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Riverhead man stabbed to death in front of Hampton Bays Diner

I cant believe how truley ignorant people are! Im truley sick to my stomach knowing i live around some of you!
Calvin Butts was not a gang member! He was a good guy who made mistakes and will only be judged my GOD! n none off you. He will truly be missed and was loved by many, my familys prayers go out to his family and his brother! And you Joe hampton are an idiot! The last thing i want to do on the computer is respond to fools like you and other posters on here but i created an account just to do that. i knew Calvin for many yrs and didnt want anyone disrepecting him or his family without say! Rest in peace Calvin you will b missed!" May 27, 09 12:55 AM

Saturday Morning Shooting On Shinnecock Indian Reservation Leaves One Hospitalized

Here's a thought! Keep your irrelevant comments to self" Jul 6, 15 7:45 PM

Shinnecock Nation Could Grow Medical Marijuana And Build Dispensary On Reservation

Thanks for the positivity Joe Hampton much appreciated, as opposed to the ignorant expected sarcasm that come from our anonymous neighbors. Speak up in person folks lol I'm sure you all know at least one Shinnecoc Tribal member smh Cowards, well then again you have a reason to be. Once we have the revenue to do so you'll all be homeless! Or renting from the Nation. goodday " Feb 9, 16 10:40 PM

Lol can't wait to take your home" Feb 9, 16 10:48 PM

Southampton School District To Officially Honor Indigenous Peoples' Day This Year

What is wrong with you peopl? this criminal didn’t discover anything! It’s laughable the one woman saying she will continue to teach her children the accomplishments of this man and his contributions to this country. Please make a list! I’ll wait! Lol we understand that white America doesn’t have much of a culture or traditions hence Where the word culture vulture was created, but don’t try to hold on to a day that represents rape and pillage for an entire community who’s children also attens this school!! Could you imagine German children in school wanting to keep a Hitler day? Grow up, the Shinnecock Nation has been here before you ALL and him, time to acknowledge that" Oct 4, 18 7:31 AM

And that’s all you That’s all you heard. Never hateful, some people just hate the truth about history! And this melting pot is derived of many cultures not just “white america”. By the way saying white America, staying a fact, and standing under for Natives doesn’t make me hateful smh. And let’s not play dumb the “you people” are the ones upset over their one holiday being taken away school by school because our youth are deciding now to educate themselves and on what history really was! The wake up " Oct 4, 18 8:17 AM

Shinnecock Nation Considering Other School Districts For Students

I just love when the true colors of our community members come out! It’s refreshing to know our kids are in school with yours and this type of mind set is being taught at home! Amazing! And to the citizen in the back... that math is correct apx 40,000$ per student! And the times are changing, students are changing and their parents are changing! We want better for ours the same as your own so if Ivy League education is what 40k will afford then that’s what we will have. No one is whining, or on welfare, just refusing to be anyone’s statistic! But Thank you peanut gallery, education yours we will educate ours, just with a little less hatred. " Mar 14, 19 10:48 AM

Excuse me “educate” yours. Thank you" Mar 14, 19 10:49 AM

UPDATE: Town Officials Respond To Shinnecock Plan For Billboards On Sunrise Highway In Hampton Bays

Lol funny how these comments talk about “eye sore” and “land preservation”... I wonder how our ancestors felt when yours starting moving in on ours! Please remember you are ALL on OUR land!! You can argue until you are blue in the face but yet we forget what backyard your homes are on!? (And this is not up for debate) If you live in a home here in this town, trees where cut down to put it there and trees where cut down to build it! You can sit behind your computers and make banter, but this is happening, on our land to economically help our SOVEREIGN NATION! Check the time and wether for your own references as you drive by, I’m sure you’ll find it visible, and local businesses will be racing to pay for an advertisement spot for your wonderful summer tourist to see. " Apr 27, 19 8:05 PM

UPDATE: Hampton Bays Beautification Association Protest Of Planned Shinnecock Nation Billboards Rescheduled To Wednesday

Lml if they don’t like it look away, now on to more worldly matters! " May 11, 19 9:06 AM

First Of Two Shinnecock Billboards Nears Completion

Mychildmatters hahaha when is anyone going to stop listening to this woman! " May 23, 19 3:08 PM

Southampton High School Teacher Resigns After Being Arrested For Drug Possession

Lml corrupt who? The students already know to much and do to much! No teachers record is gonna aid that! Smh" Oct 30, 19 8:33 AM

Lml corrupt who? The students already know to much and do to much! No teachers record is gonna aid that! Smh" Oct 30, 19 8:33 AM