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Riverhead man stabbed to death in front of Hampton Bays Diner

as someone who spoke calvin almost everyday. i can say he was no "gang member". we had our own crew. we looked down on those fake little thugs. i can also say many many times, i personal, tried to get him to move out of riverhead. i told him, its nothing up there. come to nc or atl, we'll help u find a job. his only respones was always, " i should right." he just never made the move. now, i get the felling we didn't push him enough to move. almost like we left him up there alone. something tells me if me and the other guys wouldn't have relocated, he would still be alive. its been plenty of times he has had my back. i wish i could have been there to have his. he is the only real reason we would even come to riverhead. call him, ask him whats good. 90% of the time he was working. other times he would say, "come thru." rip calvin.
ya boy Slay" May 25, 09 7:01 PM