People should know better not to fight, or stab other people. People should know to control themselves if they are going to drink. Why blame the bars??? Blame the idiots that go to them, they can not control themselves. The people who attend these estabishments should be a lot more responsible. " May 24, 09 3:59 PM

As being a important person at the "old" King Kullen, and being a part things that took place, YES, the move was very much in part to the distruction that occured after the Barn closed, and yes CPI has held functions to help the community. The donate to the FD, and Ambulance, and I have attended a Grease Band event in promotion, and fundraising for the ambulance. You obvi were not there Beach Gal" May 24, 09 5:38 PM