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New Southampton Village Police Chief Will Seek Closer Ties With Other Police Agencies

Are you dreaming? That Mercedeslx will still make a u ie in Main Street right in front of Village Hall and go merrily on their way. " Jun 10, 11 5:51 PM

Southampton Post Office's "Green" Landscaping Draws Complaints

Gee, I thought Willem had passed on maybe not on the other hand maybe a nice deKoonig hanging in a well protected banner placemnt on the front lawn would take everone's mind off of the bahia grass. " Jun 11, 11 1:31 PM

Bishop Explains Vote Against Debt Ceiling Increase

I like what you say, progressnow. taking the actions of realityfirst amd the Capn' I would say COWARDS fits the bill." Jun 15, 11 2:11 PM

OMG I have a hard time with that one. joe hampton? you defile the name. It certainly has come to a sorry pass when so many people read and listen to only one side of this story. People who do so are shallow and indolent. read fox lovers." Jun 15, 11 2:20 PM

Yeah, it is a stretch! The debt ceiling? For years each party has played around with that. But, I can only remember 1999-2000 (surplus) and then onward to the disaster of 2003-2008. We are still paying for the S&L debacle thanks to Neil Bush. So who are we kidding? The important thing now is to dig ourselves out in an honorable way.... not on the backs of the workers, those who are already paying so much more proportionatly speaking. Time for the Republicans to step up and act like sensible adults. Make their consessions raise taxes to the Regan Era level and really get down to doing their job in Congress.
How many of you know... or care.. that Congress works only 31/2 days a week? " Jun 15, 11 2:37 PM

Southampton Village Officials Dispute New York Post Allegations

In reply to the post by PBR regarding SHV PD rules , since the new interm chief has been busy perhaps there are no really "neew" rules yet.
The past history stands clear and I defend it to the bitter end.
To keep taxes low the pay for patrolmen has been almost subsistance level as prices in Southampton go; so everyone accepted the fact that in the summer the police moonlighted as security at the Beach Crowd's events. Sounds logical and was accepted as far back as the need for local police protection as in 1880's.
So quite yer quiblling or get ready to pay higher taxes and then the local police
will be able to go home after their shift and mow their own grass.
If the "newcommers" insist on questioning the way things are done without delving into the reasons 'why' well I guess this conversation will go on and on. " Jun 16, 11 8:12 AM

I would imagine you are right about the Chief but in my post I was referring to the lowly man on the beat. As to what I think should be an adequate wage now I have no idea. Well, I'll bet $75,000 to cover a family of 4 may do it.... BUT I do not have a clue as to what is low enough to put clothes on everyone's back etc. Actually what is a rental for a small house say, 1500 sq. ft?" Jun 16, 11 9:03 PM

And you know, as much as i look at the tiny picture in this post i can hardly recognize where Nelo's is. You say it is a Main Street Bar and restaurant. That sidewalk does not look like Main more like Elm to me. Pretty soon I'll be up there for my summer visit... Then I will see what y'all are talkin' bout. I love telling my friends here that I summer in the Hamptons!" Jun 16, 11 9:08 PM

Is that The Post House!" Jun 16, 11 9:09 PM

It's Critical To Plan For A Future With Autism

This article is a keeper. Thank You so much for bringing this to the fore. It does need to be addressed. Medical sceince is saving more infants, more illnesses are being researched and our children need to be cared for as long as necessary." Jun 17, 11 8:48 PM

Southampton Village Officials Dispute New York Post Allegations

What?!!!!!!!!!! Aare you for real .... for once?! When can I apply? would my age be inmy favor? After all i have lots of experience! lol" Jun 18, 11 7:34 AM

thank you V. Of course now it is clear. Well we all know there's a lot of bar history there.
The thing is no one has answered my question as to how much the average rental for a house of 1500 sq. ft is. I was intending to estimlate just how much $$,$$$ a a patrolman would need to sustain his self and family of 4 before the need to go moonlighting; which I remember was the original reason the village fathere condoned that custom. By the answers from reality 1 (If those figures are correct) the subject is moot. OMG six figures?!!" Jun 18, 11 7:48 AM

Former Southampton Town Employee Files Complaint Claiming She Was Wrongfully Terminated

Wow, Capen' You didn't know H.Cain IS black Africain American? I thought everyone knew that. His picture is prominently dispayed here south of the Mason Dixion line, which I call South of the Border." Jun 18, 11 7:57 AM

Hattrick Unseats Robinson In Southampton Village; Barbour Elected In Write-In Campaign In Sagaponack

Sounds to me like you at last got someone who really cares about the good of the community rather than his wallet. Congratulations Bill." Jun 18, 11 10:42 AM

Protestors Gather In Front Of Bishop's Southampton Office

I wonder just who so many are accusing when they say "moral hazard when more than half to population pays no income tax..."
I was Southampton village born and raised, worked for a local private company for 36 years, no pension only SS courtsey of results of the Great Depression and Democratic initiatives. At the age of 80 am still able to go to work in a part time job. When I get my pay check they take out Federal with holding, SS and Medicare. So that is taxes is it not? I pay taxes for the gas at the pump, etc. We all pay taxes every day unless you live in the duck house. " Jul 24, 11 12:57 PM

Big Fresh? Captn America? Hiding behind respected names and calling cheap shots at any one who proposes or points out the fallacy of their republican rant." Jul 24, 11 1:37 PM

Young Sperm Whale Beached In Montauk Dies

For all those who complain about taxes here it is... Good people working to care about, and for, the animals in the sea. They also provided a much needed job in removing the dead animal and showing the care given by the public workers; State Dept. of Enviromental Conversation. " Jul 24, 11 2:21 PM

Sagaponack Village Approves Demolition Of Oceanfront Cottage On Farmland

This careless person, Petrello, who grew up apparently with out care for the elderly, took advantage of an old man who was strugglling to save his children from losing their land. This has happened in Bridgehampton to a family who was unable to find tax relief resulting from the death of their father. The rest of their story is too sad to relate.
Should that be the fate of a strong American family who through the generations lived a stable caring life on the farm? Mr. White never lived in such an atmosphere of greed that would tempt him to cheat in the manner that appaarently Mr. Petrello did to the White family.
Apparently the Peterello's took advantage in a manner of the lowest vile snake. " Jul 24, 11 2:59 PM

Bloomberg In Contract To Purchase Hamptons Home

I just think of all the nice brick work my son has done on that place for Mr. Holmes. The view from the roof topis spectacular the chimneys of course are a work of art. Further bragging.... My grandfather's company did the original mason work for Mr. MacDonald. But's that's history now and a new man takes over." Jul 24, 11 5:47 PM

Family: Sagaponack Plane Crash Pilot, Passenger On The Mend

he East Hampton airport was built in the Depression by the WPA so that was about 1935 or so. The Foster's and the White's have been flying small planes for quite a while. I am sure they are just as devastated as the families of these two men. It is a tradgey. It doesn't need dummies like some of the above to make fun such a sad event.
" Jul 25, 11 12:48 PM

Authorities Seeking Information About Seagull Killing

what? you never heard of feeding the birds? " Jul 27, 11 1:40 PM

Republican Trustees Candidates Endorsed By Democrats

Hooray for you rburger! Get right to the point." Jul 28, 11 12:27 PM

Bishop Says No To Boehner, Yes To Reid Plan

I imagine you can understand those votes............... during a wholy one sided administration, the few on the underdog side usually vote against. And perhaps those Democrats really opposed the out of control spending that got us into this mess.
That's how I feel." Jul 28, 11 1:15 PM

Guldi Pleads Guilty To 35 Counts, Will Receive Concurrent Sentence

All this bad news is bringing us all down. believe it or not you do not have a good feeling about our country when we realize so many greedypeople in places of power. Big Jimbo is right The quotation is an old one, and right on today!" Jul 29, 11 8:12 PM

Protestors Gather In Front Of Bishop's Southampton Office

I guess you do not read or watch regular media I mean the kind that is truely fair and balanced not the kind run be a disgraced mego maniac. Rupert Murdock.
The news of those infamous walkouts is all over the media and the rest of the world know about it. So now those screwball republican babies that are so racially inclined are ruining this country because of their southern biasis. " Jul 31, 11 12:48 PM

I addition to hh's comments which I concur, let me tell you folks who are younger and apparently do lnot care, there are a lot of people who are very concerned that the irresponsible peole are intending to put us thru all this angst again in 2012. For shame on these irresonnsible babies whth all their hubris." Jul 31, 11 1:18 PM

on the 28th big fresh said among the things he would eliminate are "government unions". Just what are you referring to mr. big fresh? Civil Service? That is the oldest and the largest unoin in the country. Civil Service was founded just after the Civil War.... which we seem to be fighting all over again since we, the majority, elected Barack Obama ... which may I remind y'all is fifty percent white!!!!! not all entirely black. Our president Obama is homogeneous just llike the rest of us Americans made up of many different backgrounds. If you don't believe this fight is racist just common down and I'll show you a few ---- blank blank ignorant folks." Jul 31, 11 1:33 PM

Hey, I almost like you! Yes, I am ancient 78years of which I am proud to say the first 59 were spent in Southampton village and I had a wonderful life there. so many of us (still lilving) feel we had the best of times in SH, BH and EH. One of our sons still doesn't go across the canal very much. So now you know my heart is with y'all in SH. But as far as my racism remarks they are built on my experience in living for 8 years in country NC and in living very near native FLA. I have seen and heard how the white people, even those of the sme church I belong to, feel and believe about blacks and the civil war. So don't blame me. I was not brought up to prejudge anyone. Our studies in local schools did not tell us just exactly how the real southerners felt about that situation. So I was very suprised when I found out just where they stand. Southern Hospitality? it's a hoot, a fraud and you aare seeing it even today in the congress.
As for being ancient OK I've earned it. And something else I've learned even though at your age I did not want to admit this
"Youth is wasted on lthe young". Still and all I envy you the sights and sounds of the Hamptons and the ocean. We had wonderful weather and times there for the fourth and my husband enjoyed marching with his vet friends in the parade." Aug 1, 11 11:09 AM

big fresh, you defie the name of a local fun spot. Do you ONLY listen to Fox and such drival? Smaller government indeed. Seems I heard that line before like from GWB's cohorts. Face it this is a BIG country. We can never return to the age of the 13 colonies. We need some intelligent leaders. Granted our present President has a hard time putting forth his vision. He is too cereberal for the masses that's why they respond to the raving screeming crying spectacle put on these days. Which YOU seem to enjoy." Aug 1, 11 3:55 PM

I would surely like to know how you gain your income!? NO ONE earns their living without the help of others. Please just tell me what business, work effort brings in the dollars with out some one in the mix during the day working along side the boss? YOU?" Aug 5, 11 1:31 PM

State Troopers, SLA Raid Nello's After Post Article

I'll have to ask my grandsonsif they go to those dens of iniquity! As a parent do lyou think they will tell me the truth?" Aug 5, 11 1:45 PM

I'll have to ask my grandsonsif they go to those dens of iniquity! As a parent do lyou think they will tell me the truth?" Aug 5, 11 1:45 PM

State Will Refund Fishing License Fees

If you will get a copy of the Patent and read it You will see it is meant for the RESIDENTS of the Town. It has been upheld in courts as far as the Supreme court over the years. The residents should have free use of the waters in and of the Town. So I do not see an impediment to charging tourists or non residents. What the beach house owners did to the local native haul seiners is a tradegy. " Aug 9, 11 2:06 PM

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