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Southampton Village sets date for vote on new firehouse

I think that everyone who is in opposition of this new firehouse should make every effort to attend any public information meeting that may come up. It is a pricey project but when you look at the regulations that everyone is talking about and the fact that we all know the current house does not meet regulations the price is mere peanuts. This by no means will be a monster of a building and it was not designed like a train station, you are miss reading the information. The building will have accents that are similar to those on buildings LIKE the train station. You know keeping this new building similar to the buildings we all grew up with. I think it takes a lot of forward thinking for these guys to have even thought about details like this.
As for the price how much do you think we will all pay if someone gets hurt in this building. The lawyers will grab a hold of the fact that the building does not meet any current safety codes and sue the village relentlessly, then add to that the fact that the village knows the building is out of code, I believe they call that negligence...even more law suits.
Everyone do yourself a favor and before you pass judgment on this come out and see for your self the situations that are present and see for yourself what is being proposed. " Sep 16, 09 9:21 AM

Fire district plans well received by Southampton Town Planning Board

Why do Fire Commissioners need a firehouse?
Last time I checked the Southampton Community was covered by the Southampton Fire Department. These "Fire Commissioners" are a board to make sure our Southampton Town Tax Dollars are collected and spent well correct? Then why are they looking to spend our money on another Firehouse when we already have three are are being covered with the best service around?
Do the five members really need a building that big to hold meetings in?
They have NO Fire trucks or equipment or hey heres a novel one FIREFIGHTERS.
What do they need a Firehouse for?
Is there something going on behind closed doors that we are not being told?
Last time I checked the community did not want this and last I heard neither did the membership of the Fire Department. WHY ARE WE LETTING THEM GET AWAY WITH THIS?????" Sep 16, 09 4:01 PM

Southampton Village voters approve bond issue for new firehouse

WOW.... It really is amazing the thought process of some people. Do any of you really think that one man made this happen or that one man passed this vote. Instead of verbally beating up on people why don't you come out and see things for yourselves or educate yourselves on the real facts and stop making up your delusional side of the stories. I mean not for nothing this bond was a public vote, yes you heard it right a public vote. This means each and every registered voter in the village of Southampton had the right and RESPONSIBILITY to come out and vote on this issue. 266 of you Vote in favor and 175 voted against it, thats only 441 voters. You mean to tell me there are only 441 registered voters in Southampton. I don't think so. Anyhow the majority of Village voters voted in favor of this bond so instead of beating up the volunteers that put their lives on the line for each and every one of us, just because they asked for a bond to make their working environment safer. look to your neighbors and ask them why they voted in favor. After all if you all voted NO then we would have no bond we have it because you voted yes." Oct 12, 09 1:05 PM

Proving Oddone's intentions will be burden of prosecution

Friend of Tony: Have you ever been to the Publick House? The tables or as you are calling it bar is in the seating area and are no higher then thigh high, so please stop trying to make it sound as if he was pushed off a bar and had a distance to fall. Couls you tell me I heard and do not want to spread or create rumors but did mr. Oddone serve in our military?" Oct 29, 09 8:38 AM

Kabot's court date is pushed back to December

I do not get it. We have been hearing he said she said and this is a political game. How about this..... If you are pulled over for whatever, right wrong or indifferent, and you are accused of being intoxicated. If you are not at fault and did not break any laws why would you not summit to a breathalyzer test to proof your innocence. Last I checked if you took one you did not get a bill in the mail. If you were innocent then you would have nothing to fear. Instead you chose to refuse the test ,which is a mandatory 1 year suspension, spent the night in jail, and are now sitting through a lengthy trial with an attorney. Seems to me that if innocent blowing in the tube would have been the end... not doing it is nothing more then a admission of guilt." Oct 29, 09 12:29 PM

Supreme Court lifts injunction on use of Aldrich Park

We can all argue about their rights and our rights and how we do not want them around till we die but their is a bigger picture here.
Have any of you tried to find a rental or buy a house to find you lost out on it because 20 non US Citizens were renting it.
Have any of you responded with your local Fire Department or Ambulance to one of these houses to a reported emergency. Adults are running away and hiding in the bushes, they leave 5 year old children alone in the house.
" Nov 27, 09 10:15 AM

Have any of you gone to the emergency room lately?
its a great feeling when you pay taxes, work your ass off, and pay high medical coverage prices only to go to the hospital and wait for hours to be helped. Then some one who will not even speak English walks in does not answer even a quarter of the questions you had to and gets seen right away.
YES I did say "will not speak English". I have found many of these people do speak English when they want to get payed or their life is in danger, but other than that they refuse to.
How about that car accident last summer when the passenger of the vehicle was killed and the driver ran away?
How can any of you call these people decent. I know this does not represent the entire foreign community but it is a good example of many." Nov 27, 09 10:23 AM

Blood drive scheduled for James MacWhinnie, injured in accident

My best wishes go out to the family as well.
I do not want to turn people away from the Bridgehampton Blood Drive but I think we all need to here this.
Jim and the family need help affording all of the blood as well, not just the actual blood. While you can donate at Bridgehampton and yes it will help the supplies and in turn free up some for Jim it is more important to go to Stony Brook. No matter what blood type you are if you call and make an appointment at Stony Brook and donate to Jim then it not only frees up some supplies but it deducts from the overall coast Jim and his Family will have to pay for the supplies. This can ONLY be done if you go to Stony Brook." Dec 17, 09 8:48 AM

Condominium plan for Rambo site gets thumbs up from Southampton Town Planning Board

Nuisance, Noise, Smells?
I have lived in the area, actually my yard backs up to the property in question, for 30 years now. I have never had a complaint about the area at all. There is actually someone out there in business today who wants to compost and reuse our natural resources and instead of embracing them we are trying to run him out? WOW what does that say for our society today?
78 more condos huh? I wonder how much will it cost to live in these condos? most of us locals will not be able to afford it most likely.
Has anyone actually been by the area? across the street on magee street there is another condo site........ Just how many openings are there in that site? do we really need more when we can not fill what we have already?
Shame on you Village and Town Boards... We need to start preserving our areas and not building them up more." Sep 23, 10 7:36 AM

Are you in favor of preservation or building the condo?
We continue to build and build and our wild lands and what was once beautiful lands keep disappearing. Yes a transfer station is also a build and taking away from our lands but if I had to choose over an area that was reusing our natural resources or a condominium complex its and easy choice. Its been said here in other posts too and I will repeat it myself. When you move into an area and build next to ... whatever it may be (Rambo, The old Bridgehampton race way, the North Sea Landfill, etc..) how dare you pretend like you do not care about the surroundings while your getting a good deal on you purchase and then protest and actively try to get it removed when you want to turn a profit on your purchase.
As far as a nuisance ....... WOW we are now the type of people who want to save, who want protect the environment, etc... AS LONG AS ITS NOT IN OUR BACK YARD. hhhmmm
As far as smell ........ It smells no worse than passing a house with a wood burning stove going.
As far as noise ......... If the sounds of vehicles driving out of the pit bother you then whats going to happen if the condos attract a group who like to party? I think they could make even more noise.

Lastly for this post has anyone been by the pit when it rains? hhhmmmm I am no scientist but ,YOU ARE IN A PIT, where do you think all the water goes? Oh wait I missed that feature.... All Condos will have a natural indoor swimming pool." Sep 24, 10 8:08 AM

I actually live in the neighborhood in question and have for my entire 30 years of life. I think you miss understand me or maybe I am miss understanding you? I am NOT in favor of the condos, and I have never had any complaints about either of the pits. I think a Condo complex is a joke and would bring even more problems to our area." Sep 28, 10 7:35 AM

I agree with you on the armchair thing. My only concern is that the first I herd of the project was when it was posted here. It is completely my fault for not being more involved in my community, but I use this as a venue to vent until I can file properly." Sep 28, 10 7:39 AM

Groundbreaking At Hampton Road Firehouse In Southampton Village This Friday

It may be sad but you should know that not one local contractor even attempted to pick up a bid package. So I agree it would be nice to see it go to locals but if they are not willing to even try to get involved what can they do?" Oct 28, 10 5:59 AM

Study: Merge Southampton And North Sea Fire Districts

Actually the SH Fire Department and Town Fire District ARE two different entities. However the SH Fire Department has the equipment and manpower and is who covers both the Village and the outlying areas. The District is nothing more than 5 commissioners a "PAID" secretary, a "PAID" Treasurer, an office building, a Lawyer on retainer, a PR firm...etc. They have no equipment, they have no manpower. You the taxpayer are paying to the SH Village Fire Department a similar rate as in the past PLUS all these other fees. So yes it may only amount to dollars but if this board were to simply go away you the tax payer would have an INSTANT tax cut. so what do you get for your extra money... NOTHING!!!!!

Just as a point yes the Southampton Fire Department is owned by the Village of Southampton but one must realize it is run by its members. So regardless of who arrives to extinguisher your fires or extract you from your accidents or assist you in your medical emergencies V. Tomanoku. Your roads will still suck to drive on in the winter and believe it or not the fireman had nothing to do with that.

The Southampton Fire Department has had nothing to do with this study!! You may find it hard to believe but the Fire Department is interested in ONLY 1 thing....PROTECTING THE PUBLIC.
They have spent NO extra money on secretaries, treasurers, office buildings, PR firms, Lawyers, extra land (just in case????), or expensive unnecessary studies, etc....
Yes they are putting up a firehouse but did you ever see the old facility? It was unsafe to say the least.

Does anyone else find it unsettling that the District commissioners have spent our money on a study and then when the study gets leaked out their response was, from what I am being told, "We do not want to discuss this and WILL NOT discuss this with the public". However they will go into executive session, ask the public to leave and then discuss it?" Jan 14, 11 8:55 AM

Springs Superintendent Responds To Teacher Layoff Rumors

fcmcmann..... I am absolutely sick of people like you who don't or can't see that the illegals ARE a problem. It may not be and absolutely IS NOT the only problem but it is a problem and it is growing. It's NOT racist to say this or talk about it it is common sense and reality. I would never want to just turn my back on another human being who needs help but at some point you have to stop giving out your freebees to people who do not contribute to your community. Somebody has to pay to cover what goes out nothing is for free.
I am born and raised on the east end and it is sickening to me that I almost had to move away in order to have a life because I could not make ends meet here. Try going to the hospital I have on numerous occasions sat in the ER waiting room for hours waiting to be seen, filled out pages upon pages of insurance paper work, had to provide multiple forms of identification, and gone through endless headaches. Only to see someone who has NO identification, speaks no English,, doesn't have to fill out a lick of paperwork and goes right in to get treated. WHO pays for that?
I go to the schools every year to conduct classes with different organizations, it sickens me that some kids have trouble with the English language and writing and math yet they are being taught to speak a second language. wait remind me where are we again?
I have responded to accidents as a volunteer to see that one or more of the victims were illegal so instead of staying around and owning up they flee the area leaving helpless victims behind. who pays for that...our insurance rates go up because there is no one to go after, THEY ARE ILLEGAL!!!!!
Every have a day when you just cant seem to make ends meet, when you could really use a hand out your self? Good luck, as a tax paying American citizen, your out of luck. Just try to go to Southampton, In the mornings a local tire vendor sets up a soup kitchen of sorts for the ILLEGALS who cant afford to buy themselves a meal...hahahahaha.. sorry i just cant imagine how someone who charges at least $20.00 an hour and demands a paid hour lunch, cant afford a meal. Well anyhow I tried to get a meal one day and was turned away....WHY? I really needed a lunch that day and just had no money to buy one. So tell me who is really the racist" Mar 11, 11 8:46 AM

Yearounder, I agree totally. I may have gone off a little too much before, I just feel so strong about it that's all.
However you are correct. I work for the state and even in these times of budget crunches they are still hiring high level managers and supervisors. I do not know what people think these days but it seems like we are more than willing to pay 10 times as much to have more managers who don't work in the field. Then we wonder why the work is not getting done and why we don't have money to hire more workers.
We really need to take a hard look at how we all work and more and more people need to start putting in a hard days work to make the high salaries they are demanding." Mar 11, 11 3:32 PM

??????? Carry me??? Please do explain. Am I missing something how is me out of work helping anything?
If you don't think we have an issue (if you don't like the word problem) with illegals, your head must be farther up your !@& then anyone realizes.
I have No problem with people different from me......however when those people use the resources MY tax dollars pay for thusly leaving less for me. AND THEY DO NOT PAY INTO IT THEMSELVES. Then your DAMN right I have a problem." Mar 14, 11 10:42 AM

Wow so you mean to tell me that just because you work for the state your a problem?
Not all state employees are in the wrong......there are many of us who are doing the right thing, it's a job. Not all state employees are milking the system some of us actually go to work every day and put in a hard days work. We get paid just like the rest of you and are not all making top salaries.
As far as me having a problem and being wrong, get out of your house and go into our towns and villages and do so with an open mind. My views are not just how I feel it is what I have seen and experienced with my own two eyes.
It was not too long ago that I was on hard times and needed help myself, low and behold I could not get any. I was actually told by the owners of a local tire place, who were handing out free meals, that I was not a migrant worker and I was white so get out of here. I also didnt qualify for aid in the hospital because I wasnt a minority. So how come the minorities and foreigners who DO NOT pay into the programs can get the help but those of us who have paid into it our entire life and now need help cant get it?" Mar 14, 11 2:11 PM

Displaced Students Still Fighting To Return

I am getting sick hearing over and over from people who were not there that "they failed"
Take it from someone who worked there and knows first hand what was going on. When we opened the school our administrators gave us a five year plan that showed us where they would like us to be and what they expected of us and the project. About 1 year ago now we were not included in the conversations or decisions actually we herd what was going on from a leaked news report one night around 10 pm. (by the way thank you local politicians for doing that). In the days and weeks following the news we were all out raged as you can imagine, most of us were loosing our jobs and the students we all so dearly cared about were loosing their programs and homes.
I think what out raged me the most was how everyone said and keeps saying we failed, its wasn't working, we can't afford it. (Sorry editors but) That was all BULL SHIT. If we were failing then how come when you take the graph of where we were projected to be and overlay the graph of where we actually were it shows and proves that we were at least 50% ahead of the curve. If it wasn't working then how come the local economy was starting to see improvement from the added student base and how come enrollment was more then doubling every semester. If they couldn't afford it any more then how come the new president still fly's in and out of the city, how come he still employs a driver to drive himself around, how come they don't look at the ideas that were being formed at the campus and try to use them to save money. How come when people offered the president the money he claims to have been loosing to keep the campus open for 2 more years to see the five year plan to its finish and then take another look at things he immediately with out hesitation said "NO"" Mar 28, 11 9:56 AM

UPDATE: Missing Man With Autism Located

I don't want to split hairs here but get it right!!!! The most important thing here is that he was located and is now safe at home with his family. The men who found him would never want to be recognized and expect no thanks, they do what they do out of honor and self pride. They know who they were and what they did.
Everyone worked together over the 2 days to make sure a local family was whole once again and everyone would do it again in a heartbeat. The Police, Fire Departments and Ambulance corps NEED to work together seamlessly and NEED to get along. Egos NEED to be left at home it helps NO ONE.
That all being said it pisses me off when someone trys to give credit where credit is not due. IT WAS A TEAM EFFORT WE ALL MADE IT POSSIBLE TO HAVE A HAPPY OUTCOME. However facts are facts a crew of dedicated men from the North Sea Fire Department were the ones who physically found the young man.
BRAVO to all our dedicated men and women who are our public servants, I would hate to think about what it would be like with out you." Apr 11, 11 11:39 AM

Bridgehampton Fire District Talks About Potential Acquisition

Sounds like more uneducated opinions to me. People want to jump on here and comment on one or two words that they see and not take the time to figure all the information out.
No they probably have not walk through the building to talk about how it could be use or what they would do with it. But you would have to be an absolute fool with no common sense if you thought some one who has lived and worked there their entire lives would have never stepped foot in the building.
And save the tax payers money.... absolutely..... how much do you think it would cost if they had to go out and buy property somewhere? Oh that's right you would say don't expand and save us money. How much do any of you think it would cost if someone got hurt in one of our noncompliant firehouses? Everybody think our firemen just want bigger houses with more amenities..... take a look at state codes for a second. For example NFPA, OSHA, PESH....etc.... all of them have minimums on safe standards in these types of buildings. If we are blatantly ignoring them and then someone gets hurt or worse dies ... how much will that cost the tax payer.
To compare it to working in atrocious rat infested firehouses in the city then I would have to commend all of our chiefs for not letting the conditions get to that point.
All in all enough is enough. we live in a community where people are buying multi million dollar homes, not even living in them for a day, tearing them down and then building another multi million dollar estate in its place. They should contribute their fair share as well and we all know they can afford it but they just don't want to part with it.


Quiogue Teen Mourned, Remembered At Candlelight Vigil

My thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends.
I have been a firefighter and EMT in the Hamptons for over 15 years now and this never gets any easier. Please Do Not take my following question as rude or diss respectfull but rather as a much needed wake up.
Let me ask you all this question.
Every year around this time those of us in the Emergency Field see this type of tragedy repeat itself. Some young, full of life, loved member of our community gets hurt or even worse killed by the careless acts of people going out and doing something stupid. Then we see the pictures of flower memorials, candle light vigils, people crying in each others arms. what gets me is these sights and memories don't even last a year because next year we will see the same thing just different faces. So what will it take for the youth of our community to take a stand and make a difference, make sure these types of tragedies don't happen again. Oh and its not just our youth, when will the "adults" of our community take a stand and raise their children to respect and have responsibility." Jun 30, 11 8:17 AM

Taxis See Free Ride Favoritism

Give me a break!
I think these guys are doing a great service to the area. I look at it a different way, as an EMS and Fire provider I can not tell you how many DWI accidents we see. Myself a a bunch of my friends were out this summer and talking about just that one night, the question kept coming up "why would anyone in this day and age still drive drunk?" No one really had a good answer to that so the conversation died so we could enjoy our night. Then as we were getting ready to leave we witnessed possible one of the biggest issues....... a couple that was trying to do the right thing and call a cab to get a ride home because they were drinking were told the following from three different cab companies. "The wait will be at least two hours and it will cost you around $200.00" Wow we all said, I guess they are going far, but then after talking with them we found they were local residents and only lived 1/2 a mile away from where we were.
You taxi companies wonder why things like this pop up, how can you live with yourselves making people wait that long and charging those prices. To make sure they were safe that night I gave them a ride home otherwise they may have just gave up and got in their car and chanced it.
I say they competition is good and will make you look and see how you can do your job better and more fair." Aug 15, 11 8:15 AM

Teenager Stabbed After Party in Bridgehampton

Funny ........ If he was helping a female friend out who was "being hit on" by this guy, has she come forward and described the guy? Kids you got to stop protecting scum like this ..... come forward and speak up there seems like there was other people there how did no one see anything?" Oct 19, 11 3:08 PM

Voters In Bridgehampton Fire District Overwhelmingly Approve Pulver Gas Parcel Purchase

This is great good job to all.
I only wish the Fire Commissioners in Southampton cared as musch for what their tax payers wanted. I remember them asking us if we wanted to buy land. That's right we voted NO and then they went and bought it anyway. Hope your team cares more about you then ours do." Oct 19, 11 3:12 PM

Southampton Hospital ER Cleaned Up After Attempted Chemical Suicide

Private, I agree that the chemicals for Chemical Suicide should not be reveled here or anywhere. However In true fashion both the victim and the press are idiots...... 1st the press should have a better mind then to print this stuff and 2nd the guy got it wrong that's why it did not work. He read the article wrong and use the wrong chemicals." Nov 17, 11 1:15 PM

Southampton Fire Department's Firehouse Opens Saturday

Taj Mahal? WOW I guess you do not get out much. The size of the building is conservative. If you payed any attention to the process you would know that these men and women came up with an initial plan that was much bigger. When they sat down and took, need, cost, public opinion and safety into consideration they reduced the size to what you see now. They plan was ultimately decided on by the public in public hearings. Where were you then?" Nov 30, 11 10:29 AM

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