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Riverhead man stabbed to death in front of Hampton Bays Diner

I moved to Hampton Bays from Manhattan two years ago. I now live here full time. I chose to live in Hampton Bays for many reasons. Hampton Bays can be a really cute beach town if taken care of properly. First we have to stop local establishments from serving to gang members. All these clubs and late hour establishment MUST hire security or better yet hire off duty police. If we want this community to thrive we can't be afraid of diversity but we must keep it safe and gangs just mean trouble. I do think someone needs to check out this "salsa room" I hope the board of health or the police department check into that. As a community we need to build Hampton Bays up. It is a quaint town that has a lot to offer. I chose Hampton Bays because of its charm we need to foster it and improve upon it. Living in Manhattan for 25 years stabbing was an everyday occurrence I do not want that in my town. Who are the politicans? We need to start with them. Thank you" May 25, 09 5:49 PM