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Two critically injured in accident on CR39 Monday morning

Kjrco... I guess you failed to comprehend that the intoxicated minor blew a red light. Regardless if you feel the cab should have made the turn or not... none of this would have happened if the kid stopped at the light. In addition to that, there used to be a "No Entrance" sign (or something to that affect) at that entrance way into the 7-11 lot. However, it was knocked down (years ago) in another accident and the town never replaced it. The entrance way is deceitful, and people make that turn ALL of the time. " May 26, 09 12:46 AM

Sarah... I am proud that you were able to conjure up that last statement. I hope it was not too difficult.

Red lights, illegal lefts... etc... all in all. The kid WAS charged with a DUI... right? so that would mean at the time of the accident he was not in the right state of mind. Therefore, this whole thing would have (most likely) been avoided had the MINOR not have had any alcohol in his system. Not to mention... the speed limit is only 35mph... did you see the aftermath of the accident or were you busy trying to figure it all out?" May 26, 09 1:33 AM