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Southampton Town restructures its finance department, hires new comptroller

in response to INS-Nuzzi was born and raised on the east end. he is a property owner and taxpayer like the rest of us and has lived in the town for years. let's not get mislead by inaccuracies and focus on the fact that Nuzzi is the only one who stood up for town residents against this measure. " May 27, 09 10:40 AM

Local lawmakers challenge saltwater fishing license proposal

Thiele voted against the license in the budget" Jun 16, 09 1:33 PM

Attorney Asks For $70 Million Judgment Against Southampton Town

This same thing happened to Sordi when he was with Nassau County. He was let go not because he served under Suozzi, but because he failed to file routine legal paperwork resulting in Nassau's largest settlement....does anyone see a pattern with Mr. Sordi here?????" Feb 8, 11 4:47 PM

Between this and Anna's pick for Comptroller with IRS liens, she's not showing the greatest judgement choosing people for positions that are a reflection on the Supervisor" Feb 9, 11 9:14 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Police Officer Will Forfeit 20 Days Pay

i agree with silverbeaver..im confused by tuckers comments. if he didnt like something then why didnt he vote no???????" Mar 11, 11 2:11 PM

Southampton Campaign Diary: Throne-Holst Raises Most In Contributions

Maybe SH Press should read Newsday and report that ATH has to return $10k in illegal contributions....." Oct 19, 11 4:51 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Police Chief Inks New Contract

Interesting...Looks like Westhampton Beach got a deal-didnt Southampton Village just hire their NEW chief for $275k? Does Mr. Tucker have an issue with the Triborough Amendment (aka "perpetuity") for all employees who have contracts or just Chief Dean? I think he has made that pretty clear here" Nov 12, 11 5:43 PM

Sorry, make that $175k for Southampton Village" Nov 12, 11 5:44 PM

Politically Divided Southampton Town Board Names New Police Captain

Capt. Pearce is a stand up person and exactly what the Town Police Department needs. Good for the Town Board Majority for standing up to the special interests and the attempts to smear the reputation of a loyal and dedicated public servant; unlike the Board Minority " Mar 14, 12 9:45 AM

Police Suspension May Hint At Issues In Department

in response to crusader, Councilman Nuzzi was seen at an event for his children at teh WHB high school, which can probably be confirmed by the 200+ additional people who were there.

not everything in this world, or this town for that matter, is a conspiracy" May 8, 12 6:28 PM

Westhampton Beach Police Chief To Retire Next Week

Ray Dean is a stand up guy and cleaned out the WHB PD. he should be commended and thanked by the Board for his dedication to the Village. Wish him all the best in his retirement." Jun 24, 14 10:04 AM

UPDATE: Visitations For Gordon Werner To Be Held Tuesday, Wednesday

Such a wonderful man and community representative. Prayers and thoughts with his family at this terrible time. " Oct 24, 14 3:51 PM

Westhampton Beach Board Taps Gonce As Next Police Chief

Congratulations to Trevor, he will do a great job.
Why does a small village need a commissioner? Isn't the board of trustees considered commissioners? Are they admitting they can't so their job? If I was a village resident I wouldn't want my tax dollars paying for it! Where is this money coming from? " Dec 12, 14 9:27 AM

Westhampton Beach Village Board Could Withdraw Police Commissioner Idea

how can a board that wants transparency say they are going to discuss a draft law behind closed doors?? is it even legal?? makes no sense, just like the commissioner. and doesn't this village have like one dispatcher and 8 cops? waste in this village all around. glad I don't live there. maybe the mayor can donate some of her salary towards the new commissioners salary " Feb 6, 15 9:15 AM