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Ballot Count Begins; Altschuler Travels To Washington

Hold on there... as one famous and intelligent man has said "It ain't over till it's over"! The only decent thing is a full hand recount. Then Everyone can rest assured that all was done on the up and up all above board." Nov 10, 10 5:15 PM

Truer words were never spoken. The idea of electing a mand who created jobs OVERSEAS! How did he help Americans? No he helped himself." Nov 10, 10 5:18 PM

Judge Orders That 161 Ballots Be Counted, Prepares Ruling On 1st District Race

Joe Hampton "This is a left leaning paper..."???? What paper are you are you thinking of? Surely not the Southampton Press? Unless y'all are affected by what ever it you are using for happy pills... In case you do not know the facts let me enlighten you... Since the Civil War (as far as I know) Suffolk County has been a strict Republican County and the Press has always been Republican leaning, although I am sure Hazel B. Brown would tell me that she printed only the facts so please get your facts straight. " Dec 1, 10 4:26 PM

Bishop Maintains Slim Lead As Race Crawls Toward Conclusion

I really like SunriseHwy. Go Girl.
As a real local (even if I don't maintain primary residence I still have Southampton in my heart) I feel it is sad to see a carpetbagger in the East End. Do you remember when the Republicans screemed bloddy murder back in the late '60's when Robert Kennedy ran for election in NY? So I think Altschuler is a carpetbagger and a flip flop. It is so unpatriotic to own a business built on outsourcering jobs.
I know Tim personally and we think he is most sincere in his desire to do the best for Suffolk County residents. " Dec 7, 10 9:22 PM

Altschuler Concedes Congressional Race To Bishop

I don't think so. I used to be STRONGLY for Obama but now I follow the Democratic Caucaus who says "No way. Over my dead body will I support the 0.000000001%. Even though you live in the Hamptons there are more of us than them."" Dec 9, 10 9:08 PM

Former Southampton Village Volunteer Ambulance Chief Melissa 'Missy' Croke Dies At 57

I am si sorry bo learn of Myssy.s psssidg. dur tamioy hae maEy ties going back 75 or more years. Missy and my daughter took the BOCES LPN course and graduated in 1953. They were good nurses. Missy had a heart of gold and will be missed by many. " Dec 30, 10 3:37 PM

I am so sorry to learn of Missy's passing. Our family has many ties going back 75 or more years. Missy and my daughter took the BOCES LPN course and graduated in 1953. They were good nurses. Missy had a heart of gold and will be missed by many. " Dec 30, 10 3:42 PM

Old Town Hall Lives On

can someone help me? Either April or May of 1989 a group of men forming the Eastern Long Island Chapter of the Korean War Veterans met with the East Hampton Town Clerk in the old Town Hall to have the chapter charter validated. I need the name of the Town Clerk. I am writing a history of the chapter. I have pictures of the event but do not know the name of the Town Clerk. " Jan 7, 11 9:48 AM

Bridgehampton Woman Marks 100th Birthday

Frances Kominski..... The story brings back many memories I'm sure she knew many potato farmers there in the area. All those people I knew were hard working folks. I remember being in the third grade in the Bridgehampton School during the 1938 hurricane. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to You Frances. From a Raynor on Mitchell Lane." Jan 11, 11 3:34 PM

South Fork Digs Out Following Blizzard That Dumped About 12 Inches Of Snow

Hey, if anyone needs a driveway plowed I know a Southampton high school senior who just bought a truck with the plow attached. He lives out on Mecox Road near the high power lines. He's local and a nice kid goes by the name of Frank Raynor." Jan 20, 11 2:09 PM

Bishop Earns Plum Committee Post

I am so happy for Tim Bishop and residents of the East End. Guess what? even the naysayers out there will benefit!" Jan 27, 11 11:27 AM

Air National Guard Sergeant Is Bishop's Guest At State Of The Union Address

It is wonderful to learn of good news from our elected officials. We all need to hear the good things done in our nations capital.
Congrataulations to Sgt. Carney and good wishes on the upcoming national award for noncommissioned officers. Those nco's do much of the grunt work in the service." Jan 27, 11 2:23 PM

Montauk Residents File $25 Million Lawsuit Over Erosion

Words cannot convey my disgust at fools who build on the sand. " Jan 29, 11 4:02 PM

Storm Punctuated By Snow, Freezing Rain And Sleet Dumps More Than A Foot Of Snow On Long Island

I was told by an eminent authority that snow is the farmer's friend because it adds fertilizer to the land. OH wait I amost forgot their aren't many farms left! And for that I am sad." Jan 29, 11 4:13 PM

I did." Jan 29, 11 4:14 PM

Bishop Earns Plum Committee Post

I wish I could be at the RML for that meeting. I'd really like to see just who would bring up the nasty lies I see appearing in this spot. Rep. Bishop is truely working for the East End and it's residents." Jan 30, 11 2:55 PM

Storm Punctuated By Snow, Freezing Rain And Sleet Dumps More Than A Foot Of Snow On Long Island

Why do I care? The East End will never be out of my head or heart. Nothing can take away my sweet memories, the sunset over the fields on Mitchell Lane, the smell of fresh plowed earth in late March, not even the memory of the March 19th snow storm that kept us marroned for 5 days and a buldozer had to dig the road out.
As for me right now; I'm freezing when the temp is 28 and only warms up to 44. Now that's not right!" Jan 30, 11 3:07 PM

Shirley Brown Robinson, Former Press Publisher, Dies At 89

I am so sorry to learn of Mrs. Robinson's death. She was a good person and loved her family, home and the village and of course the beach and the ocean.
My sympathy to all her children. " Feb 2, 11 8:36 AM

Storm Punctuated By Snow, Freezing Rain And Sleet Dumps More Than A Foot Of Snow On Long Island

Did I ever go to Magee Street? What do you think a person who lived year round in the village before television did in those days? Of course I rode my bike on Magee Street many times. I rode the street north from Hill Street past the Blue Cross Vetenary hospitol. I went to the Block Plant up by the railroad to watch the trucks and the men working there. Then I rode back through Moses Lane to home.
But to respond to your message of the going on today in that area... well what do you or anyone expect? Time change. The teachers in school are not conducting themselves like my teachers did back in the 1940's.
The Mercedes dealership sure made me unhappy because I thought the idea of the Hospital going up in that are would have been the BEST thing for the whole of the EAST END, but if whishes were horses beggers would ride.
Imagine my suprise when in the 1980's I heard of that luxury home being built on a flag lot back there! But he was a German and didnot care where it was sited. He had a house in Southampton. Black Marble bath I thought was dumb. Who would want to clean that. But then he and she wern't going to clean it either.
As for the school, don't knock it. It is needed and I remember the original section so lof curse the area has grown and why shouldn't they give the Superintendant a good home?
I could go on but you get the drift. Times Change." Feb 2, 11 8:59 AM

Village Latch Inn Hotel Listed At $24.9 Million

it is sad when things (and people) get old and it is too dificult to repair. I was sad when they tore down the The Irving Hotel across the street from the Latch. Boy was that a big building and you think the Latch is a bit uh worn around the edges? So in 1970's the devleoper tore down that historic hotel and built the brick town houses you see today. Of course he had all the permits in hand. Maybe the same could happen to the Latch, if it is truely too expensive to remodel. The main thing is to maintain the charm and look as it is today. Classic lines are always pleasing to the eye. " Feb 2, 11 10:38 AM

Bishop Earns Plum Committee Post

brad, Thank You for getting back to the facts of things. Nothing anyone can say to the contrary beats the fact that Tim is a good honest Representative. And the East End is lucky to have him." Feb 2, 11 10:48 AM

Storm Punctuated By Snow, Freezing Rain And Sleet Dumps More Than A Foot Of Snow On Long Island

Of course I went to Henry Austin Clark's Automotive museum when he was alive. I remember a man who lhad a mercer runabout that Henry wanted OH but that is off topic sorry. I heard that you had rain on top ot the ice on Wed 2/2 so how's the weather today. Anybody still complaining? If y'all can just get by March! My worst snow was March 19, 1956. Pepole died during that mini blizzard." Feb 3, 11 8:14 AM

First of all, when I read the ads and see the names of most of the RE agents they are not local; especially in the big agencies, so right away the agents do not care about the area only their commissions. To be fair to them they sometimes have to fight to get a fair commission and that comes from my experience. Second i have done a bit of research of the times before the 1930's and have written it up for my family most of whom still live in SH.
This is a funny memory when I was a junior in HS I went to Mrs. Hazel B. Brown in her Job's Lane office and told her I wanted to work for the Press. She smiled and told me to see her after I graduated. At that time the Press had 8 pages." Feb 8, 11 10:43 AM

To get back on Topic... March 19th 1956 O M G what a time. It was before pampers. I had a little one. The farm on Mitchell Lane had a water pump fuled by electricty.It went out. It snowed for more than 24 hrs. And the wind!! ugh! At that time there were 6 houses on that road. Ours was on the east side, at the time was about 200 years old, torn down now. There were seed potatoes in the barn out back so the stoves needed tending. The farmer across the street walked over to take care of it. He was 50+ yrs and I watched him bending into the wind as he trudged back across to his yard and barns. He collapsed in his barn with a heart attack. Very sad. The road filled up with snow and the town finally sent in a man on a buldozer to dig us out. We were well stocked and could ride out the storm. So much more about that March. One young mother was due to deliver that month, they lived on Majors Path in Southampton. The road crew made sure they were plowed. We kept in touch with each other and helped when needed. The helping still goes on today. " Feb 8, 11 4:51 PM

Southampton Village Nears Decisions on Parrish Future

This is definitly my subject. As I have remarked before, i grew up next door to the Parrish. Yes, it would be nice to open it up more, make it more accessible. As I remember it the gates on Jobs Lane were there because what is now a parking lot was all vacant land and no access to the back of the Parrish property, thus the gradual slope up from the street. West Main Street and the parking lot were not opened until late 1950's early '60's.
The main probllem with all our wonderful ideas is money. Always was and is now. The Village owns the property. The village is responsible for the up keep. " Feb 17, 11 1:27 PM

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