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Riverhead man stabbed to death in front of Hampton Bays Diner

Yeah ok ligirl33. Why don't you tell the folks out there how Mr. Butts stabbed and robbed the gas station attendant in Flanders a few years ago, and the time he was arrested for injuring a police officer while making a drug arrest and resisting arrest. Hmm wasn't it just 3 months ago he was arrested again for assault ???? Amazing person??? Are you for real???? " May 28, 09 11:34 PM

Next time turn the spell check on so we can figure out what you are writing." Jun 3, 09 2:53 AM

Town says Riverside home was overcrowded and infested

11 Adults in 12 bedrooms I don't see a problem." Sep 24, 09 11:21 PM

Oddone trial begins; opening statements heard Monday

To Mr. friend of Tony- How can you possibly try to justify the use of deadly physical force?? He was scared for his life by a man who outweighed him? I don't think so. He didn't have any other alternatives?? I really hope they bring up your good ole buddy's criminal past. It's really unfortunate that he will probably only get about 10 years on a manslaughter conviction." Oct 21, 09 1:53 AM

Witness recounts fatal struggle in Southampton bar

Even if Reister initiated it with a llittle push, that does not mean Mr. Oddone can immediately use deadly physical force. Putting someone in a choke hold is the same deadly physical force as using a gun. Can't do it, sorry. There were many other alternatives that Mr. O could have chose. His lawyer will never be able to save him. See ya in 25 big Tony." Oct 22, 09 8:59 PM

Maybe you should have backed off the steroids for a while." Oct 22, 09 9:01 PM

Anyone who was at the trial today(Thursday) clearly saw when the defense held up the clothing held for evidence from the fatal day, big Tony's clothing was the same size, if not larger than Andrew's. I suppose he is called big Tony because of all the steroids he used back then. Putting someone in a headlock..........can anybody say........ ROIDRAGE ??" Oct 22, 09 9:07 PM

Maybe if you went to the trial and you saw the pictures of big Tony you would clearly see the clothes in the photos of him were not loose fitting. " Oct 22, 09 10:44 PM

Reister was a big boned individual, and at the time, Oddone was jacked up on steroids." Oct 22, 09 10:45 PM

Go to the trial and see the evidence. Delusional? Not." Oct 22, 09 10:47 PM

According to New York State Penal Law, gun=choke hold. They are both deadly physical force, and an individual has to prove that there no other options available." Oct 22, 09 10:49 PM

Clearly, Mr. O wasn't taking steroids for the golf clubs. He was a ladies man and wanted to look his best when he went to the bars. "Ladies were loving me" he admits saying as he danced on the table like an idiot. Did you forget that???" Oct 22, 09 10:51 PM

"Ladies were lovin' me" the arrogant pretty boy is quoted as saying. FOTO- if you went to the trial you would see the shirt that had the publick house logo on it and said Southampton ales. I know now that you haven't gone to the trial at all this week, so how can you continue to post comments without knowing about any of the evidence. I guess it just proves that you too are probably one of Tony's friends. I really thought the affirmative defense would be a manslaughter, but it's looking like a Murder2 more and more each day at the trial. See ya in 25 Big Tony !" Oct 23, 09 6:45 PM