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Sidewalk Proposal Causes Stir In Tuckahoe

OMIG such miserable people to speak against the children. And the absolutely stupid comment that a school zone makes it difficult to sell houses?! Not when you plan to live in the house you just bought at a low price; and now you just want to flip it. That kind of ---- person Tuckahoe and Southampton Town do not need. Too many flippers now any way. " Dec 19, 11 1:11 PM

Shinnecocks Reject Casino Partner Contract

Great Idea; Of course, you know the shinnecocks do know a lot about taking care of a golf course ... for generations they have taken care of The Shinnecock Golf course... rightly so because that land was theirs before 1890. So a course in Hampton Bays would only be following the precedent set many years ago. And of course there is gambling on the golf course so it's all settled. " Dec 19, 11 7:52 PM

Booksellers Deplore Amazon 'Poaching' Ploy

Z, you may be right but I'll defend unions to my dying breath. Think about it with out it we would have no middle class. Think about this, ... in a corporation every time the union workers got a raise or benefits the white collar workers got the same. Maybe some demands got out of hand but the union still protects the honest worker. " Dec 19, 11 8:08 PM

I am so happy to go to Bookhampton. The variety is wonderful to see and be able to buy off the shelf with out having to special order. Such is my experience in B&N. And the local stores support local authors." Dec 19, 11 8:11 PM

Southampton Village Woman Donates Kidney To Friend

So glad to read the happy story. I knew Allison as a fifth grader in Sunday School.
Such a cute kid grown into a beautiful woman. The phrase to day... "You go girl"" Dec 22, 11 10:24 AM

Shinnecocks Reject Casino Partner Contract

Looks like you do not know anything about the newest and very grand Sebonack Golf Course on Peconic Bay. The land once belonged to Mrs. Sabin (veddy wealthy you know). The new owners tore down the beautiful grand house and put up their own version of grand. some very well know personalities belong to the posh place now.
When I think about it that area, from the air, must look like paradise to a golfer. Sebonack, National, Shinnecock and Southampton Golf courses all in a row." Dec 24, 11 11:28 AM

Bill Frankenbach Remembered By Family And Friends As 'Colorful Character'

Oh, come on isn't his son, young Bill, going to continue the tradition just like his father did when his father died back in the oh was it the late forties or early fifties? Anyway Frankenbach's have done it for more than 75 years.
As much as we might miss someone we all know there is someone to step up into our shoes." Dec 31, 11 7:33 PM

Bay Street Says Southampton Is Best Option Amid Few Sag Harbor Possibilities

I was told by a member of the museum that Mr. Parrish's collection is intact and belongs to the village building, aka The Parrish Art Museum. I am not aware that the persent trustes of the Parrish can take the name of the building with them. If that is the case legally then it should present quite a tussel. " Jan 13, 12 7:44 AM

oops i meant 'present'" Jan 13, 12 7:48 AM

Contractor Claims Southampton Councilman Locked Him In Office After Worker Broke Into Home

What can be done about shoddy workmanship by unqualified contractors? Hire local... a man or woman who lives and pays taxes to SH town and or village.... a person who has a family and sends his/her children to the local public school... look around, ask questions who builds the best substantial buildings, who does the repair job correctly and is availble to correct whatever you the owner has a complaint about and does it willingly with a smile. In other words a local whose family roots go way back. I can reccomand 5 such family men, a carpenter, 2 masons, electrictian and a landscaper." Jan 13, 12 8:04 AM

Wow, bettybop has put it all out there regarding the councilman. And he and the contractor are "from away" as the saying goes. " Jan 17, 12 10:17 AM

Southampton High School Unveils Marine Science Wet Lab

itsamazing and you are aso ldumb. The school was opened in 1974 so it is only 37 years old. We who voted for it voted down a swimming pool. Trying to keep costs under control yet we did like the idea of the planetrium. Too bad the powers of that day did not use it to full capabilities. So if you are so smart go ahead and offer your mathmatical abilities and do the audit free of charge thus saving$$$$." Jan 20, 12 8:04 AM

I NEVER EVER heard any parent say they didn't want their child swiming in the proposed pool because of color. No local person that I know of was that prejudiced. My husband and i voted against it because of $ but also because of the water all around us and the fact that any child, color or not, was able to get FREE swimming lessons and transportation to the teaching site.
Death threats? You make me laugh! Nobody thought SERIOUSLY like that. Any bigot that felt the threat of color was not brought up in Southampton.. they were "from away." Besides that I wnted the planeterium. "They" promised there would be events for the adults in the evening. Not my fault the room was not used to full extent. This Marine Science lab is a wonderful thing.
Back in the seventies Hampton Bays had a teacher that set up a program wherein SHE took the ap Biology students and a class of younger students out to the beaches and bay (might of been the ocean) water to study that sceince. It was a yearl long class and they did that for the rest of her teaching time in that school.She was awarded Teacher of the Year for NY State for the program. " Jan 20, 12 8:27 AM

It is a shame when a school "underperforms". Educators know there are many reasons for that. Some is lack of $$, some is lack of parental interest, some is poor teaching ability, some is student interest or lack thereof. It usually is all of the above.
Since I moved to "away" I have seen the effects in the southern schools. It is sad to know that American schools are/have fallen so low.
It is sad to know that the governments of the southern boarder states have allowed the hispanics to live here without completly learning English. To give in to the lower mentality and print road directions in spanish, to print spanish directions on anything in this country is patently wrong.
There is nothing wrong with the immigrant that learning and speaking English ALWAYS in public will not cure. So that is the governments fault that so much animosity is out there regarding anything that touches the subject of people of a different language, including the fact of teaching in our public schools." Jan 20, 12 9:15 AM

Bay Street Says Southampton Is Best Option Amid Few Sag Harbor Possibilities

There are many pluses to the move. The auditorium in The Parrish Art Museum needs fo be improved. new seating, new backstage etc. All could be done next winter and be open for a great 2013 season. Meanwhile a few shows,could be mounted for a limited 2012 summer season.
Mr. Paarrish wanted the place to be used for culteral improvement any way. I see an inviting show of art in the first room leading to a newly remodled auditorium in the back.
Please tell me they cannot take the name away from Jobs Lane.
Parrish Art Museum could remain at the very top of the Building with
Bay Street Theater Players below in more prominent script/color below.
I was so happy to see "Men's Lives" many years ago at Bay Street. " Jan 20, 12 12:40 PM

Snowfall Makes Region's Roads Slick On Saturday

they call me", what do they call you?, nuts would be approiate. Did you get up on the wrong side? so stupid to blame mother nature! If you don't like the snow do what I did move; far enough south so you can wear a sweater instead of a jacket in the winter.

" Jan 22, 12 7:30 AM

Mayor Says Southampton Village Supermarket Law Has Good Chance Of Passing, Despite Opposition

I've read all the above and I have to wonder just where y'all are coming from. I set up house keeping in Bridgehampton in 1952. My parents had a village meat and groceries store since the 1920's in Southampton village so I do remember how it was. I see how it has become now in 2012. And in reading David Goddard's book regarding the 'Colonizing of Southampton" The changes over the years are only inevitable or natural, whichever.
The Fresh Market would be a good thing for Southampoton. The Schmidt Bros. do not have to worry. The distance is enough that many of their present customers are not going to travel over to Flying Point Road when Schmidts is so much closer to those customers side of the Village. The issue of delivery trucks at whatever time? There are delivery trucks at Schmidts aren't there? There are homes in that neighborhood too so what's the beef?
Besides when I found Tate's Cookies in the Fresh Market in The Villages I knew it was a good thing.
Y'all sound like a bunch of chickens squabbling over new feed. " Jan 23, 12 12:41 PM

Southampton Village Supermarket Law Takes a Pummeling, May See Revisions

Spot zoning? what about the "convience stores on the highway like the 7-11?
If y'all let this one get away from the community it will be a big loss. If the Village wants to continue to have a responsible businesses within it's bounds then take it from me and all the other residents of Southampton who spend the winter in the area of The Villages of N/Central Fla. I'm sure Kathleen would not put her product in a lesser quality store. And I am so happy to have Tate's Cookies here where I can buy them. " Jan 25, 12 2:46 PM

Another thing every worker I encounter in Fresh Market seems very happy. They greet the customer with a smile and treat us (even seemingly stupid questions) with respect. Their pay is a bit above par for this area of Florida. I asked! The store is very clean. As I've said before it will not be such a threat to Schmidt's because of the distance between them. Fresh Market will only be an addittion to the east end of the village. " Jan 25, 12 2:53 PM

You have no idea just how classy and upscale The fres Market is so stop yer beefin'. Kathleen of Tate's Cookies thought high enough of the very small chain to allow her product to be sold there. Every Sountamptonite that I know of in The Villages, Fla is happy to go to The Fresh Market." Jan 26, 12 8:35 PM

It would be a good thing if the Trustees of the village would avail themselves of the information on this highly recommended store, The Fresh Market/ " Jan 26, 12 8:37 PM

Iconic Lobster Inn Is Sold, Condos Could Be Future

where were you? Most everyone I know in the area knew Skip was ready to go after the change in traffic pattern just like reported in the piece.
It was a fun place and Skip was really good to his employees and to his customers. I'm glad that I got to enjoy it So Thanks Skip see you around. " Jan 28, 12 9:22 PM

It is so sick to read the rants above. People jawboning to see their sick thoughts in print. The Lobster Inn was a success because a good person persued his dream. Skip has a right to bow out and enjoy life in the sun. So quit yer beefin and wish the guy good health in retirement. " Jan 28, 12 9:27 PM

Southampton Village Considers Placing Open-Air Pavilion On Center Of The Arts Grounds

Attract more people? There's plenty out in the East End now! Did anyone on the biard ever hear of quiet time, quiet space? I used totreasure the park like setting on the west side of the Museum. And the sound of the Fountain is a plesant addition to my dreams as I sit around the little wall there.
Clean up the area, do some weeding when needed but leave the outside alone. As I recall the present Trustees of The Parrish elected to move because the Village would NOT let them install a cafe! So now what?!!!" Feb 1, 12 12:46 PM

Mr. Samii needs to look at the entrance to the Village on North Sea Road. That area really needs some beautification. " Feb 1, 12 12:50 PM

Where The Rhinos Roam

Why didn't he put the beasts out on the Miami Beach?" Feb 8, 12 2:16 PM

Glennon Stirs Up Support For Supermarket Law

How Fresh Market got involved is not important. Those of you who have never been to a Fresh Market store do not have the right to speak as to the type of store it is. I do shop at a Fresh Market sited in The Villages area of n/c Florida. FM is similar in style as Schmidts. Since I know Southampton so well I can say that the distance between the two sites should not bother the Schmidts. Maybe some people from the east side of the village will stop in to FM but all the Estate folks will not battle the traffic to go cross town for what they can buy at Schmidts and at sometimes at better quallity and some of the grocery item lines Schmidts carry are not sold by FM. I believed in the success of Schmidts when they first opened on Jagger Lane and I still believe in them .
The ones who will suffer are the clientele of Waldbaums. They will not have a choice. " Feb 16, 12 1:21 PM

MacPherson Gets 4 To 12 Years For Role In Mortgage Fraud Case

why shouldn't "this business" get to you and to me and to any really honest person just wanting to live "the American dream"?" Feb 28, 12 8:17 AM

Long Island Receives Millions For Economic Projects

I wonder... just how many East End Farmers are there farming and what is their cash crop?" Feb 28, 12 8:37 AM

Size Of Home Addition In Sagaponack Draws Ire Of Neighbors

Welcome guest....... bit.. bit.. since you seem to have all you want why are you bothering with this post? Whomever is thinking for you? Could it be R. Alies?
I resent all, who think a progressive, ah I say it LIBERAL, is ginned up by MSNBC etc must know something about that style as I think FOX is even worse. Get off those politics this is all about a building a house. " Mar 4, 12 3:11 PM

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