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Petition Calls For Sister Jackie Memorial Sign In Water Mill To Remain

There are two sides to the Sister Jackie sign situation but because Superintendent Gregor likes to do things on his own a negative situation has developed which didn't need to occur. As outlined in the article the proposal should have been discussed at a town board meeting with both sides presenting their positions after which our elected officials would make a decision. Another example of Superintendent 's Gregor power trip is the controversy over the Bridge Lane bridge. Here Mr Gregor sought an earmark, spent part of it developing "his" idea for the bridge, and then late last year presented "his" plan to local residents at a community meeting. The residents weren't happy with "his" plan but since Mr Gregor had already spent some of the government money on "his" plan without asking the community first a disagreement has developed. In the end Mr Gregors go it alone decision making process is the real problem" Aug 13, 14 4:33 PM

Again all I am saying is that the Superintendent should seek out some community comment before putting up street signs (and getting the nuns involved in a controversy) and spending government money (with all it's restrictions as you point out) on a bridge which has been the center of past controversies without having a discussion with the residents living closet to the project. To be honest this lack of community sensitivity makes me think he is better suited to be a superintendent. not a supervisor. " Aug 13, 14 5:01 PM

UPDATE: PSEG Completed Tree Trimming On County Road 39

I give PSEG a lot of credit for the preventative measures they are taking this year and the same type of effort they put in last year. We just went through one of the most severe winters ever last year in the Hampton's. It was incredible. I would like to know who living out here lost their power for more than a short period. The answer is NO ONE. No days without power as in the past. Much improved from the year before and the year before that. Maybe they could have been smarter in this situation but overall they have done an amazing job. And get zero credit for it. " Oct 7, 14 8:22 PM

Bridgehampton School Expansion On Hold While District Asks Taxpayers For More Money

Do these “officials” also realize that the cost to taxpayers has also gone up significantly due to the limited ability to now deduct state and local taxes from federal returns. " Jul 31, 18 4:50 PM

Lee Zeldin Declines Invitation To Forum On Morality Organized By Local Interfaith Clergy Group

After reviewing some of Rabbi Uhrbach’s political acts I have to laugh when she disputes the premise that the forum she is organizing would be slanted. Didn’t Peter Strzok say similar things about the Russia investigation?" Aug 13, 18 5:11 PM

President Donald Trump To Fly Into Gabreski Airport On Friday

I hope someone gave Rabbi Uhrbach a heads up so she has enough time to organize a protest. Of course one with no “slant”" Aug 14, 18 4:53 PM

Community Members Urge Southampton Town To Consider Legislation Limiting Local Police From Communicating With ICE, Honoring Warrants

I have have to say I am pleasantly surprised by the other comments. I have total respect for the immigrants here that are trying to make money and help their families. But there is a process to becoming a citizenship. Many of my fellow citizens seem to feel no matter how you got here you deserve the full benefits of a legal resident Sadly there is only so much money to go around (schools, benefits, social security, Medicare, etc). Above all our safety. Restricting the police in monitoring people who are by definition already ILLEGAL is insane. " Sep 26, 18 8:25 PM

Community's Concerns Intensify Regarding Bridgehampton Gateway Complex

Have to laugh at these people who oppose a “box store” type facility in the Hamptons claiming it’s an eyesore and will damage local businesses yet they make their weekly trek to Costco, Home Depot, etc to save a few bucks while totally wiping out local enterprises. Hypocrites?" Feb 11, 19 7:17 PM

Former Executive Editor Of The New York Times Speaks About 'Truth In The Time Of Trump'

Is there an audio tape of this sit down? Will definitely help with my insomnia. " Aug 27, 19 1:31 PM

Silver’s Restaurant In Southampton Closes Its Doors After 96 Years

The reality is I never liked the idea of paying dinner prices for a lunch. It was just too damn expensive. One can only go for a high priced “special” lunch so many times. I wish everyone well but they dug their own ditch " Oct 24, 19 8:41 AM

Well you won’t be hearing about it in Paris anymore" Oct 26, 19 4:27 PM