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Woman killed in motorcycle accident on Napeague stretch

Easy now, oh young republican.

I would ask that you walk a while in this other man's shoes. He could very well be curled up in ball, sobbing like a little boy who has lost his mother.

You have no idea what it it must be like to be him right now. In fact, I bet you don't EVER want to know what he feels like. I thought Hammurabi was a great guy, but his time has passed. We are allgedly "the most intelligent beings on the planet". We'll give you a few years to reflect on what you've done, while sequestered from society. I'm not sure about intelligence, but civility would tend to warrant we find a way to make him a functional, contributing member of society someday. We really shouldn't be paying for ALL his room and board. Which could be required, for, oh, say the next FIFTY years. Life can be long these days. I'd rather he was PAYING taxes, NOT INCARCERATED LIVING OFF OF THEM.

Unless of course, you'd just like to fry him now, Hammurabi..." May 28, 10 4:00 AM

Coopers Beach named best in United States; Main Beach ranked fifth

Yeah. Let's not tell too many people where those beautiful hideaways are, OK?

"Mo' people, mp' problems..."" May 29, 10 10:50 AM

Pack light, take a bike, or a taxi, and enjoy less hasle parking if you can.

Leave a little early, come home a little late, and don't foget to wait, after what you ate." May 29, 10 10:57 AM

"New York has world-class beaches, but I don't think a lot of people in the United States know about them," said Leatherman.

Is it that they are not that well known, or that there are many which are a much more affordable destination?" May 29, 10 11:00 AM

Woman killed in motorcycle accident on Napeague stretch

I find a pseudonym grants a certain freedom." May 29, 10 11:18 AM

Mattituck woman will receive six months for DWI fatality involving Hampton Bays teen

Apparently much more than what was printed." May 29, 10 11:52 AM

I recall driving a Kenworth down David's La. one day, headed toward Mecox Bay. There's a sharp bend in the road, and there is foliage which prevents seeing oncoming traffic.

Picture that, as you come to the bend and very quickly have to brake for a bicyclist moving at a good clip coming at you head on, pedaling down the wrong side of the road on a blind turn.

That wasn't the first time I encountered a bicyclist traveling into oncoming traffic, and I'm sure it won't be the last. Good point, Funbeer." May 29, 10 12:01 PM

Southampton Town code enforcement slaps landlord with 50 violations at six houses

Yes, it is.

It would seem avarice knows no limit, even when it comes to the "locals"..." Jun 5, 10 9:25 AM

Qualitative is. Me, I got the picture." Jun 5, 10 9:27 AM

Must be nice to be able to afford that." Jun 5, 10 9:29 AM

AND, I'd like to add that for each one of those six houses he has, which he does with as he pleases, is one less shot for a local born youth to have the "American Dream". Because of his corrupted, depraved view of capitalism, those are six LESS oppurtunities for someone like you to have something decent for yourself." Jun 5, 10 9:32 AM

Can't argue there..." Jun 5, 10 9:33 AM

Fallen soldier's remains arrive on the East End

You have all my deepest sympathy, and we really do need to find a better way for the world to go 'round.

No more greed, no more avarice, no more wanting, no more needing.

The question is, can "We" do it? Can "We" set a REAL example for the world, instead of the corrupted, cupiditous version of the "American Dream", the lust for gold, and power, that has brought the WORLD economy to it's begging knees.

If we could, maybe there would be no more need for a good man to sacrifice his own life saving others. Maybe we could learn that we need to work WITH eachother, instead of so many working so hard, for so little, for others who hoard unto themselves.

Maybe..." Jun 11, 10 11:37 PM

Farmers look to East Hampton for eased restrictions

Well, we need to stop all the greedy development of ostentatious, avaristic housing.

That would really give land use a "shot in the arm".

You want the root of our problems? Look no further than the "elite", who have usurped good, fertile land for their own greedy need for a "trophy house".

"Just look at the monument to my excess." "Oops, I meant success..."" Jun 11, 10 11:43 PM

Southampton Town code enforcement slaps landlord with 50 violations at six houses

I don't know about "vitriolic", but many years ago when he was to develop the lot next to my family home, we pleaded repeatedly for him to NOT develop the land, and allow us to purchase it instead.

His agenda was for his "client", and he to simply turn a profit, as niether of them are even involved with the house any longer. Developed, sold off, and "flipped" for a profit to line their already well lined pockets.

I used to have a beautiful sunrise through the master bedroom window, and now I have a house in the way. I could have had a nice pavilion for family gatherings, but now I have a house on the lot next door. No more hunting salamanders, no more walking the deer trails, no more blueberries, no more wild rhododendrons, all gone, in the name of the "Almighty Dollar". I know who the "ONE" he bows down and serves is.

I don't know about how "generous" he has been to others, but his greed sure as hell took some precious things away from our family.

Anyone else have a wonderful experience with this gent?

Please post..." Jun 11, 10 11:51 PM

Southampton Post Office's au naturel lawn turns heads

I for one have "controlled weeds" myself, and they are quite low maintenance. In fact, it is all indigenous grasses, and VERY drought resistant.

Frankly, I don't really need my lawn to be the consistency of my living room rug, wasting such a precious resource as fresh water.

There are still places in the world today where people die over fresh water, and there are just too many who squander it on expensive, unnecessary landscaping.

Just my opinion though..." Jun 11, 10 11:56 PM

DWI charge in Sagaponack accident

Off the top of my head, I can think of at least two occasions I ran out of gas, maybe three, when I was out of a real job and strapped for cash, when a police officer happened by at just the right moment.

They get all the credit in the world from me..." Jun 12, 10 12:01 AM

Town Board hears from 'Tuckahoe Main Street' developer

The slogan for this town should not be "Leave no postage stamp undeveloped.".

The exploitation of our community for profit by the already wealthy, and influtential needs to come to a COMPLETE HALT. As stated at this thread's inception, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

Allowing this project to be completed would be nothing short of gross fiduciary negligence on the part of the town. PERIOD. Most of us CANNOT shop at 80% of the stores on our own Main St., and this MUST BE THE LAST STRAW. In addition, there are too many empty storefronts that are unaffordable as well to the "common man". The damage done to our local economy by others bringing THEIR cost of living to us in incalculable on a fiscal, and HUMAN level.

ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Jun 13, 10 11:48 AM

Absoulutely not." Jun 13, 10 11:50 AM

DWI charge in Sagaponack accident

There's just alot of anger, about alot of things. Mostly money.

Alot of people are tired of struggling for so little, and working too hard for it. That anger then weaves it's way into many other aspects of life..." Jun 13, 10 12:12 PM

Town Board hears from 'Tuckahoe Main Street' developer

Love the "Alice" reference!!

Some of these elected jokers need a reality check. Like Jane's Addiction lyricized "STOP!".


THAT IS THE LEGACY OF "the hamptons"..." Jun 14, 10 8:24 PM

Independence Party nominates Speonk lawyer for attorney general

I have been a registered Independent since I was old enough to vote.

I saw long ago the two party system is fundamentally flawed. NO CONTEST on that charge.

If he's a man for the will of the people, he can go to Washington on my vote..." Jun 14, 10 8:35 PM

Southampton Town Board debates who will handle MTA lawsuit

The only platform we need to file suit are the words:


The execs took, and took, and stole, and took. The result is NO working capital for a "rainy day", and a s**tload of debt to go with it.

There was no fund to accomodate failure, ego and arrogance striding hand in hand did not allow for it.

"We can't fail. We are the best, most educated, and brightest."


The status quo is not what the answer is. You always need to account for failure, and prepare for it. "Prepare for the worst, and hope for the best."

These fools never prepared for the worst, but kept living like tomorrow would never rear it's ugly head. Now "We" need to suffer the consequences." Jun 14, 10 8:57 PM

Southampton Town code enforcement slaps landlord with 50 violations at six houses

Not meant to be smug, sorry if I came off that way.

Kinda' moot, 'cause no one will know what we're talking about any longer..." Jun 16, 10 7:14 AM

Shinnecocks expect final word on recognition Tuesday

Profiting from vice.

Let's see where this goes.

Still, congratulations are in order." Jun 16, 10 7:23 AM

Independence Party nominates Speonk lawyer for attorney general

Actually, that should have been in quotes.

It was more of a Jimmy Stewart reference." Jun 17, 10 11:11 AM

I don't necessarily HAVE to vote for my particular party candidate you know..." Jun 17, 10 11:12 AM

Frankly, it seems to be rather obvious what we've got does not work. AT ALL.

Maybe this guy deserves a shot, maybe he doesn't. Truthfully, it would seem he could be better than what we've presently got." Jun 17, 10 11:24 AM

It was more of a figurative, Jimmy Stewart reference.

Even though I'm misinformed, I know who Mr. Smith is..." Jun 17, 10 11:33 AM

Stafford and Stein elected to Sag Harbor Village Board

Actually, so would I.

This kid doesn't seem to be "brainwashed by the Benjamins"." Jun 17, 10 11:46 AM

Developer pitches casino in Calverton industrial park

Logistically, Calverton would probably be the best site. Space is already wide open, Expressway access would be a near non-issue, and the only thing I can think of to make it sweeter would be a spur, or something similar to the Kennedy Airport Shuttle. The tracks run right past the runway, north of Mill Rd. on the Yaphank Line.
The Calverton site could mean increased traffic on River Rd., or Edwards Ave. if there are those looking for a "shortcut", but traffic could be kept on 25 if people just follow directions.
Shuttling eastbound traffic down 25 via Wm. Floyd would probably be the most viable option. Of course, then there would be the issue of ferry traffic. Much more central for the Calverton location, than Bellport.
We really need Gabreski for 21st century tech, and office space. It would be a much more constructive use, but as always, I may be mistaken." Jun 17, 10 12:35 PM

Logistically poor. Especially for ferry traffic from Port Jeff, and Orient." Jun 17, 10 12:40 PM

I agree. There are hundreds of acres that are sitting idle, generating very little revenue by comparison. I'd probably even apply for a job in IT with them." Jun 17, 10 12:46 PM

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