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State Troopers, SLA Raid Nello's After Post Article

I'll have to ask my grandsonsif they go to those dens of iniquity! As a parent do lyou think they will tell me the truth?" Aug 5, 11 1:45 PM

I'll have to ask my grandsonsif they go to those dens of iniquity! As a parent do lyou think they will tell me the truth?" Aug 5, 11 1:45 PM

State Will Refund Fishing License Fees

If you will get a copy of the Patent and read it You will see it is meant for the RESIDENTS of the Town. It has been upheld in courts as far as the Supreme court over the years. The residents should have free use of the waters in and of the Town. So I do not see an impediment to charging tourists or non residents. What the beach house owners did to the local native haul seiners is a tradegy. " Aug 9, 11 2:06 PM

East End Verizon Workers Join In Regional Strike

For anyone out there in media land I would like the answer to this one: If Unions are destroyed just where are the states like Florida, who basically rely on retirees, going to get their $$$$ from?
All the carping I hear from some Republicans about unions causing so much trouble makes me laugh. Some of you might have heard of The Villages a 80,000 retiree community in n/c Fla. It is THE largest city of retired folks in Fla. And it is entirely controlled by a Republican developer who answers to no one but himself. Now if workers lose those benifits just who does he think he will sell those 3/2/2 houses on the market for $250,000 to?
I was happy to see the op ed by Mr. Buffett. He is a self made man that hasn't lost all sense of common sense.
You who complain about lazy worlers etc. should shut up and try to be part of a solution instead of always ugly ranting.
" Aug 15, 11 9:19 PM

Except Congress! As much as I believe in our system of government I do think what has happened over the past 30 years is a great affront to the citizens. The idea of working only 3 days a week and taking the rest off to do what? Have you looked into their package lately?
But hey, an uninformed voter is the greatest threat to our country." Aug 15, 11 9:24 PM

Two Brands of Cookie Compete For The East End Market

Kathleen was the first! You know the story? Little girl likes to bake cookies and asks her father if she can sell some at his farm stand. True American tale of hard work and dilligence to quallity product. Can't beat that.
Even if you cheat and steal that product will never taste as good the original.

Way to go Kathleen!! We knew ye when a little tot with flour on your chin." Aug 15, 11 9:34 PM

East End Verizon Workers Join In Regional Strike

How about getting back on ltrack History of these United States shows that UNIONS are the direct reason for the middle class. And I doubt that either joe hampton, Mr. z or big Fresh can be considered in the top 1% bracket. So you guys shut up until you get some education on true facts. If it wasn't for employes who walk the line I bet you wouldn't be sitting in front of a computer. I bet you'd be out there in the hot sun working for Mr. top 1%!
And I would like to know just what your source of income is. What company did/are you working for? " Aug 20, 11 4:34 PM

You made your point." Aug 21, 11 1:14 PM

Police Standoff In North Sea Ends Peacefully

unjustifiedjustice? What kind of a tag is that? Apparently you know nothing of the area in which the incident happened and you have no idea of the trouble the family may have been enduring.
Just happy to know that no one was hurt. And hoping there is a silver lining to this families cloud. " Aug 23, 11 12:35 PM

The Clintons Are Visiting East Hampton Village

Seeing as how Suffolk County is/was the Republicanist county in NY I think it is only fair/bipartsin to have a few Democrats out there for their fun in the sun. Democrats are really normal people just like you and me." Aug 23, 11 12:49 PM

Virginia Earthquake Is Felt On South Fork Tuesday

I was suprised when my grandson, a recent graduate of SHS now in Alferd State, called to ask if we felt the earthquake. way down here in Fla we never felt any shaking. :)" Aug 24, 11 4:39 PM

Lesters Plead Not Guilty In East Hampton Town Justice Court

Hooray for Kathy and Paul Lester. Fight on for truth and the Dongan Patent.
I was litterally sick when the richies on the beach won their case in NY State courts. Terrible thing to take away a a family's way of living. To destroy generations of honest living and they're still trying to do it to the locals. " Aug 24, 11 4:47 PM

UPDATE: Storm Lessens In Intensity; Should Make Landfall At 10 a.m.

I'm sure Y'ALL know your responsilbilty in getting all small items off the lawn. Put all such stuff under wraps. " Aug 24, 11 5:12 PM

Have YOU ever lived through a cat. 2/3 hurricane on Meadow Lane? Have you ever lived through a cat. 4 hurricane on the eastern end of LI? well, I have and I'd get off the beach by Sat. am if possible. And the way this Irene is going y'all are on the north east side of the atorm and that is definitly the bad, meaning not good, side to be on. The storm never impacted my area in N/C Fla. " Aug 26, 11 12:35 PM

UPDATE: There Is Still Room At Shelters For Local Residents

Wait a minute, Honey. You need to read your history. The last year "the hamptons" was really self sufficeint was 1875 or so. When the railroad came to eastern LI the rich followed asap. When Dr. Thomas rode out there in a buggy in 1870-71 he could see how lovely and healthy the area was. He convinced some of his patients to spend the summer in Southampton for their health. And the floodgates opened. Before the train my ancestors did rely upon their own brains and brawn for their livelyhood. There was a time "before the beach crowd"!" Aug 26, 11 1:12 PM

Read mu post above. We didn't always rely upon the rich and famous. There was a llife in the Hamptons before the beach crowd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Aug 26, 11 1:14 PM

I think 1938 was a cat 4. It felt like a 5 or a 6 to me." Aug 26, 11 1:18 PM

Remember Y'ALL are on the north east side of the storm. It is the worst side to be on. If all the threats of flooding and even a small wind come true it is not a good thing to be on the beach. People have died just because they were too curious about what the ocean looked like in the storm. " Aug 26, 11 1:30 PM

UPDATE: Storm Lessens In Intensity; Should Make Landfall At 10 a.m.

Boy, I sure hate (is that too strong a word) all the nuts with their negative crude comments about serious actions or ideas concerning our elected officials and they have the nerve to call themselves by just local names.
johnny hampton, joe hampton, big fresh indeed!" Aug 27, 11 8:40 AM

UPDATE: There Is Still Room At Shelters For Local Residents

Hey You! :) Please subtract at least 100 yrs. But you know, we're all living longer these days." Aug 27, 11 10:23 AM

I just like to read history thanks to some very good teachers in SHS many years ago. Also the libraries East Hampton and Southampton have excellent records and reference material." Aug 27, 11 10:27 AM

Southampton Town, Village Will Collect Tree Limbs; Town Offers Shower Facilities

Your sarcasm is over the top here. I suffered a week without power and water and would have welcomed a chance for a free shower. Just be glad you are not living in the desolation in upstate in the Schohaire River valley or in the midst of the wreck age in Vermont and worried about losing $$$$ during the leafpeeking season. " Sep 3, 11 11:26 AM

LIPA Scrambles To Repair Massive Power Outages

good questions but how do you get the answers?" Sep 3, 11 11:28 AM

Southampton Village Passes Law To Keep Hedges Well Groomed

WELL,WELL,WELL! I lived on corner of Meeting House Lane and Little Plains Road for 20 years. When we bought the house from the original owners in 1959 we were advised on ways to keep the hedges trimmed. After all the owners were much older than we were! We were also told, one day by the friendly police that we MUST keep the height at 3 feet on the corner sides because our property was at a busy corner and at that time there was a working traffic light! not like now where it is only a caution blinker. As we visit our former home every summer and see what goes on there now ... well this is a family paper. I can only say it looks horrible and very unkempt. Now I have good reason for my thoughts on how the tenor of the village has changed since the 1980's. The Village used to be well kept because folks took pride in their property. Now all y'all seem to want is to flip it. " Sep 11, 11 2:26 PM

does that mean that YOU are idotic? Or have you never lived next to a messy unkempt hedge?" Sep 11, 11 2:29 PM

I wrote my first post here before I read everyone else's post. And you all proove my point....... none of you have any common sense regarding the looks of your neighborhood. You do not care how the place you live in looks let alone care about saftey hazzards. " Sep 11, 11 2:35 PM

Storm Brews Over Georgica Beach Fence

Just wait for the next cat. 3 or 4 hurricane to come by." Sep 11, 11 2:37 PM

Southampton Village Considers Buying Nuisance Nightspot

That Paul Robinson has been involved in quite a few questionable deals..... all meant to line his pockets. What in the world would the village want to do with more property to take care of in this market? Agawam realty lists it at 4.6 mil today when only last March it sold to present owner for 2.75 mill. Ha Ha Ha Well, Mr. out of village owner sit on for a while. Let the village take care of Agawam Park first and the land on North Sea Road second before buying a pig in a poke." Sep 21, 11 9:04 PM

Scoville Hall In Amagansett Lost To Fire; Electrical Wires May Be To Blame

So sorry to learn of this news. Our fellowship halls are so very important to us. They take a bit of $$ to mantain and provide so much to parishinors. From a fellow Presbyterian please accept my condolences." Oct 15, 11 1:03 PM

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