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Riverhead man stabbed to death in front of Hampton Bays Diner

BeachGal really needs to get her facts straight. Besides the obvious bias she has toward the diner, she is presenting many falsehoods as fact.
First, she is saying that the diner provided the games of chance and that created a dangerous environment. The diner has not had a poker game for almost a year and a half. When the diner did provide a place for the game, they were taking no cut and only making money by serving food. Also, the people that frequented these games were good people in the community. You had many businesss owners, and well-to-do people in the community going to have some fun for the night. There was NEVER a problem there. And also, the average age of the people who frequented this was 40-50 years old, hardly the 'criminal element' you make it seem to be. And you also said they provided other 'games of chance.' I challenge you to name one game, and I will be waiting for a while because you will be unable to do so.
Second, the owners of the diner never looked into opening a club east of the canal. This is just something you made up to support your bias. Your comments show that you have created these situations in your mind because of your obvious hatred for the diner." May 25, 09 11:31 PM