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Downed telephone pole causes traffic jam

Did you know that because of the accident and road closure, some local government employees lateness was deducted from their accumulated time???" Jun 11, 09 7:06 AM

Hospitals near deadline with major insurer

This puts all of the local long time year round residents out on a limb for services, I guess all the other Hospitals up West will be making more of a profit as that's where the enrollees choices are..............hmmmm and Southampton Hospital is NOW only turning a profit." Jul 16, 09 4:35 PM

Southampton School District hosts open house

What happened to the 9 acres given to the School District as part of the Courtyards Townhouses??? " Oct 29, 09 9:32 AM

Lindsay T. Dillon and Ryan P. Potter married in September

Beautiful bride, handsome groom, wonderful wedding, a great time had by all!!!!" Jan 9, 10 2:45 PM

Legendary Mariners coach honored

I am extremely happy to know that Coach Goldsmith has been recognized for his achievements! Back in the day, both Coach Goldsmith and Coach Romo packed the stands both on the field and in the gym. Playing sports for those coaches was a privilage and they both taught more than the game; respect, teamwork, friendship and pride are some of the attributes that come to mind. Coach Goldsmith is every athletes' Dream Coach!! Just wish there were more coaches like him and Coach Romo. I hope to continue to see Coach "Herb" at many more Mariner Football games to come!" Jan 28, 10 9:22 AM

Getting physical at the in-home gym

Make sure to find out if a building permit is needed to convert your basement into habitable space................................" Feb 3, 10 9:30 AM

Mariners beat Wyandanch in overtime thriller

No mention of the Wyandanch's players' more than half court buzzer shot! Let's give credit where credit is due. " Feb 11, 10 11:03 AM

County Road 39 to see minor widening project in the fall

and the bottleneck will now happen at the intersection of County Road 39 and Montauk Highway instead of by 7-11........" Mar 31, 10 9:11 AM

An insider's peek at Sandcastle

It's very nice that some one can afford to build the house let along rent it, but doesn't Southampton Town have a rental law? The reporter neglected to mention that..........." Jun 1, 10 11:28 PM

Southampton Village Police sergeant suspended

Another of the "good ole boys" club bits the dust.....SH Village police think that they are above the law. No one has ever disciplined them before, I guess they are setting examples so the non-veteran officers will know they mean business. " Jul 27, 10 1:03 PM

Judge rules that cuts to Stony Brook Southampton violate state law

Maybe other colleges and universities can have "satellite" campuses there...." Aug 31, 10 4:39 PM

Morning car accident in Shinnecock Hills slows commute

Thank goodness I missed that this morning!!" Sep 2, 10 12:56 PM

Tuckahoe Superintendent Would Rent District-Owned Home Following $95,000 Renovations

Did he have a Town of Southampton Rental Permit? And will the School DIstrict get a Rental Permit for that property??/" Dec 6, 10 11:47 AM

Tuckahoe School Board Sticks With Referendum Plan

School Districts and Municipalities have "opt out" options for health insurance for all employees, as health benefits are part of the compensation package of employment, and the employee opting out usually gets a fixed amount per year. Housing is also considered, by the IRS, as employment compensation and must be claimed on tax returns. I am surprised Mr. Dyer cannot afford to purchase a home here in the Hamptons on the $155K he is receiving with so much inventory and bank owed properties.............I am also wondering if Mr. Dyer's rental now has a valid Town of Southampton Rental Permit that is required for ALL rental properties and will the Tuckahoe School District apply for a Rental Permit if Mr. Dyer is to be "renting" the District's house????" Dec 16, 10 9:18 AM

Southampton Town Board Appoints Wilson As Police Chief

Cannot believe that the Town wants the Chief of the scandal riddled 6.2 square miles of jurisdiction, how do you think he's going to handle 145 square miles? Oh yeah, hire all his good buddies from the Village......
" Apr 29, 11 11:34 PM