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Riverhead man stabbed to death in front of Hampton Bays Diner

Ok...1st, to GDGBAYS: You are absolutely right! Local establishments MUST stop serving to Gang Members! I don't know why they haven't thought of that! I'm sure it's really easy to do so....I mean, after all, the first thing I do when I go to the diner is whip out my "Honorary BLOODS Member" card...with my picture ID, of course...
2nd...to BEACHGAL: WTF is up with your obsession about the poker game and games of "Chance"???? Who cares???? There were no games of chance going on Saturday night at the diner...so what does that have to do with anything? As far as I know, this was not the result of a showdown over someone caught cheating with an ACE up their sleeve....
3rd...to everone else concerned with something that has nothing to do with the incident...I don't know about you...but it's a DINER, for crying out loud! It is NOT a 5 STAR restaurant with Gourmet Chefs in the kitchen! If you are there at 4:30-5:00 am, you are not there for some AWESOME food. You are there to fill your stomach with a burger and fries in order to soak up the alcohol that you drank too much of...so that you can go home and pass out....Or else you are the DD...and you're just hungry. The diner might have mediocre food...but it beats the 7-11 hot dogs.
Whether or not Mr. Butts was inside the diner or outside the diner is definately NOT the issue. Who cares? The patrons of the club side are welcome to go to the diner side and eat and the patrons of the diner are welcome to go into the club.
I have been to every club that was mentioned in the comments...except the Boardy Barn (I DO plan on going there one day..although every person I know has said DO NOT WEAR NICE CLOTHES..as there is a layer of beer and god knows what else on the floor....nice.) Each and every club has had altercations inside and out. It's not the establisment's fault. It's not anyone's fault. As it is with ANY club, undesirables find a way in regardless of how much security there is. Unfortunately, sometimes it is hard to tell who is an "undesirable" until it is too late. And just because someone is involved in the altercation doesn't make him one of the "undesirables". It just means that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Lastly....Please lay off the freakin' BLACK and LATINO issue.....because most of the clubs in HB in the summer are filled with UP-ISLAND WHITE KIDS. (The guys are obnoxiously loud and guido'ed out with their gelled, spiky hair and tight white shirts and the girls are obnoxious Biatches with their platinum hair and tiny dresses.)" May 26, 09 4:33 PM

Teen Night At East Hampton Nightclub Called Exploitive

I DO want to say that it DOES seem like Mr. Fine has a personal problem with Lilypond....the emails are quite numerous....However, Teen Night, in general, has a horrible, but well-deserved rap. The worst fights break out and there are more cases of drug overdose and alcohol poisoning than in any "adult" club. But you misread MD11937...She stated that there were students who went to the SCHOOL dance drunk and there were ambulances and no consequences. BUT, while there might have been a report of a parent being arrested, please do not come down on all parents. I am PRETTY sure that MOST parents do not ALLOW their children to get drunk before the dance. I know of several children that went...straight A, good son/daughter, obedient, who were intoxicated and I know for a fact that their parents did NOT "LET" them get that way before they went. (They were punished appropriately and severely by their parents when discovered.) I also know that most of the kids do NOT get ready at home and if they do, maybe there is no one there, as the parent(s) may be working. Or maybe, all the kids are fine going out the door but when they get outside, they have something stashed (hoochie clothes, alcohol, drugs)...so many scenarios, and not all of them have the blame laid at the feet of "idiot parents"...." Nov 9, 11 12:48 PM