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Hampton Maid celebrates 50 years in business

GREAT article !!! Before we bought our place out East we stayed there for a week 3 summers in a row with our 4 boys back in the 80's and loved it !!! Only issue I have with the article is that it didn't pay enough respect to the real Hampton Maid !!! The elder Mrs Poulakis who passed a number of years ago was in my mind the person that molded and architected the environment that made the place so special and her heirs have been able to ride that wave for many years ... lucky them and the people who stay there !!!" May 29, 09 10:10 AM

Wainscott CAC Tries To Head Off Possible Car Wash At Former Star Room

we need a car wash out east !!!" Dec 13, 15 8:57 AM

Now Widespread, Plastic Bag Bans Draw Mixed Reviews

as it seems with so many things in life (like white bread, coffee, and even whole milk) there will come a time that SOMEONE will be saying that the paper bags r causing a problem for some reason (i.e. trees or chemicals in their manufacture or some other reason) and that we need to go back to plastic or some version of plastic bags. One of the benefits of being a senior citizen is the u benefit from seeing the circle of life repeat itself over and over again. That said I don't think that what we r doing with banning plastic bags on the east end is really making a dent in the landfills of the world and somehow I don't think the rest of the world is going to look to the east end and saying ... now that's what we have to do :-) " Feb 7, 16 9:42 AM

Car Wash Proposed On Springs Fireplace Road In East Hampton

this would be a VERY good thing and is so needed and overdue in the area !!!" Feb 12, 16 7:20 AM