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Two critically injured in accident on CR39 Monday morning

This is an extremely sad case. Like the article states, you have people doing the correct thing, and something bad happens. It always seems that way. For the people crucifying the cab driver, I think it is terrible. If you read other articles, or watch the news, the drunk driver ran a red light. If you are from the area, you know that that turning lane is host to a green turning arrow, and I have seen many people turn into the entrance of 7-11 exactly where the cab was. There used to be a sign there that said "Do Not Enter" which was taken down by a semi truck a few years ago. It is easy to assume, that because it is legal to pull into a driveway over double yellows that you can pull into an entrance over double yellow. Guaranteed that ticket will be thrown out in court.
With the impact of this accident, hit solely in the rear, it looks like the driver was going a very fast speed - he was probably VERY far away when the driver made the left. When cars are going way over 35, they will sneak up on. I think it's very sad that we are crucifying someone who was doing everything he could to keep people safe, when the main fact is this other kid was very wrong. I commend the driver for trying to do the correct thing, I blame Southampton town for not posting correct signs. I blame the driver of the SUV for ruining 5 people's lives. " May 26, 09 8:43 AM

There are qualifications and the taxi business is regulated by the town actually, east ender. They are required to be licensed by the town before being operated. Also, the cars that you see that are unmarked are cars that come from out of town. The taxis out here year round are required to have fares posted in the taxis, so the passengers know how much they will cost before they even get into the car - these rates are approved by the town. There was a huge write up in the Southampton press when this happened 4 years ago. FYI." May 26, 09 11:15 AM

buenavista, making a turn into someone would constitute front end damage, the taxi was hit in the rear passenger side which means he had enough time to execute a turn and was far enough out of the roadway for the person to see him. On ABC they said that it is the law in New York that taxi passengers, just like school buses do not require passengers to wear their seatbelts. You can not force people to wear their seatbelts, that is up to them. Mr. Rozynski was obviously drunk, and going way over 35mph which is why five lives are currently ruined, in addition to his own life - if you look at the pictures it is so pain stakingly obvious that this person was driving recklessly. It already has been determined that Mr. Rozynski was drunk, hence to why he is being held on $500,000 bail. Defend him all you want, the facts will tell the truth." May 27, 09 4:08 PM

Please read this, I found this comment on Newsday from the victim's friends. I think it tells the story:

I was told this is Ryan's 2nd DUI. And the 2nd time he's totaled his parent's car according to his sister. He is not remorseful because he was laying next to our friends in southhampton hospital after they took them all there and didn't say a word to them to apologize or anything although at least one of them was definitely alert and screaming in pain in the bed next to his.

One of our friends is on life support and we're not sure she's going to make it. Even if she does she may have serious brain damage. Another almost died over night but is stable now - he'll take at least a year to recover and we're hoping one day he'll be able to walk again. The other 2 while stable and will be ok are not in good shape. One broke her nose & both cheekbones and the other has a 12" scar down the middle of his face.

They said the cab had a green left turning arrow - yes, he made the turn before the light over double yellow lines - but he had the light to turn regardless which means Ryan ran a red light. Also he had to have been speeding, because based on the impact and damage he was doing way over the speed limit.

To top it all off he pleaded not guilty. This kid should never be allowed to drive again. Period. And should be locked up for a long time for the pain and damage he's caused.
" May 27, 09 5:51 PM