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Bishop And Altschuler Debate In Bridgehampton, Focus On Economy

You've gone from Obama is going to be redistributing wealth through his second term to romney cannot be allowed to win. something tells me you couldn't even shut down an iphone. If I see you goofing off on this site once more I'm going to tell the head french fry flipper and then you'll be on probation and working the drive through." Oct 24, 12 6:20 AM

Greenport Man Charged With Embezzling $250,000 From Southampton Village Law Firm

Huh, when they extort it from a client its called a retainer, when they take it from each other its called embezzlement. You learn something every day." Oct 24, 12 6:34 AM

UPDATE: Wilson Chains Trucks To House In Latest In Property Dispute

Sounds like a clear case of abuse of power, NY State demands more licensing and continuing education for a manicurist or hair stylist than it does for this little local judges. The NY Times has found decades upon decades of abusive intimidation by judges in their rural or semi-rural jurisdictions. To throw around ''under penalty of civil and criminal law'' makes Southampton Town Justice Barbara L. Wilson no better than the 3rd world esque deviants to whom she administers public lashings for frivolous cases. " Apr 12, 13 1:36 PM

There is no question that she is guilty of intimidation and improper use of her title as a judge in NY State. She knows darn well the removal of a her property that she willfully placed on her neighbor's property before leaving town would NEVER end up in criminal court nor would it end of in civil court. Mr. Guliatta should have that eye-sore of a car towed from his property post haste and challenge this so called judge to abuse the justice system to satiate her own personal bad attitude." Apr 12, 13 3:00 PM

Who cares what it was like 70 years ago. Seems as though senility has its perks! " Apr 13, 13 4:49 AM

Has Guinness checked to see if you are the only 80 year old involved with civic issues taking place 1600 miles away from where she resides? " Apr 13, 13 4:53 AM

Southampton Town should intervene. There should be a deal worked out whereby Gugliota gives up part of that driveway and is compensated by SH Town. In exchange, Wilson steps down, avoids a not-fit-to-wear-the-robe style of hearing, with no pension. If I were an attorney in front of her, I would demand mistrial in 2 seconds and simply use this behavior as evidence that this lady is unfit to be a judge, much less operate either one of those cars." Apr 15, 13 5:55 PM

She's a SH Town Justice so they would have to negotiate her retirement. Personal matter, personnel. Everyone wins." Apr 15, 13 6:05 PM

Uh, no. The judge was the one who immediately started to quote lines of legalese and manipulated this situation squarely to engage in intimidation regarding the court system. Ms. Wilson is blatantly capitalizing on her professional vocabulary and it cloaking her entire position under her black justices' garb. If a police officer used his gun or an attorney used frivolous lawsuits in the same way, there would be implications. Just because its less tangible here doesn't mean its time for this judge to be sent to pasture. " Apr 16, 13 8:31 AM

I wouldn't want to describe what the '69 means to a nice old lady such as yourself. " Apr 16, 13 9:35 AM

Bishop Revives Bill Targeting Billions In Big Oil Tax Breaks

Something isn't adding up. Tim is all about ''education'' and he is undoubtedly behind the Common Core Education Mapping. He knows darn well ''Big Oil'' and he worked hand in hand to create the ''Common Corp.'' take-over of the education system so as to program children to be more useful to Exxon, Shell Oil and Big Oil. Is it disingenuous to try and garner points by speaking poorly about American Corporations and their ''evil profit'' while taking money from and working closely with them on everything from the take-over of the American education system to legislation to control to the American auto industry?

" Apr 17, 13 8:14 PM

Shinnecocks Protest New Development At Sugar Loaf

The horrible looking mile of cigarette trailers with pink, lime green and aquamarine neon kind of removes any credibility the current residents have about preserving land. They clear old growth trees in 2 seconds and prop up unlicensed, uninspected and non-environmental friendly drive through tobacco joints like its nothing. " Apr 17, 13 8:19 PM