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Empire and Alliance resume attacks as hospitals remain without contract

As of a few minutes ago, (Monday, October 26, 10:00 p.m), Sen. Harry Reid announced that the national health bill being sent to the senate floor will have a public option from which states may opt out. Sen. Olympia Snow expressed her disappointment. 60 votes are uncertain. (Does anyone else think that the agreement to change the Senate rules so that a majority became 60 instead of 51 in exchange for cloture being 60 instead of 66 is a bad idea and should be rescinded?)" Oct 26, 09 10:18 PM

Scratch that parenthetical. Research shows that the 60 vote cloture decrease actually decreased the number of votes necessary to allow a bill to be voted on in the Senate. It used to be 67. (Still is for Senate rules.) So, forty-one senators can prevent any bill from being voted on. Gee, if only the Democrats win seven more seats, maybe 51 votes will actually decide a bill." Oct 26, 09 10:58 PM

Scratch that parenthetical. Research shows that the 60 vote cloture decrease actually decreased the number of votes necessary to allow a bill to be voted on in the Senate. It used to be 67. (Still is for Senate rules.) So, forty-one senators can prevent any bill from being voted on. Gee, if only the Democrats win seven more seats, maybe 51 votes will actually decide a bill." Oct 26, 09 10:58 PM

Throne-Holst proposes 13-point plan to reduce town spending

Where can we go online to see this plan?" Oct 27, 09 6:27 PM

EPA approves 'no-discharge zone' designation for South Shore Estuary

Thanks be to god. It is unbelievable that in 2009 oafs in boats are still pumping their excrement into Shinnecock Bay. " Oct 27, 09 10:29 PM

Southampton Town approves early retirement plan for senior workers

Realpolitik at work in Southampton. The supercops will be given at least $10K apiece to accept retirement without storming Town Hall.

This is an early retirement incentive for all other town employees but for the supercops, who where supposed to retire years ago, it is nothing but a bribe.

The cost of the money saved is too high. A timorous Town Council has bowed before intimidation and insubordination. It is not a lesson that the cops will forget.
" Oct 28, 09 2:52 PM

To North of Highway:

You are right. I could swear that the article originally said, "including", police officers but I apparently misread it.

The link, "http://www.town.southampton.ny.us/2009Budget/2010-TENT-town-police.pdf", doesn't work anymore. (This is the link that shows the incredible salaries of the 27 supercops.)

To nicole:

"Supercops", are cops who are still on the Town payroll years after they should have retired according to their contract. " Oct 29, 09 2:47 AM

Southampton Town employees protest board over planned layoffs

The choice is clear. The Town can fire forty-four employees and close the Town Animal Shelter, or it can RETIRE some of the 27 cops still on the payroll despite having passed their twenty year anniversary of service when they are contractually obligated to retire. Those cops cost the Town $3.6M/yr. If you deduct the cost of continuing the employment of those forty-four people from the cost of continuing the employment of the supercops, you still have $1.1M in hand.

There isn't a single spine to be found in the entire flock of candidates.

" Oct 29, 09 2:58 AM

Throne-Holst outraised Kabot in election campaign, though supervisor outspent her challenger


"The PBA’s support of Ms. Kabot went by the wayside in the summer of 2008, when she suggested that some of the town’s most senior police officers accept early retirement to help close the town’s multimillion-dollar budget deficit in that department’s budget."

It is most unhelpful to the public's understanding of the present budget crisis when the press misrepresents vital facts. I do not believe that this is done deliberately. Nevertheless, this mistake is telling, especially for voters who may read of it but once.

It is not, "early", retirement but, "delayed", retirement. 27 police officers, costing the Town $3.6M annually, are still on the payroll when they should have retired years ago on the twentieth anniversary of their hiring date.

It is not a matter subject to bargaining. All the Town Council needs to do is NOT to offer these officers a new contract. This is an executive decision and is what being a Town Councilperson is all about.

The fact is that the Heaney Republicans authorized all these extraordinarily expensive service extensions in order to keep the STPD sweet.

It is a $3.6M perk that must be rescinded before all those town employees are fired just so that the cops won't be, "unhappy".
" Oct 30, 09 7:57 PM

Southampton Town Supervisor candidate Anna Throne-Holst (D, WF)

NONE of the candidates for Town Council or Supervisor deserves your vote. They have ALL remained silent on the $3.6M annual perk of the STPD that, by itself, has caused the current deficit.

However, of all these, Anna Throne-Holst is, clearly, the Police Department Candidate for Supervisor. The PBA is the main financial supporters of her campaign. In addition to retaining all those supercops at $200K/yr, she has also voiced support for allowing police officers to retire on full benefits after serving fewer than twenty years.

It is long past time to bring the police to heel but all the candidates are afraid to say so, remembering the way the PBA humiliated Kabot at a Town Council meeting.

So, beyond voting for Kabot who MAY get rid of these arrogant supercops, and NOT voting for Throne-Holst and Nuzzi, both PD poodles, there isn't much choice in this election.

However, if you want to make it clear to whoever wins that you know what is going on, I invite you to write in my name, "highhatsize", for Town Council member. Were I elected, my first act as council member would be to ask the Chief of Police just how many of the supercops he could do without and then propose a motion that they not be offered continued employment. My second motion would be that the savings from the elimination of the PD perk be used to keep those 44 town employees on the job
" Oct 30, 09 8:21 PM

Southampton Town candidates debate town finances, services

The budget deficit is the result of years and years of STPD perks. There are $3.6M worth of old cops on the payroll who should have retired years ago when they completed twenty years on the force, AS THEY AGREED TO CONTRACTUALLY.

It doesn't take many years before $3.6M/yr. adds up to real money. Hence, the deficit.

Anna Throne-Holst's major contributor is the STPB PBA. If elected, she will continue the cops' sweet ride. $3.6M next year . . and the next year. . .etc, probably with a COLA. Chris Nuzzi is another of the police department's candidates.

We are left to decide between the remainders, none of whom has mentioned this p.d. sacred cow since Linda Kabot did a year ago and was mobbed by uniformed police at a Town Meeting. A vote for any of the others is a vote for continued bloated police reimbursement.

Linda Kabot is the best of the lot, at least the police hate her for her past efforts at curtailing their excess payroll. She is the most likely to do so in the future.

Basically, the only vote her is FOR Linda Kabor and anyone but Chris Nuzzi. You can write me, "highhatsize", in if you like to protest the ostrich like ignorance of the candidates to the continuing police daylight robbery. (Or you could write in, "Micky Mouse", as another poster suggested) Just don't vote for the spineless.

Voting for " Oct 31, 09 6:45 PM

Kabot's court date is pushed back to December

It is a shame that Linda Kabot's trial has been delayed beyond Nov. 3. However, her innocence or guilt would not change the fact that she is the only candidate that MIGHT take on the STPD PBA over the 27 cops still one the payroll for $3.6M years after they were supposed to rertire.

Anna Throne-Holst is in the PBA's pocket. It is the major benefactor of her campaign. She even has said that she thinks that cops should be able to retire BEFORE they serve the standard twenty years. Both she and Chris Nuzzi can be expected to sustain the police gravy train.

By default, Linda Kabot is the only viable candidate. No other candidate has dared to question the $3.6M annual perk that the STPD has enjoyed for years. If that perk isn't eliminated, the budget will never balance. If it IS, those forty-four Town employees currently slated for termination can be retained.

Vote for Linda Kabot & don't vote for Chris Nuzzi. Otherwise, don't bother voting. The remaining candidates are all pusillanimous pushovers intimidated by the PBA. You can vote for me as a write-in candidate, "highhatsize", to show the candidates just how much you despise their capitualtion to STPD PBA intimidation.

It is embarrassing that the Town of Southampton cannot produce a single courageous and principled candidate.

" Oct 31, 09 9:24 PM

Southampton Town Board incumbent Christopher Nuzzi (R,I,C)

Nuzzi is endorsed by the STPD PBA. The STPD currently enjoys a $3.6M annual perk enabling them to employ 27 cops beyond their contractually mandated retirement date. Were those cops retired, (on $100K annual pensions), we could continue the employment of the forty-four Town employees and fully fund the Town Animal Shelter and still have $1.1M in hand.

Don't vote for Chris Nuzzi, and for goodness sake don't vote for Anna Throne-Holst who is virtually the Town police mascot. Vote for Linda Kabot, the only candidate who has every suggested that these "special" cops should be taken off the payroll.

Leave the other voting slots blank or vote for, "highhatsize", to show how much you deplore the cowardice of the candidates before STPD PBA intimidation.
" Oct 31, 09 9:37 PM

Southampton Town Supervisor incumbent Linda Kabot (R)

Every year the STPD gets $3.6M allocated in the budget to continue 27 cops on the payroll who were contractually required to retire years ago on their twentieth anniversay of employment. Linda Kabot was the only Town Council member who suggested that this perk, handed out by the Heaney Republican good ole boys, should be ended. The result was the STPD uniformed invasion of a Town Council meeting.

Were these 27 cops retired, (on $100K annual pensions), the forty-four Town employees currently scheduled to be fired could be retained, the Town Animal Shelter could be fully funded, and we would still have $1.1M in hand.

Linda Kabot is the only candidate who deserves your vote. All the other contenders have remained mute about this egregious giveaway. Leave the other spaces blank or write in, "highhatsize", to let them know what you think about thier cowardice." Oct 31, 09 9:48 PM

Southampton Town supervisor candidates verbally spar over youth programs, affordable housing in Flanders

It's not a tough call. If Flanders wants youth programs to continue, its residents should vote for Linda Kabot. Anna Throne-Holst proposes decreasing Town employees, (the police department excepted), by 20%. Since the youth programs are ALREADY on the block, how much do you think that you will have to claw back to get the youth programs RE-funded under the ATH austerity program.

You COULD have youth programs continued if the old STPD cops, (27 of them at $3.6M/yr.), retired as they were supposed to, according the the terms of the employment contract that they all signed, years ago.

But Anna Throne-Holst and Chris Nizzi are the STPD's, "friends". The STPD PBA is Anna's largest contributor and it has given them its benediction, (and lots of $$). The notion that they would bite the hand of the PBA is ludicrous.

Linda Kabot is your only hope. Other than she, the remaining candidates are uniformly timorous, refraining from mentioning the $3.6M STPD honey pot for fear of suffering the same fate at their hands as Ms. Kabot.

However, with Linda Kabot at the helm, there is, at least, a chance that the other Town Council members will find their spines.

So vote for Linda Kabot and leave all the other choices blank. Or, I invite you to write in my name, "highhatsize", in those blank spaces. I won't win, but the size of your protest vote will signal to the Council members your contempt of their cowardice." Nov 1, 09 1:37 AM

Kabot's court date is pushed back to December

It is certainly a plus for Linda Throne-Holst to have received the endorsement of Newsday. However, Newsday's news beat is a lot larger than that of the Southampton Press. Additionally, since the the local election and its, "soap operatic", quality, (to use Newsday's metaphor), is the biggest local story, the attention paid it by the Southampton Press eclipses that of Newsday.

The Southampton Press had endorsed Linda Kabot. It knows her history. It knows that the local Republican Party, (by which I mean the Skip Heaney ol' boys Republicans), is responsible for the financial mess at Town Hall. It knows, as well, that the Heaney Republicans have used every means to keep Linda Kabot off their board, both privately and publicly. It has heard the vacuous speeches of Anna Throne-Holst and seen her, "13 Point Plan, and it finds her lacking.

Linda Kabot is a competent and aggressively positive administrator. She has revealed in speech after speech just how angry she is at being kept in the dark about the Town's financial insolvency by her supposed Republican colleagues. She can be counted on to make sure that that financial chicanery is not repeated. It's personal.

Given her abandonment by the Heaney Republicans, and the outright hatred of her by the STPD PBA, she is also our best hope for for draining the $3.6M pool of police department special funding that has allowed 27 cops to remain on the force years after their contactually obligatory retirement date.

On the other side, the STPD PBA is Linda Throne-Holst's biggest campaign contributor. They sponsor an advertisement for her outside their headquarters. She is on record as stating that cops shouldn't be required to work for twenty years before receiving full retirement benefits. (I mean healthy cops, not ones who have a service-connected disability.)

The $3.6M in patronage than has flowed into the STPD every year can be diverted to pay the salaries of all the Town employees currently slated to be fired and pay the entire cost of the Town Animal Shelter.

However, it's an either/or. Either we continue paying the cops who, according to their contracts, should have retired years ago, or we retain the Town employees and the Town Animal Shelter.

Vote for Linda Kabot if you care about the welfare of those forty-four Town employees and the abandoned dogs and cats. As for the rest of the candidates, your choice is irrelevant. Every one of them is too frightened to touch the special relationship with the police department. (Except for Chris Nuzzi who, like Anna Throne-Holst, is another police department candidate and wouldn't dream of offending them.)

I invite you to write in my name, "highhatsize", in the blank spaces for the Town Council seats. The very first thing that I would do if elected is to ask the Chief of Police which of the 27 cops still on the payroll should be retired. I would then propose a motion to refrain from offering them a new contract. The savings produced by this measure would be used to retain all the Town employees who would otherwise be terminated due to budgetary insufficiency, and to fully fund The Town Animal Shelter.

I won't win, but the number of votes that, "highhatsize", receives will alert the winners that we all know the subtext at Town Hall that is playing behind the overt blather about economy.

To paraphrase James Carville: "It's the COPS, Stupid. " Nov 1, 09 4:41 PM

Southampton Town Board incumbent Christopher Nuzzi (R,I,C)

Chris Nuzzi is the sole survivor of the Skip Heaney Good Ol' Boys who ran Town Hall, (into the ground), for years. He will preserve the special relationship with the STPD that gives them $3.6M/yr. for cops who should have retired years ago as their contracts stated.

Just thinking about misfeasance of that group evokes the gag reflex. Does anyone actually want a return to the fictitious budgets of the Heaney era?

Linda Kabot will attack the police patronage scandal because the cops hate her already. So vote for Linda Kabot, and vote for highhatsize, (or , "Goofy", as one poster suggested if you want to sent a less specific negative message).
" Nov 1, 09 4:58 PM

Kabot's court date is pushed back to December

To T.J.:

You are quite wrong. Police officers do not have the option to continue in employment beyond their twentieth year. That option rests with the Town Council only. Their attempt to exercise it led to the STPD uniformed cops mobbing a Town Council meeting in 2008. The retirement of six of them against their will was the cause of the intimidating uniformed police presence.

I got my information on the police payroll from the preliminary budget, here:


Obviously, some of those 27 officers should be continued based on merit and administrative need. But many failed to make the cut and should have been retired. Certainly the six officers whom the Chief of Police himself selected should have been retired in 2008. Had they been, we would have saved $1M in 2009 and another $1M next year. More than enough to keep the Town Animal Shelter open and in Town hands and to retain most of the deserving Town employees slated for firing.

None of the candidates has mentioned this million dollar police department patronage treasure chest, for obvious reasons. Nevertheless, its deflation would go so far to solving the problems at hand that, with apologies to James Carville, as far as budget balancing is concerned:

IT'S THE COPS, STUPID!" Nov 2, 09 3:12 PM

Voters cast their ballots today

Do the math. Even if one accepts that only the six police officers that the Chief selected for retirement in 2008 should have been retired, that is still over $1M that we would have in hand today to mitigate the terminations of forty-four Town employees.

Vote for rational decision making. The STPD mobbing of the Town Council Meeting in 2008 was a successful intimidation of the Town Council to keep undeserving police officers on the payroll.

Vote for civilian control of the uniformed services. At that infamous Town Council meeting, and in one the succeeding year, one of the officers to be retired harangued the Supervisor and went undisciplined for insubordination.

For all these reasons, it is essential that you vote for Linda Kabot. A vote for her opponent, Anna Throne-Holst, is a vote to continue the overweening authority of the STPD, AND their customary multi-million dollar annual patronage, AND, perhaps, further concessions such as allowing able-bodied officers to retire on full pensions without serving twenty years, AND capitulation to their demand of a 4.5% pay increase when their Town colleagues are losing their jobs.

The budget deficit is the most important item for voters' consideration. It won't be solved by a candidate whose thirteen point plan failed to notice the multi-million dollar police patronage budgetary item." Nov 3, 09 3:48 PM

Southampton Town PBA to appeal ruling for police brass to separate from union

So Supervisor Kabot stood up once again against the PBA in an effort that will lower the STPD payroll. No wonder they hate her. No wonder they love Anna." Nov 3, 09 3:56 PM

Shellfish woes continue for DEC

Since posting the above comment, The Southampton Press printed an article to the effect that, within the year, all the Long Island south shore estuaries will be declared no discharge zones and boats using them will have to show, on inspection, that it is impossible for them to discharge excrement overboard. Hallelujia!" Nov 3, 09 4:02 PM

Voters cast their ballots today

To North of Highway:

If every cop serving beyond twenty years were replaced with newly hired patrolmen, we would still save 2/3 of the current payroll. That is how dramatic longevity increases are. There need be no overtime." Nov 3, 09 8:10 PM

Throne-Holst defeats Kabot; Nuzzi and Malone beat Pope and Fleming

What a shame. The only voice against STPD arrogance has been stilled." Nov 3, 09 11:15 PM

To yearrounder, bayman3142,diy_guy,JimmyKBond and butterfly,

The people have spoken and I am not inclined to continue a debate whose point is moot. I congratulate Anna Throne-Holst on her victory. She ran an honest campaign.

However, as regards the police department, I have repeatedly posted this link to the preliminary budget so that readers can see for themselves just how much the cops serving past twenty years are earning.


Keep in mind that these are base pay projections and do not include overtime. It would be very interesting to see the actual remuneration for 2008 so as to see how much the base pay was thusly augmented.

There are enormous savings to be made simply by denying rehiring to those post-twenty-year officers whom the Chief of Police does not believe merit continued employment.

However, I am not upset by the fact that the cops have arranged this lucrative perk for themselves. What IS disturbing is that they thought it an appropriate job action to mob the Town Council meeting in uniform to defend that perk. This intimidation is abhorrent to any democrat.

Now that the police department's candidates have won, their arrogance can only increase. There is always a tension in government between the civilian authorities and the uniformed law officers. The results of this election tell the PBA that they can be as disrespectful as they please to their elected superiors and only expect good things to come of it.

The argument that criticism of the police means that you don't respect the job that they do is ludicrous. It is a dangerous, unpleasant occupation for which the officers are paid handsomely. For a position that does not require a college degree, there is no more highly paid position. But it is their JOB. There are lots of good cops but some posters mythologize their character. There are lots of mediocre and downright bad ones as well.

However, they have won and the debate is over unless they overtly misbehave again.

" Nov 4, 09 12:33 PM

To Bayman3142:

I don't really understand your post. However, the people to decide which police officers should retire would be the Town Council with the advice of the Chief of Police. In 2008 the Chief selected six officers which prompted the mobbing by the cops of the Town Council meeting.

It is this mobbing that upset me. As an historical analogy, see the mobbing of the Reischstag by the brownshirts in 1933. (No, I am not saying that the STPD cops are fascists but they used a fascist tactic.) Allowing the STPD PBA to use this intimidating ploy without censure was both cowardly and foolish. Any hint that the uniformed police are superior to their elected officials must be dealth with promptly. Otherwise, there is going to be trouble down the line since they have seen what they can get away with.
" Nov 4, 09 5:18 PM

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