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Two critically injured in accident on CR39 Monday morning

I am very sorry for all that got hurt this morning. I pray for all the families involved. I was hit by a drunk driver in 1994 and luckily didnt get hurt and I started the Taxi to help people to get home safely. I belong to MADD, SADD and Student Lifeline along with a partnership withh the Southampton Volunteer Fire Dept to give free rides to all Southampton High School year round free rides if they had been drinking or their ride had been drinking. I offer free rides during christmas though new years to avoid these type of accidents. If anyone has been drinking and cant afford to pay for the ride i work it out with them and never deny a ride. What it comes down to is if Mr. Rozyinski hadn't decided to drink and get behind the whell this awful accident would never have happened. I long for the day when we can open up the Southampton press on Thursday and see the Headline " NO ONE ARRESTED FOR DRINKING AND DRIVING" maybe that is a way away, but please lets be safe out there, and if you drink PLEASE DONT DRIVE.
Bryan Daparma owner HOMETOWN TAXI" May 25, 09 7:23 PM