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Riverhead man stabbed to death in front of Hampton Bays Diner

In defense of the diner, it has been in Hampton Bays forever, and was always the place to go after clubbing back in the "calmer" days, when bouncers were not needed outside the diners! (The diner in Southampton had to have a bouncer one year when a club was located next to them due to the quality of the people who entered the diner after leaving the club). It is a sad statement of how society has changed for the negative and maybe we're just about overdue for the supposed "big change" that 2012 will bring. First Marrakesh in Westhampton, then Public House in Southampton and now the Hampton Bays Diner. Stop blaming the Hispanics. Most of them are hard working individuals who also enjoy dancing , socializing, and earning money! Keep in mind that their children will be your future physicians, lawyers, police, firemen, and librarians. This is a problem of society, and I think I've lived long enough to know what I'm talking about." May 24, 09 4:10 PM

true, I agree, but it's not nice to refer to the hispanic population as "Julios"." May 24, 09 5:02 PM

Just to inform you BeachQueen, Florida has a lot more action than the Hamptons! It is like death out here, try to find a place to have a snack after 11 oclock on a summer weekend, no less! There are more places to dance, and socialize for all ages down in Florida. For one, the police don't let any crap go on, you get out of hand, they are right there! Everything is zoned for the activities. That means, no noise complaints shutting down club music at 10 oclock. The old people there know how to live, they are better dancers than half of us, and ballroom and latin dance rules! ANd the best part, it's year round. So top that. Check out City Place iin West Palm Beach and South Beach. Also Del Ray and Lauderdale at night, and tell me how bored lyou are there
And for the 20 something crowd, there's Clematis street in West Palm. Or try Ebor City in Tampa. " May 24, 09 6:31 PM

A salsa night is a night of dancing. Salsa is a major ballroom dance. Although I am not hispanic and don't go to the nights at the Diner, there is definitely nothing wrong with any form of dancing, especially ballroom, to which I am a student. The problem lies in drinking, drugs , and a lack of security!! If you have a "club" you need security and bouncers, and have to try to control the amt.of liquor being imbibed by your patrons. Like they do in other states, Like Florida.It should be madatory to have enough security to take care of inciidents like this for the protection of all." May 25, 09 7:32 PM

East End haunts are scarce but still there



Police: Melee draws large crowd in Westhampton Beach

Uh Oh!! I suspect another fight in a parking lot is about to break out. LOL" Aug 19, 10 3:22 PM

Truthfully though,
Due to a lack of activities and high paying jobs, I was thrilled when my sons left the area for college... It opened a new way of viewing things and better opportunities to them.. Perhaps some better alternatives for the young should be researched out here on the East End so that those who remain can set appropriate, realistic goals while learning tolerance and benevolence for others......." Aug 19, 10 3:28 PM

Pat Lynch continues lawsuit against town

If Pat Lynch really cared about the animals she is so eager to walk she would take the money shes wasting on her lawyers and donate to save these poor abandoned souls stuck in the shelter desperately waiting to be adopted. Maybe she should mull over that thought while she enjoys her Lobster Dinner this evening. Obviously the Southampton Animal Shelter cares deeply about the welfare and safety of their animals by denying Pat Lynch the right to walk a dog. Get out of town Pat Lynch .... We don't need or want you here!!!!!!!!!" Apr 2, 12 12:07 PM

UPDATE: County Road 39 Reopens Six Hours After Crash

I feel badly for those involved in that horrific accident. I don't know the procedures for accident investigation and cleanup so if it takes six hours,,, so be it... However, sitting in Southampton Town for God knows how long today I noticed some roads out of town that had cars been directed to, would of eased the problem slightly. One is a road( forget name) coming up from Meadow Lane leaving town and the other was the road going behind the stores on the south side of Jobs Lane( across from the Park) this may have helped move the traffic faster through Main Street.... Maybe.... An idea for next time perhaps the police can suggest and redirect some cars to these alternate routes. Oh yea... Would all of you with deep seated anger quit insulting each other... No one is hard hearted here. Just gets very frustrating for everyone... I hate the fact we have such angry people in this town who are so quick to judge others and resort to name calling.... Just sayin..." Jul 24, 12 11:24 PM

Did and traffic was exactly the same when I got back on the road... But I was well fed and rested..." Jul 25, 12 12:21 AM

Oh no cocktails.... Still had to drive...." Jul 25, 12 12:23 AM

UPDATE: Shinnecock Man Dies In Thursday Morning Crash On Icy Road In Hampton Bays

My heart goes out to the family of this young man... Another victim of this cruel and unusual weather which has had a devastating effect on our region. May his soul rest in peace." Nov 8, 12 1:42 PM

UPDATE: Sears To Remain In Custody, Orders Of Protection To Be Requested For Children

I've seen Mr. Sears' Acts of Kindness presentation in different places, which I shall not name and was so impressed with this man. I'm in shock to think that. God only knows what really was going on in his mind as he presented to young children. I hope my children were never a part of his " cut and paste" pictures as the thought sickens me! Can't trust anyone it seems!!!" Jan 25, 13 3:52 PM

UPDATE: Police Identify Woman Killed In Fatal CR39 Accident

Tragic... Was on the jitney once when a tire lost from a car a Ross the LIE came crashing through the window. Our driver handled it exceptionally well and there were no serious injuries. Life is short... Be thankful for every day given to you" Jul 25, 13 11:15 AM