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Two critically injured in accident on CR39 Monday morning

i agree with you INS, this was all just an accident waiting to happen. the only reason the taxi drivier is ending up with such a slap on the wrist is because the 18 year old had a BAC probably after working memorial weekend. no one thinks about the realities of these situations. If the town was taking care of the things it should with signs and safety the chances of this happening would of been GREATLY reduced. imagine if you didnt hear the kid had alcohol. imagine where all the fingers would be pointed then. the fault isnt alcohol in this situation its the town and a taxi driver driver just as reckless as they all do. " May 26, 09 8:19 PM

he didnt go through a red light you guys need to do your homework.
and i dont understand how no one can see that the taxi driver is the one who made an illegal turn INTO someone who was driving intoxicated. the fault is to the taxi drivier, and as drivier he should of being doing his JOB of following the road precautions with things like telling his clients to wear seat belts if they didnt care enough to put them on themselves. and the person in the car if it is determined by the appropriate authorities WHICH HASNT BEEN DON YET, should get a dwi in that case. " May 27, 09 3:05 PM