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Montauk Hotelier Drops Cesspool Rings On Beach To Protect Business From Upcoming Nor'easter

Water Front becomes Water Logged, no matter how many years it might take. Mother Nature WILL eventually have her way with you...Enjoy it while you have it, but please don't expect me to pay for it when it finally slips away..
" Nov 6, 12 7:45 PM

State Police Arrest Four in Sag Harbor and Montauk for Providing Alcohol to Minors

I too was a witness to one of the incidents. The "child" in question was around 6' tall, quite well built & definitely NOT a child. I would have been very hard pressed to guess his age. I would have put him any where between 20 & 25. I understand why they have to do this & give no excuses for the unlawful sale, but I do feel like the establishments are set up for failure from the get-go. The place I was in, is known as one of the toughest in the area for checking ID's. Local kids don't even try to buy there as they know there is no tolerance. Just sad to see that on a crazy busy day, one slipped through." Jul 1, 14 9:00 PM