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Bishop On Defensive After Claims Of Unethical Campaign Solicitations

Looks like Bishop's (and his daughter's) hands have been caught in the proverbial cookie jar this time. Bishop gave back the money because he knows it violates house ethics rule, and because he got caught. With recent revelations about 10 family members on SHampton college payroll while Bishop was provost, his paying his daughter over 550,000 dollars with campaign money for 'consulting', it's starting to look pretty embarrassing for the congressman. Let the House Ethics committee investigate. I'm voting for Altschuler." Aug 17, 12 5:27 PM

'embarrassing coincidences' like this DO NOT 'happen regularly'. This is a clear violation of House Ethics Rules, and will be investigated as such, as it should. Semler's own emails to fireworks company showed he knew it was a shakedown for money. He also lied afterwards when he claimed he 'didn't even know Bishop was running for re-election', because Molly Bishop's shakedown letter to him specifically mentioned the upcoming difficult expensive election. Lies, lies, lies...Bishop brought this on himself." Aug 18, 12 8:56 AM

Why on earth would our US Congressman be occupying his time (and our taxpayer dollars) with securing permits for an otherwise illegal bar mitzvah fireworks show, endangering the local 'endangered' piping plover? Answer: Because Tim Bishop knew the father was a hedge fund billionaire, and Bishop wanted his money. Any other explanation is just wishful thinking. Molly's involvement speaks volumes. " Aug 18, 12 9:01 AM

Altschuler has outraised Bishop (again) from individual donors. Bishop's main contributors have been PACs, primarily Unions, Trial Attorneys, and Hollywood characters...exactly the people we don't want 'paying to play', and exactly the people we don't want making decisions for the rest of us, ie, hard-working, tax-paying, small business owners who pay dearly to support Bishops's donors every day, in many different ways" Aug 22, 12 3:13 PM

Press News Group Teams With Riverhead Newspaper Group For Congressional Debates

After voting for Obamacare, Tim Bishop would be better served by not discussing healthcare AT ALL!! Over 2,700 pages long, passed strictly along party lines, 31 new taxes, 700 billion dollars taken away from medicare/healthcare for seniors, Bishop never even read the bill before voting for it. Mark my words, it will be Tim Bishop's undoing (in addition to 30,000 jobs lost on Long Island, Bishop's pay to play/bar mitzvah House ethics investigation, 10 family members on payroll at SH College, Molly Bishop getting over half million of campaign money..then accusing Altschuler of being 'anti-woman' for mentioning it, Ha!)" Sep 12, 12 12:56 PM

Suffolk County Employees Union Endorsement Goes To Altschuler Over Bishop

Only a guy as dim as Tim could manage to self-destruct like this. Glad to see the folks are wising up to what a pariah he has been for all of us, no ideas, no leadership, no jobs, no ethics, all we ever hear from Tim is about 'outsourcing', when his own congressional voting record over the past 10 years has outsourced MILLIONS of U.S. JOBS!! I'll take Altschuler any day!" Sep 12, 12 1:01 PM

Bishop-Altschuler Debate To Be Held In Bridgehampton

Perhaps it is because independent watchdog group COMMITTEE FOR RESPONSIBILITY AND ETHICS IN WASHINGTON (CREW) has named Tim Bishop in its "12 most CORRUPT members of Congress", now that's saying something!!
Protect Medicare?! What a joke, Bishop just cut over 700 BILLION DOLLARS from Medicare with his vote for Obamacare. If Bishop cared about seniors, do you think he would have voted for that? " Sep 26, 12 12:45 PM

Altshuler is clearly benefitting from these debates, as Bishop has nothing to say other than 'i have helped some constituents' and 'Randy is an outsourcer'. This after a decade in office representing us. Tim Bishop has consistently voted for higher personal taxes, higher corporate taxes, loss of LI jobs, bank bailout, Obamacare, no to the American Flag, no to tort reform, yes to illegals, cuts over 700 BILLION from Medicare (sorry, seniors), House Ethics Committee investigation, enough is enough, we NEED to get Bishop out for the sake of our future." Sep 26, 12 12:50 PM

yeah, and if you believe Bishop is leading Altschuler, then I've got some land to sell you, Steven, because you probably also believe in the tooth fairy, mary poppins, and bigfoot. Dream on, Altschuler will defeat Bishop hands down. He's already creaming him in the debates." Sep 27, 12 4:38 PM

it's actually a pathetic shame that this district hasn't been able to elect anyone better than Tim Bishop for the past decade. Show some self-respect, people, and put Altschuler in, for God's sake." Sep 27, 12 4:40 PM

Bishop, Altschuler Joust Over Ethics, Outsourcing During Riverhead Debate

The same hypocrites (Bishop included) who label Altschuler an outsourcer are driving cars made in japan, using laptops made in korea, wearing clothes made in thailand, sleeping on sheets made in india, and drinking wine made in france. What a joke! The most successful businesses going forward will be those that understand the global economy in which we live." Sep 29, 12 11:30 AM

Make no mistake about it, Obamacare is the single worst piece of legislation passesd in U.S. history. 2,700 pages (Bishop never read), 31 new taxes (everyone is subject to), 1.7 TRILLION dollars (congressional budget office), over 700 BILLION dollars of cuts to medicare, front-loaded with benefits with costs and taxes backloaded, passed strictly along party lines, and affecting one sixth of this nation's GDP. Bishop should be ashamed, simply outrageous." Sep 29, 12 11:36 AM

Independent watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) has just named our congressmen, Tim Bishop, one of the 12 MOST CORRUPT MEMBERS OF CONGRESS!!! Can you imagine how corrupt one must be to receive such recognition ....in congress? Wow, and there's actually people who think this guy deserves more time in office, and more taxpayer money? Folks, I'm sure Bishop is a nice, friendly guy, but he's been a complete abject failure as our congressman. If we don't vote him out, we deserve the consequences!!" Sep 30, 12 8:50 AM

Maybe, in Al Gore's words, its an 'inconvenient truth'? I'll take Altschuler over tax and spend, corrupt congressman (designated one of 12 most corrupt members of congress by indep watchdog group, CREW) Tim Bishop" Sep 30, 12 8:53 AM

Bishop Seeks Sixth Term In Congress

If you think we need even higher taxes, more regulations, bigger and more expensive government, and fewer jobs, then go ahead and vote for Tim Bishop because that's exactly what he's delivered for NY's first congressional district over the past 10 years. He has no plan whatsoever to get us out of this mess, and he is the epitome of our failed government. I don't care if Altschuler showed up yesterday, he's a FAR BETTER choice for our future, and that of our children. We owe it to ourselves and to our children to get Congressman Bishop out, and to let Randy Altschuler represent us." Oct 31, 12 3:30 PM

Altschuler Takes A Second Shot At Congress

Several important differences this time around for Altschuler: He now has Indepence Party endorsement (always went to Bishop in past), he has been endorsed by the largest union (Assoc of Municipal Employees) in Suffolk County (always went to Bishop in past), he has been endorsed by Newsday (always went to Bishop in past), Independence newspaper endorsed Altschuler (they went with Bishop 4 elections in a row). Bishop's own ethical transgressions, vote for Obamacare, and pathetic record will doom him." Oct 31, 12 3:40 PM

No one is more SHIFTY than Congressman Tim Bishop: He pays his daughter Molly $600,000 of campaign donor money for 'consulting' , puts 10 family members on payroll at Southampton College while provost (do you think competitive bids were out for those jobs?), allows his wife to run a for-profit business venture on College grounds without paying rent, gets caught pressuring constituent for campaign money in return for bar mitzvah fireworks,
labelled 1 of 12 MOST CORRUPT in CONGRESS by indep watchdog group. Altschuler earned everything he's ever received. Bishop deserves to lose." Nov 1, 12 5:30 PM

Highhatsize, please educate yourself about the global economy in which we live. Altschuler didn't "annihilate" anyone's job, much less 10,000 jobs. If this is true, then why can't you or Tim Bishop identify even a single one of these so-called jobless victims. Altschuler made U.S. companies more competitive on the global stage, and prevented them from going out of business. It's called the free market and the global economy. You're right, there are 2 business ventures that should preclude public office: Provost of Southampton College and Community Organizer" Nov 2, 12 12:17 PM

You offer nothing but more lies and scare tactics, liberal loser. Scare the poor, scare granny, scare women, hoping they'll vote for 2 career politicians with absolutely dismal records, Barack Obama and Tim Bishop. Tim Bishop hasn't done a thing for the average person in NY's 1st Congressional District, except bring higher taxes, bigger and more expensive gov't, more regulation, and more lawsuits, while he earns distinct honor of being identified as 1 of 12 most corrupt members of congress" Nov 2, 12 12:25 PM

Highhat, you sound frighteningly like Obama when he said to Americans that they didn't build their companies, the gov't did. Obama and Bishop haven't done a darn thing for me, and you're silly to believe I or anyone else in this country "owe our comfort entirely to gov't policy". I have my job because I worked hard my whole life and earned it....concepts you simply can't understand. Perhaps you should actually get a job and stop wasting your time on the blogs. Quit subsidizing dependency. Gov't has NEVER done anything more efficiently than the private sector. " Nov 4, 12 7:35 AM

I noticed you still haven't provided the name of a single person who claims to have lost their job due to Altschuler. Odd that there are 10,000 of them out there, and yet Bishop and you can't seem to find them. Perhaps this is because they simply don't exist." Nov 4, 12 7:37 AM

You just don't get it, do ya? I welcome free competition with open worldwide markets, including for my job itself. Bring it on, high hat, I don't need you or Tim Bishop or Barack Obama or big government to "protect" my job. Government just gets in the way, it doesn't help private business. It's a massive burdensome bureaucracy that wastes billions of dollars every year." Nov 5, 12 10:41 AM

Ntiger, your inaccurate statements fall on deaf ears. Randy Altschuler has been endorsed by Newsday, The Independent Newspaper, the largest union in Suffolk County, The Republican Party, The Conservative Party, New York State Independent Party, and The Healthcare Coalition of Suffolk County, among others....hardly 'Tea Party Philosophy'!!!" Nov 5, 12 10:47 AM

I'm not going anywhere, let them come here and compete on equal terms. Why are you so afraid of good ol' competition? Let the cream rise to the top, that's called free markets. Quit asking your country to do for you what you won't do for yourself. If you want a nanny state, Europe is your destination. Since your boy Bishop will be unemployed tomorrow, take him and your socialist community organizer with you." Nov 6, 12 12:24 PM

The East End has contributed untold BILLIONS in federal tax dollars over the past decade, only to have Bishop return PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR to select favored constituents in return. The average East Ender has only received in return higher taxes, outrageous spending, bigger government, far fewer jobs, more home foreclosures, massive outmigration of local youths....what a great record of achievement for Tim Bishop. This is what you get when you put a college provost in Congress. Only a community organizer could do worse." Nov 6, 12 12:30 PM

Long Island Officials Implement Odd-Even Gas Rationing

It's starting to feel like Jimmy Carter is in the White House again" Nov 9, 12 3:48 PM

UPDATE: Sears To Remain In Custody, Orders Of Protection To Be Requested For Children

In reading your comments, HHS, I would think it likely that you associate with friends who might be 'so disgraced', so prepare yourself..." Feb 3, 13 2:17 PM

Hampton Bays School Officials Facing Tough Road To Stay Under Tax Cap

thank god for the caps, property taxes in Hampton Bays are ridiculously high! How about more money going directly to benefit the kids education, rather than to administrators. We can do much better educating the kids with far less than we're spending now." Feb 13, 13 3:48 PM

Bay Shore Man Arrested On Sex Abuse Charges In Quogue

parents, do you know where you're children are?" Mar 18, 13 11:54 AM