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Riverhead man stabbed to death in front of Hampton Bays Diner

I would like to start by saying that it is a horrible thing that this happened to this young man. It is also a horrible thing that this had to happen in our town. Whether you want to realize it or not that is a mojor gang problem in Flanders, Hampton Bays, Riverhead, Bridgehampton, and Greenport, just to name a few. You have MS-13, Bloods, Latin Kings, and other less known gangs operating in these areas. You have a town that is hell bent on ending the tourism money from young people. When i moved here 25 years ago the clubs had a nice group of people coming to them. You then chased the young monied people from the area, and these businesses are now attracting a more local crowd whether you want to admit it or not. I would guess that most of these people attending the few tourist traps left are from suffolk county, not westchester and NYC. You asked for it and now you got it. You mentioned the clubs paying for uniformed off duty cops, well it is not legal and i know the previous owner of CPI tried to accomplish that for many years. As far as fundraising yes the Boardy Barn does alot for the community as does CPI/Whitehouse and Beach Bar. The beach bar does a benifit for the beautification society and the Whitehouse recently did a fundraiser with the local ambulance i believe. Once these busniesses close which is not far away guess what, this hamlet will not be able to support three supermarkets, you will have one or two closed, will not need six pizzarias, you may need two, two more boarded up stores, four chniese restaurants, i dont think so 2 more boarded up stores, we already have about 5 or 6 closed stores in town and 3 more coming from what i understand. As far as the police go, they are a very professional and compitant force which should be applauded for the most part, but have to refocus their efforts, instead of the residents tying up officers time on redicuolous nuscience complaints they should redouble their efforts on gang enforcement, they should maybe work with the clubs instead of against them to try and work on these issues. Send your uncovers into these gangs instead of the clubs and try to end these deadly gangs. I happened to attend parties saturday night as i have for 25 years on MDW to welcome the businesses back and i have to admit that whitehouse had a very impressive security service, everyone was proofed, wristbands on hands or marks on hands, then frisked and searched. The crowd seemed to be mostly female and clean cut. Amber looked to have a clean cut crowd also but the line was too long. Beach Bar out of all the places and used to be one of my favorites seemed to have the most lax door policies and a less than favorable crowd. I only spent about a half hour at either place to wish them a good season, too old to stay out late now and i went home to eleanor street where i turned on my AC and went to sleep. By the way the one article say the person cae from Whitehouse, no one knows that except Calvin and his group not the people ranting on this site. People posting here seem angry and uneducated for the most part. Think about what you are saying, you are complaining about the police reponse, but you are the ones calling about a cement truck doing work 15 minutes before contractors can work, or calling about too many cars in a driveway and pd finding 5 cars in a 4 bedroom house, and calling about noise and the officers not able to hear any then spendan hour filling out paperwork. Everytime you call 911 you require that officer to go out of service and complete the exhaustive paperwork needed for ANY complaint. You are preventing them fromn doing real patrol work and stop street drug dealing, protitution, break ins, ect. Lets try and develop things for high school students to do out of school to keep them from the grasp of these gangs. People please lets help make Hampton Bays good again. Dont waste police time for nonsene complaints, lets have some positive things for the kids to do to keep them out of trouble. Lets stop bashing the local businesses that have been here for many years. Lets encourage our police dept to work with the Neptunes, BoARDY bARN, CPI, bEACH BAR, They can help between all those clubs there is more security than there are police officers at any given time. I would love to see the area advertising on TV and radio trying to advertise the area like wildwoods NJ advertising our wonderful beaches , restaurants, nightlife, shopping, lodging and more. Lets be postive it is the begiinning of the season. Once again my condolenses go out to the family and this should never happen anywhere. I covered alot here but hopefully it makes people look at things differently. thank you. I would also like to ask everyone to think about our soldiers overseas on this memorial day wknd and all the hard and dangerouswork they are doing for us." May 25, 09 4:41 PM

This really shows the mentality of Hampton Bays and it is sad. You moved here when the clubs were here and then you complained about them. Guess what i moved onto eleanor in hampton bays because the neighborhood was more affordable and guess what i knew there was a club there. I turn on my air conditioner at night and dont hear a thing. I have lunatics as neighbors that wanted me to join their association ( Lynch Mob ) I refused. I am sleeping soundly while lunitics are calling and waking up their neighbors to make noise complaints. Our town chased away the monied stock brokers that used to populate our town and clubs. You and the town chased away these monied patrons and left a vaccum. You have businesses that are open about 30-40 nights a year and have large investments, they are not going to leave. The larger clubs - boardy barn, whitehouse, ect have new york state certified security guards and lots of them. I would guess the Whitehouse or Boardy Barn have more security when they are open than the town has townwide at that given moment. These clubs would hire off duty police officers in a heartbeat if it was allowed - it is against the law. Guess what also it has been proven that the deceased was not even at the Whitehouse - so lets stop bashing them. The diner deserves the bashing #1 for having an illegal nightclub in their facility. #2 on the news defaming the Whitehouse and spreading the blame. The diner and the people fighting are soley responsible for this . Someone earlier had an idea about placing police units at the diner that is a good idea as the clubs are over at that time. Why is it that the police post so many cars at the boardy barn and neptunes only. The clubs cannot by law pay for this overtime and yet you dont see them posted at beach bar, amber or whitehouse. I see one big problem, that is the drugs at neptunes, i understand that dozens of ambulances were there over the weekend for drug overdoses that left many near death. Luckily i dont believe anyone has died YET. Will there be this much outrage when there is a drug death? I dont know the owner at neptunes but do they hire credetialed security like boardy barn and whitehouse? I would guess they dont being three of their bouncers were arrested for selling these drugs at the club as shown on news 12. Once again why dont you people approach the police and the clubs and try and set up a forum to try and settle these issues. I used to frequent these clubs 20 years ago and there were major fights then also. I believe that we are one of a few resorts where i dont believe there ever has been a death in a NIGHTCLUB here. The nightclubs must be doing some things correct. Lets focus on the diner that seems to be the ILLEGAL problem" May 27, 09 6:04 PM

I also forgot to point out that the victim was local how much do you want to make a bet when the police make an arrest they are local also. Nothing to do with the summer crowd" May 27, 09 6:53 PM

I agree times are changing and there is more and more violence in our society, and it is right here in good old HB. It all starts at home and look at the children we are turning out of our local houses. this new breed of child has no respect for authority going from their parents right up to law enforcement. Parents keep an eye on your kids, and be tough with them. Parents now adays are pacifists and allow this mentality to breed.
When people my age were in their 20s we never had to worry about getting stabbed, or shot, maybe a black eye.
These kids are handed what they need, they dont work. Parents put these kids to work. There are plenty of summer jobs out there, trust me i own a local business and very rarely do i have the opportunity to hire a local kid and give them a chance, they never apply. My business is perfect for a high school student. I look forward to the summer applications and hire from them and it works out as i must lay everyone off for the winter as there is no business in this town during the winter. If it was not for the summer people i would be out of business along with many other businesses in town. " May 27, 09 8:18 PM