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Riverhead man stabbed to death in front of Hampton Bays Diner

I don't know what's more depressing; the violent and anti-social behavior that bars spawn, or the 6 or 7 empty, boarded up bars on Montauk hwy. between Westhampton and Hampton Bays. Let's face it, we are living in a drunken culture. Got forbid the mothballed bars were converted to some other form of social interaction that didn't involve booze, bouncers, brawls and blame. (But change is driven by profit, and now even the bars have proven unprofitable. So what do we have left?) Here you have a Diner trying to get people to do something other than get drunk and run each other over with their cars and sink knife blades into each other. They sponsor Salsa nights, so people can dance and have a good time. I know this doesn't involve excessive drinking, so it's counter-cultural and therefore should not be supported by our society. In fact, since the people doing the dancing are mostly in this country illegally anyway, that's reason enough to condemn the salsa concept, I suppose, but I think we all need to figure out a more constructive way to deal with our social lives, particularly people in their 20s and 30s. This model isn't working; I feel sorry for people in this age group who want to have some fun around here; it's pretty tough with all this BS going on. This area actually used to be a lot of fun. Now it's just a huge ripoff and corrupt politicians lining their pockets and doing absolutely nothing to improve quality of life in this area. If I could sell my house, I'd be out of here; that's got to be a better place to live than this. PS. My condolences to the Butts family; the punk who did it I'm sure will get what's coming to him." May 27, 09 3:00 PM

Man cited after altercation with Giuliani on Bridgehampton street

What does running this story prove? That if you yell at Rudy you will be arrested? What exactly was this guy's crime? Why wouldn't Rudy just walk away and ignore him; why didn't they just duke it out? Why? Because they are both a couple of big mouths with no guts. There a plenty of people walking around with big mouths and no courage; Note to SP Editors: this in and of itself does not constitute a news story. In fact, when you run this crap, you run the risk of exposing yourself as a second rate publication looking for ANYTHING to write about." May 27, 09 3:23 PM