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Hampton Maid celebrates 50 years in business

Hey Ricky just wanted to say you shouldnt open your mouth til you try the food. The food is amazing the family is a great crew and the service there in unbelievable. You can keep sticking to your terrible food at friendlys. Instead of complaining about the prices why dont you dig in your hip and try it out. Who cares if it is expensive. The amount of food that you get and the quality there is out of this world. " May 29, 09 3:48 PM

Gregor digs in, and out, as new Southampton Town highway superintendent

littleplains seems like u got nothing better to do then complain. What about the roads during the storm how did they look? They looked pretty clean and well taken care of this last storm but all you have to complain about is a sign. And maybe you should go check the sign out in person because its not a whole new sign only the name is different. Know your stats before u open your mouth " Feb 20, 10 8:01 AM