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Two critically injured in accident on CR39 Monday morning

Fact: Drinking age is 21 and at no age is it permissable to drink and drive -not, perhaps a glass of wine for the road! This kids father should be sent to jail for being a moron and raising a moron! I bet he wouldn't be saying that if it was his kid in the cab.

Fact: The people in the cab are innocent responsible legal adults that now have to suffer because of this.

Fact: The 18 year old "adult" drank, drove and went through a red light which has put our friends in life threatening circumstances.

Fact: That "adult", not minor, made a concious choice to drink as if he was of legal drinking age and should be treated legally like an adult.

Fact: "Perhaps" Dad could kick back with a glass of wine and pat himself on the back for being and raising raising such an upstanding person.

This adult (18 is no longer a minor) needs a serious "time-out" congrats to this Father and son duo of stupidity! The father didn't want to give his first name-- to reporters...LOL-What an ass!

" May 27, 09 10:58 AM

Who called the little slime ball innocent?" May 27, 09 11:59 AM