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Southampton Town PDD process upside down, critics say

Maybe so, but look at the roads around that grocery. All the traffic that would spill onto the Magee streets, Moses La., and throughout the village are a serious issue.
It would be like routing King Kullen traffic through a Red Creek subdivision.
We have a Waldbaum's in Southampton already (plus a King Kullen in Bridgehampton), and if people can't get over their case of "canal disease" to shop in Hampton Bays, or stock the pantry with weekly/bi-monthly trips to Riverhead to buy in bulk, it's their problem.
It should not become a community problem, like this PDD would be." Jun 30, 10 4:46 PM

Bridgehampton CAC thinks Water Mill PDD will cause traffic problems

The highway is already a parking lot during the summer, and no matter how many signs are put up, traffic still spills through Flying Point.

For the sake of everything, just stop with the development. Break even on your "investment", sell the land off as open space, and GET OUT!

Have some respect for what's left, and those who still inhabit it." Jun 30, 10 4:53 PM

Holmes sentenced to 20 years

Justice served, deluxe style." Jun 30, 10 4:55 PM

A one-woman plan to save sea life from fishing line

Awesome, baby, simply awesome. Many, many thanks as there will be a little less trash to pick up, and maybe that black bag in the back of my car will fill up that much slower after a walk.

And, facts man, you are most likely correct in your assertation. Donations for signs dissuading these units from being a trash receptacle will most likely be required as well. By the way, if the government actually did the "right thing" in the first place, no one would have to complain. Personal responsibility seems to be at an all time historical low, inside, and out of it..." Jun 30, 10 5:04 PM

Great white shark confiscated by federal agents at Star Island Shark Tournament

Come on, there really are people out there who can benefit from "a little reefer".

Seriously, for chemotherapy, and multiple sclerosis, it's better, and SAFER than the pharm industries "miracle drugs"." Jun 30, 10 5:11 PM

Join Greenpeace..." Jun 30, 10 5:12 PM

Rumor about attack in village is debunked by police

"Mouthampton", anyone?" Jun 30, 10 5:14 PM

No jail time, fine for Hults after guilty plea; grand jury does not indict McGintee

He also ALMOST NEVER put pen to paper. That makes him NOT prosecutable.

He knew what he was doing, took his supervisor pay, and rode the train to Hell just like the rest of our world financial markets.

With his pension, and supervisor pay, he not only enjoyed the ride, but will be sitting back and enjoying the "fruits" of his "labor"..." Jun 30, 10 6:00 PM

Unexploded mortar shell and spine both discovered on Ponquogue Beach

It's expensive to get rid of old "ordinance" legally, isn't it?" Jun 30, 10 6:21 PM

Sag Harbor house busted for group rental second week in a row


The "fines" don't exceed the "punishment", and moreover the "proceeds".

Why do you think our ENTIRE fiscal system is out of control?


If you can affored to "F*** UP", you still turn a PROFIT." Jun 30, 10 6:31 PM

Unexploded mortar shell and spine both discovered on Ponquogue Beach

"China's under martial law, Rock 'n' Roll, and color wars, I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"" Jun 30, 10 7:50 PM

Fishing protest on hold

I agree.

Wait for the "oppurtune moment"..." Jun 30, 10 7:55 PM

Rumor about attack in village is debunked by police

If History is the judge, NO, we won't..." Jun 30, 10 7:58 PM

Excellent pun with the word "boarders"..." Jun 30, 10 8:12 PM

89 year old pilot from Westhampton safely crash lands on beach

"Mr. Cavallo, a former military test pilot from Westhampton Beach, has far more experience with malfunctioning airplanes than anyone would ever want to."" Jun 30, 10 8:15 PM

Celestino Gambino, founder of La Parmigiana, dies at 73

The other day, I had this craving out of the blue for a LaParm slice.

That is a bonafide fact.

Requiescat in pace, mi amice..." Jul 2, 10 10:29 PM

Unexploded mortar shell and spine both discovered on Ponquogue Beach

Set 'em up, knock 'em down..." Jul 2, 10 10:31 PM

"90% of the American public has NO net worth."
-Michael Douglas, Wall St." Jul 2, 10 10:37 PM

Nah, just a creative play on words. As most likely was intended..." Jul 2, 10 10:38 PM

If you're more qualified, and can do a better job with the hand the Office of President has been dealt, I'd like to see you on the ticket in '12.

A fickle lot, indeed!" Jul 2, 10 10:41 PM

Rumor about attack in village is debunked by police

"Going forward", because THAT was THEN, and THIS IS NOW...

My father came here "off the boat", paid taxes, learned to speak English very well, EARNED his Citizenship, built a home, raised two children, put one through college, supported the other through all hardship, including a lightining strike, and a sleep disorder. He paid taxes, and SUPPORTED the system. He never hesitated to work day AND night to put a "roof" over his family's collective heads.

These "illegals" in question DO NOT support the system, but leach from it, and undermine not only our soveriegnty, but our national security.

WAKE UP, and smell the damned coffee..." Jul 2, 10 10:52 PM

89 year old pilot from Westhampton safely crash lands on beach

We assume nothing, and thank Providence he was in the cockpit." Jul 2, 10 11:04 PM

The hospitable housewife: At Home with Countess LuAnn de Lesseps

If "nobility" truly had "class", they would not live in such an ostentatious manner, creating the need for the "charity" they so magnanimously "give" to..." Jul 2, 10 11:05 PM

Tuckahoe superintendent to leave; School Board interviews finalists for position

How about Mr. Grisnik for Superintendent?" Jul 2, 10 11:22 PM

Rumor about attack in village is debunked by police

If they don't utilize cheap labor, they can't rake in the wealth like the interlopers whom they build ostentatious homes for.

These Jones' that the Smiths need to keep up with are most of the problem to begin with. We need to make a process like E-Verify THE LAW.

Last I looked, there are about 50,000 people out of work in Suffolk County. How many people with fake paperwork, or no paperwork at all, are filling those jobs as we post here?" Jul 3, 10 12:23 PM

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