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Riverhead man stabbed to death in front of Hampton Bays Diner

For people to come on here and leave negative comments ... WOW shame on you. NO ONE deserves to die, especially the way he did. If you have nothing nice to type ... you shouldn't type anything at all. The majority of you commenting on this particular story did not know Calvin Butts. And have no right what so ever to bring up his PAST mistakes. Let Jesus be the judge of that. Just worry about yourself ... Let him REST IN PEACE. Thats the problem with people nowadays ... always minding other people business. MIND YOUR OWN. But on another note, I hope FELLOW people learn from this incident. And stop killing one another. Smh ... some of these ignorant comments should be DELETED. Who's controlling the comments being posted? Give respect to the Butt's Family at least. " May 26, 09 12:45 PM