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Southampton Town Board Approves CPI And Canal Development Project

This is so sad. We can no longer enjoy a nice meal while watching the boats pass by. This was such an unique place, now to be destroyed by more condos. What a loss for Hampton Bays, Southampton, Long Island and New York State. " Jan 13, 15 4:32 PM

Yes, there are wonderful restaurants here in Hampton Bays with great views, and I enjoy all of them. It's not quite the same or as close or as interesting as the locks. The marina draws boats from all over. It's a meeting place for many organizations. I wonder if the floating dock will be safe for my wheelchair? " Jan 14, 15 3:39 PM

The canal marina restaurant have had many names over the years, and always have been handicap friendly. I hope the new landlords of our canal are as friendly to all of us.
" Jan 16, 15 3:45 AM