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Southampton Town Police Lieutenant Placed On Forced Leave

The article implies that he was suspended which is misleading and untrue. He was placed on administrative leave which is entirely different. Administrative leave is leave with pay pending the outcome of an alleged matter and is not a determination of wrongdoing. Suspension is a disciplinary action that is ratified by the town board. How can he be suspended when the board doesn't even have a copy of the chief's report? Print a correction.
" May 3, 12 2:43 AM

Isn't confirming an existing personnel matter to the press the same as discussing it?
" May 3, 12 2:55 AM

Police Suspension May Hint At Issues In Department

No one wants to say boo about anyone or anything at this point because it can result in losing your job or having your reputation trashed in The Press! " May 7, 12 6:50 PM

You are 100% correct. Lt. Kiernan needs luck because he is being railroaded in the who's got the bigger salami war between the chief and the politicians and both sides are willing to feed him to the wolves for their personal gain. Politics is all about who is dirtier not who is smarter. Score 1 point for the chief. " May 8, 12 9:33 PM

You must be new to The Press and town politics, Gepetto." May 8, 12 9:43 PM

D.A.'s Government Corruption Bureau Seizes Southampton Police Records

The question is who would benefit by making the town nd the department's current and former senior officers look bad while at the same time settling personal vendettas and directing public interest away from their own public issues by leaking search warrants and unsubstantiated non-public personnel matters to the press? I think it's fairly obvious who wouldn't benefit and that only leaves a short list of possible candidates. What are the chances that by complete coincidence all of these allegations just happened to come to a head at the the same time and that each alleged detail would be leaked to every Long Island news publication on a minute to minute basis since the beginning of the month? " May 10, 12 1:54 AM

Police Suspension May Hint At Issues In Department

Everybody is so quick to believe the word/opinion/allegations of 1 anonymous agent as fact. He can't discuss the details of the lieutenant's case because his agency is not authorized to discuss it but he is authorized to publicly claim that his negative opinion of the police department, more specifically the department that the lieutenant happens to have been in charge of, is shared by his entire agency and also that of multiple agencies that he is not even employed by? No disrespect to the agent but that is hearsay, not fact. Isn't anyone the least bit curious why The Press decided to include an interview with a federal agent regarding a completely unrelated matter that hasn't been heard about it in quite some time in this particular article? It insinuates that the suspension is related to a federal matter when in fact it is still just a personnel matter. It's sensationalism, not fact, and it sells tons of papers and brings in a lot of advertising. I can see including the interview in the article about the alleged missing documents but I guess they needed a way to try and tie all the stories together and it made more sense for them to add it to this one. It's much more interesting and entertaining that way. Re-read all of the articles and see how much is fact vs. hearsay and innuendo. Innocent until proven guilty regardless of what The Press is trying to shove down your throat to sell papers. They are the Enquirer of the East End. I hear pictures of Bigfoot flying a UFO will be on the cover of the next issue. " May 13, 12 3:04 PM

Two Convicted Drug Dealers Released From Prison; D.A. Cites 'Credibility' Of Arresting Street Crime Unit Officer

Give me a break. They pulled a bag of cocaine out of the guy's rectum. Nice guy." May 30, 12 1:42 PM

More Than 100 Arrests Being Reviewed By D.A. After Two Are Released

So, exactly how are you related to Wilson?????" May 30, 12 6:14 PM

Drug Task Force Announces Felony Drug Arrest

Are you aware that there was an STPD officer was working with the task force under Overton and the officer was part of 2 very large task force busts but it was conveniently left out of the press release that STPD was part of it when they listed the names of every other department involved? Coincedence? I don't think so. Are you aware of how many tips street crime gave the task force that led to task force busts? They did all the hard work and handed the cases over to the task force on a silver platter because they had limited resources. Do you know how many rapists, dealers,hookers and weapons are off your streets because of street crime? No, you don't know because Overton understood the need for anonymity for the safety of his officers and everyone involved and didn't jeopardize that to have his name in the press to boost his image. You are dilusional if you think there is no major crime in the town and that these guys were never involved in real danger and they were high fiving over just a bag of weed. They were dedicated and worked their a**es off night and day and put themselves in harms way more times than you will ever know. They took their jobs seriously, did their jobs well and got dirtbags off the streets. In fact, the amount of busts they made with the limited resources they had was incredible. They deserve respect, not your uninformed, nasty comments based on BS, innuendo and lies illegaly leaked to the press for political and personal gain and then twisted and manipulated by this tabloid to sell papers. The only people allowed to speak in the press are the people involved that have everything to gain by destroying street crime's reputation and discrediting all of their accomplishments and hard work. How about you wait until the little guys are allowed to speak up for themselves and are no longer being bullied into silence before you jump on the hate train.You are only seeing one side because only one side is allowed to talk and they are shoving it in your faces and down your throats over and over. Mrobin and her Overton hating friends are high fiving each other everytime they release these mini busts to the press and one of their friends posts 'good job chief wilson' on this site. You think it's impressive that the task force is making $1000 busts with all of the resources they have? It took them months to bust some guy selling drugs to support his video game habit while he lives in his mommy's basement and they felt the need to publicize it? Get real. Bring on your comments and the haters and your brainwashed dilusional opinions. I don't care. Good, genuine, hard working people have been bashed and lied about for months. It's disgusting and I'm sick of it. If there is any justice these guys will retire on their lawsuits and pictures of the politically motivated criminals doing the perp walk of shame will be on the front page of this and every other east end tabloid." Aug 16, 12 3:49 AM

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