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East Quogue Taxpayers Reject School Budget; Other Plans Get Passing Grades

Bubby--I can "grasp that fact". I have a question about the 30 extra students. Are they all new entries from other schools (which is doubtful), thus EQ did not expect the increase? Or were they here from the beginning? If they were mostly here from the beginning, perhaps EQ should have put a percentage of the future tuition aside each year, knowing they would have to pay more tution next year for these 30 extra students. Just a thought because that's how most people balance their household budgets. You may find something wrong with my suggestion as you seem to know all the ins and outs as to exactly how the EQ School runs. Not everyone has time to attend board meetings. What if EQ sent out a letter explaining exactly all the reasons why they had to pierce the cap--that may be helpful to convince residents to vote in favor of the budget." May 29, 13 10:02 AM

They don't need to cut more; I believe it's up to the school whether they want to present the same budget for a second vote, or present an amended budget. Anyway I haven't heard anything about when the 2nd vote is--I believe they have a month?" May 29, 13 10:59 AM

My understanding is the budget failed by only 7 votes--don't you think they will present the same budget and just urge more voters? " May 30, 13 8:48 AM

East Quogue School Board Trims Another $600K From Budget; Spending Plan Won't Pierce Cap

It would be nice if this article was unlocked so that residents could access this very important information....." Jun 6, 13 10:38 AM

Suspicious Letters Prompt Concern At Southampton Town Hall

All this because the letters lacked a return address???" Jun 6, 13 2:31 PM

East Quogue School Board Trims Another $600K From Budget; Spending Plan Won't Pierce Cap

Casden were you at the meeting? That's not what the Superintendent stated." Jun 12, 13 8:28 AM

Southampton High School Teachers Wear Black To Protest Student's Testing Accommodation

I do agree that the staff/faculty wear black in protest was a bit over the top. That being said, if the student did not have an IEP expressly stating he/she should take the test in a separate location, the fact that the student had this accomodation and others did not is absolutely UNFAIR. PERIOD. You can't all of a sudden throw modifications in when they do not exist through SPED." Jun 28, 13 1:07 PM

UPDATE; Blinking Light On County Road 39 Was Malfunction

"Sgt. Burns said that incidents of road rage were being reported “no more than normal.” Wow, I wonder what "normal" is???" Jun 28, 13 1:17 PM

Southampton School Board Will Investigate Regents Accommodation

PBR I work in a school and we are required to have at least one administrator in the building at all times--yes, this includes summer!" Jul 1, 13 9:18 AM

In Southampton, Enstine Fuel Celebrates 100 Years

Actually, you can be guaranteed of a third thing---the highest price gas you'll find anywhere." Jul 23, 13 8:21 AM

ATT Cellphone Customers Say They Are Fed Up With Poor Service

Just switched from a Samsung Galaxy to an iphone, which I've read has an excellent interior antennae. I have AT&T also and was having these issues. When I told the AT&T representative where I live they gave me two reasons for the poor service: 1. The influx of people out here during this time of the year, and 2. The lack of towers out here. "People just don't want the towers out there", he said. Which is the truth, plain & simple, let's face it, folks! My friend has Verizon and he has the same issues so I don't believe it's a matter of a certain carrier. I work in Nassau County and my phone always works great out there; actually works great anywhere west of WHB. BTW the iphone definitley did help improve my reception." Jul 23, 13 8:31 AM

New Golf Course, Housing Development Proposed In East Quogue

No, no, no! PLEASE NO!!! :(" Jul 24, 13 9:21 AM

Southampton Town Officials Float Ideas To Help Alleviate Traffic Following Serious Accidents

Mass transit, whether it be bus or train, will not help with this problem. As btdt stated, many are tradesmen that need tools etc; they need their trucks. Even if it's someone that, say, works in an office--ok, so they get to the train station/bus station and get dropped off--now how do they get to their job from the station? I can't see this being a feasible option for them. Not all stores/offices are around the corner from the bus stop or train station. And let's face it, people are not going to give up their cars--they run errands during their lunch break, or have to pick up their kids directly after work. Just not happening, IMO." Aug 8, 13 9:35 AM

Gas Stations' Credit Card Surcharge Raises Questions

Should read, "Surcharge" (missing r). Would like to know how some stations use the "debit same price as cash", while credit is more?" Sep 27, 13 9:56 AM

Update: Man Killed In Sag Harbor Blaze On Monday

Was he 88 or 90?" Oct 2, 13 12:13 PM

Start Of Beach Rebuilding Delayed Again By Bad Weather

"The 300-foot dredging vessel is anchored in Shinnecock Bay awaiting the right conditions for it to begin work." Sounds like it has not moved yet.
" Oct 11, 13 12:50 PM

Parents Frustrated By Busing Changes At East Quogue Elementary

Ridiculous! She has two other children, one of who is 9 years old! Are you telling me the three children can't walk down the sidewalk on Lewis by themselves? And this is the reason she gives as to why she can't return to work?! This woman needs a reality check! " Oct 15, 13 10:03 AM

She also has a 9 year old and a 7 year old at the school. So, three siblings walking along the sidewalk together past 10-12 houses to get to their home. It is not a mile by any means. BTW that whole area of Lewis is a "school zone" with police, crossing guards, etc. when school lets out. LOTS of kids are walking that way when school is let out. In the DAYTIME. When I was 5 I walked home from school every day with my 6 year old sister and 9 year old brother. Give me a break, lady. You need to stop encouraging helicopter parenting and raise children that are (age-appropriately) self-sufficient. " Oct 17, 13 12:47 PM

Westhampton Beach Pharmacist Wants To Open A Drugstore In East Quogue

This would be a great addition to East Quogue!" Oct 17, 13 1:15 PM

Parents Frustrated By Busing Changes At East Quogue Elementary

If the busses take up to an hour to bring the child home, wouldn't it be quicker for the children to just walk home down Lewis for a bit? " Oct 18, 13 8:48 AM

You are correct. The mother should request an initial 504 meeting to determine if there is indeed a medical issue, and modifications could be made. " Oct 21, 13 9:32 AM

Dog Park Proposed In Southampton Village

I agree, I think the location is totally wrong." Oct 24, 13 11:38 AM

UPDATE: Police Correct Identity of Woman Found Dead Along Penny Lane

"A non-criminal suspicious death often is the classification used for a drug overdose or a suicide." What more would you like to know? Let the poor woman rest in peace. " Nov 5, 13 9:34 AM

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