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Parties eye vacant Southampton Town Board seat in 2010

None of the unsuccessful candidates from the last election should run for the vacant Council seat. Not one of them mentioned the costly patronage system in the police department as a source of savings in the current bleak economy. I will support whoever runs who has the spine to highlight this bank-busting giveaway." Nov 11, 09 7:25 PM

Southampton Town PBA to appeal ruling for police brass to separate from union

To North of Highway:

I, too, will appear at the Town Council meeting should it be proposed that the STPD PBA president be released from all policing obligations and continue to be paid by the Town for union work.

However, unlike you, I fear that the reprisals will extend beyond the drive home from Town Hall, so I will appear incognito. Hopefully, no one will notice the citizen in the dress with the mustache." Nov 11, 09 7:38 PM

Westhampton Beach expects to make decision soon on synagogue application

Here's a thought for the Village Board. How about requiring the synagogue to demolish the building and replace it with more synagogue parking? After all, it has never been used for the permitted purpose, (i.e. the rabbi's home), so it isn't needed.

Looking at the photo accompanying the article, the building appears to be quite large. Putting a parking lot in its place would give the synagogue enough parking spaces to make it compliant with zoning requirements." Nov 12, 09 1:45 PM

Parties eye vacant Southampton Town Board seat in 2010


Thanks, I was completely ignorant of this multi-million dollar patronage scheme until I became interested in the Kabot DUI incident. Researching that event led to the 2008 Town Hall mobbing by uniformed cops, and that led to the discovery of the patronage scheme whose possible derailing caused the cops to intimidate the Town Council.

Some cons just up and smack you in the face. Finding out that the Town is spending millions of dollars every year on unnecessary cops while forty-four Town employees are losing their jobs due to budgetary "necessities", is a real eye-opener, especially when one considers that the unneeded cops, even in retirement, would bring in more annually than any of those Town employees would while actually working.

Realizing that NO candidates will address this issue for fear of political and personal consequences really irritates me every time I think of it. That's the reason for my repetition. Instead of voting, "Yea", on police budgetary items, Town Council members should be obliged to respond with, "Squeak!"

Moreover, more details about the milking of the Town by the cops continue to leak out. Now it turns out that the PBA president has the concession that sells the STPD cops their uniforms. I wonder who sells them their duty guns and personal firearms." Nov 13, 09 10:13 AM

Westhampton Beach expects to make decision soon on synagogue application

To Frank Wheeler:

The accompanying photo can be, "zoomed", to show the property." Nov 13, 09 10:16 AM

Town code enforcement again raids Westhampton home owned by Kabot's aunt

Ms. Wilkins should hire Jim Hulme, the attorney for the Westhampton Beach Synagogue. If he follows the script that the wrote for the latter in its attempt to portray a criminal violation as an oversight, he will ask the Town to permit the alterations that Ms. Wilkins innocently constructed." Nov 15, 09 1:03 PM

Experiment at Brookhaven National Laboratory would test effects of radiation on monkeys

While not so bad as the product-testing animal experiments that cause tens of thousands of sentient creatures to suffer painful deaths annually, often in replication of protocols that have already been completed thousands of times, this proposal is still despicable.

The self-awareness of squirrel monkeys is every bit the equal of human beings'. They will experience suffering just as would you or I. PETA is right on." Nov 16, 09 2:17 PM

Southampton Town planners say new church needs state approval

No Permit? No Parking? No Problem.

Calling Jim Hulme." Nov 16, 09 3:34 PM

Southampton Town working out terms for animal shelter privatization

I'm grateful that compassionate private citizens have volunteered to preserve this facility, but it is shameful of the Town Board to cut funding for the shelter while it allows millions to be budgeted annually for police department patronage.

The Town Animal Shelter is an essential public service. It should never have been slated for closure." Nov 17, 09 12:25 PM

Turkeys in East Hampton: Friends or food?


The fact that we are mean predators by nature does not mean that we have to act naturally. All of the world's religions of which I am aware indoctrinate their believers in the virtue of limiting that behavioral drive. Refraining from killing innocent animals whose deaths would harm the human population as well as the avian should make sense to everyone including killers.

" Nov 18, 09 1:29 AM


Your are quite wrong. More people have been killed in the name of political ideology than in the name of god. Remember WWII.

I cannot speak for all religions, but the Christian religions' primary behavioral tenet is, "Don't be mean". It doesn't prohibit the killing of animals but neither does it advocate it. The Old Testament gives mankind, "dominion" over the animals buy leaves it to us to decide what that signifies.

In any case, belief in a religion is not necessary to believe that killing animals for sport is wrong, but empathy is. Hunters have none for the animals they kill. Lack of empathy is 50% of the diagnosis of psychopathy. That doesn't mean that all sport hunters are psychopaths but it does indicate that they have less empathy than those who are not, and it is cautionary.

That organ above our neck that developed to improve our hand/eye coordination enables us to make rational philosophical decisions that other species cannot make. We should use it rather than satisfying our more primitive brain's killer instinct.

Finally, I have not read anywhere that the turkeys, "need", culling at this time. The DEC is allowing a limited hunt only because the few turkeys that can be expected to be killed will not cause the population to crash. " Nov 18, 09 4:00 PM

Southampton Town Board members mum on budget amendments

Jesus wept! Not a peep about the millions of dollars annually budgeted for police department patronage. Just retiring the six police officers that the Chief of Police selected for retirement in 2008 would save over $1M.

One hopes that the candidate elected to the newly-opened Town Council seat is at least a Vertebrate. Otherwise, we should replace all the Council chairs with large bowls." Nov 18, 09 4:17 PM

Turkeys in East Hampton: Friends or food?


Psychopathy: is a personality disorder whose hallmark is a lack of empathy. . . [Wikipedia]


1 : the imaginative projection of a subjective state into an object so that the object appears to be infused with it
2 : the action of understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to, and vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experience of another of either the past or present without having the feelings, thoughts, and experience fully communicated in an objectively explicit manner; also : the capacity for this [Merriam-Webster Dictionary]

Modern sport hunting: In time, hunting came to be seen as a sporting activity. Ultimately, the rising middle class or bourgeoisie adopted the practice and retained its image. [Wikipedia]

Generally, I like to use Wikipedia as a reference citation. However, in the case of, "empathy", it lists about fifteen meanings. In any case, the above definition from THE authoritative American English language dictionary, and many of the Wikipedia definitions, do not require that the feelings with which one empathizes be those of another PERSON. Anyone who has ever had a beloved pet knows this.

Ergo, you are thrice wrong.

World War II was a battle between three competing economic ideologies: Capitalism, Fascism, and Communism embodied by the United States & England, Nazi Germany & Japan, and Soviet Russia. Religion played a negligible role, certainly a lesser role than race or economy. Were I to concede for the purpose of argument that all previous wars were fought for religious reasons, their total would not equal that of WWII alone.(60 - 78 million) [Wikipedia] Moreover, your contention is erroneous. Merely citing the Roman Empire as an extension of Roman religion exposes your error. Rome was every religion from Olympic to Christian.

While most reference works list psychopathy as a disorder, the American Psychiatric Association does not consider it to be such but rather a variation of behavior within the bounds of normalcy. For this reason, it is untreatable.

The turkeys are not an ecological problem. What you are suggesting is that we kill them on spec." Nov 18, 09 8:07 PM

Trespassing charges dropped against East Quogue woman arrested near ANG base; wrongful arrest lawsuits filed

What statute of which jurisdiction states that it is a crime to take photos of a National Guard base from the public highway that runs right next to it?

The ANG base is hardly a top secret location. It is accessible from many points on its periphery and old air force structures are rented out to people who access them on ANG roadways.

Justice would include Ms. Genovese being given an official apology from the ANG commander, the Suffolk Sheriff who arrested her, and, last but far from least, the off-duty STPD lieutenant who "reported" her behavior, together with reimbursement with any legal costs she may have incurred. Drinks and dinner wouldn't be a bad idea either. Her attorney should make all these a requirement, in addition to a substantial monetary sum, as the reward to compensate her for defamation of character.

The stupidity of this incident would be mind-boggling anywhere else in the United States, but on the East End, alas, it is s.o.p. Note that it was instigated by an cop from the STPD, an organization that removed the word, "discretion", from its dictionary decades ago." Nov 19, 09 12:56 PM

Blatant false arrest. Ms. Genovese did nothing illegal. Trespassing? She was on a public road. If there is a statute somewhere that forbids people from viewing and photographing items in easy sight right next to a public highway, it won't stand Constitutional review.

The cops knew that the firearms were legal and they no doubt verified her local domicile from her drivers license. What on earth were they thinking.? She has a stronger right to have firearms in her trunk than she does to have golf clubs. The former are specifically guaranteed her in the Constitution.

The, "Oh, My!", reaction of several posters reveals their parochial attitude towards firearms, specifically the attitude of NYS residents to firearms. The enormous majority of other states think of them as sports equipment and personal protection rather than tools of terrorism.

If you don't think that individuals should be permitted to own firearms, change the Constitution. But good luck, you will find yourself about forty-eight states short.

Ms. Genovese spent four days in jail because of these Bozos!? She is probably using the shotgun to keep order in the mob of tort attorneys begging to represent her.

For every story about gun violence against innocents, there are twenty of guns protecting their rights. I particularly like the one I read about the young female office worker walking up to her front door and, upon hearing a noise behind her, turning to see a man whom she knew to be violent running full-tilt at her with the intent of grabbing her before she got into the safety of her home. She took a snub-nose revolver from her purse and pointed it at him. He tried to stop so abruptly that he fell backward and got a road rash on the back of his head.
" Nov 19, 09 11:37 PM

To those who cite Ms. Genovese's prior warning by the ANG to stay off their base, please remember that she denies this ever happened.

Also, the statement that one would not object to the arrest were the suspect Muslim or Black is specious. "I" certainly would.

In any case, while the incident suggests that some bored cops conjured up a terrorist fantasy to add spice to their mundane, quotidian existence, I have no principled objection to their behavior until the decision was made to charge Ms. Genovese. To do so with the evidence of her innocence at hand was profoundly stupid, but up until then she had complied with requests rather than obey commands.

I grant that finding firearms and ammunition in her trunk, in this part of the United States, is suspicious, especially when added to her taking photos of a "restricted" facility, (whatever that means.) I would hope that the police would behave with the same skepticism were the suspect turbaned, bearded and wearing a thawb. However, had he the same proofs of innocence as Ms. Genovese possessed, I hope that the cops would release him at the same time that they should have released her.

Regarding her firearms, the shotgun is the premier protection against home invasion, (plus a dog). Assault rifles, (which are simply rifles that have a hand grip forward of the trigger), are owned by millions of firearms enthusiasts because the destroy stuff dramatically. They are fun to shoot at the range, and they would come in handy were civil chaos to erupt following a natural or governmental disaster. (Remember St. Thomas after their latest hurricane. Not only were civilians looting, the National Guardsmen were too! Residents saved their homes by standing in front of them with firearms. [I think that the National Guard predation was peculiar to St. Thomas. The same would not occur here.])

500 rounds of ammunition isn't that much to firearms enthusiasts. Some shoot more than that in a week. This has created a cottage industry of shooters who reload used brass cartridges to save money.

Some posters herein have demonized Ms. Genovese. I don't know why she is interested in the ANG base, or in firearms, but she was an innocent." Nov 20, 09 3:04 PM

District attorney charges Guldi with tax evasion

Guldi's alleged criminal behavior is so extreme that is seems suicidal." Nov 20, 09 3:07 PM

Turkeys in East Hampton: Friends or food?


I think that the numbers that either of us could come up with are soft, depending on the definitions of warfare casualties and of religion. I will grant that millions have been killed for religious reasons, in whole or in part.

I object to killing turkeys for ethical rather than religious reasons. However, to speak of the purely practical, turkeys eat deer ticks. (Remember the article about the local official who successfully introduced guinea hens to a park with this specific purpose.)

In any case, their numbers are not large enough yet to constitute a nuisance and the decision of whether or not to cull them doesn't need to be made yet. We should allow them to live because they destroy a lyme disease host." Nov 20, 09 3:39 PM

Experiment at Brookhaven National Laboratory would test effects of radiation on monkeys

To Anne Birthistle:

What a terrific quote. Thanks. I am adding it to my repertoire. " Nov 20, 09 3:58 PM

To Anne Birthistle:

Oops! Actually,the Dr. Charles W. Mayo quoted was the SON of the co-founder of the Mayo Clinic" Nov 20, 09 4:04 PM

Trespassing charges dropped against East Quogue woman arrested near ANG base; wrongful arrest lawsuits filed

To mystcstar:

Thanks for posting. Could you clear up few allegations(?):

Were you in jail for four days? Your post seems to suggest that you were only detained for six hours.

Were you told prior to the day of your arrest that you were prohibited from entering the ANG base or taking photographs?

Parenthetically, it appears that both the Suffolk Sheriffs and you are unaware of the latterly, salacious meaning of, "tea-bagger", that has pretty much prohibited its use in polite discourse." Nov 20, 09 10:26 PM

Throne-Holst budget revisions approved by Southampton Town Board

Disgraceful and Shameful. The STPD is untouched. All patronage hires continue. " Nov 21, 09 1:13 AM

Medical examiner says Reister could have recovered if chokehold had been released in time

The bar of reasonable doubt is pretty low. I can't believe that the jury could convict of a homicide involving premeditation. This still seems like a Manslaughter 2. But juries are surprising. Just like everyone else posting here, I await the verdict with anticipation." Nov 21, 09 1:19 AM

Throne-Holst budget revisions approved by Southampton Town Board

To Bayman1;

OK, I know that I am beating a dead horse, but Bayman1 asked.

In brief, STPD cops are hired under contracts that state that they will retire after twenty years of service. There are 27 STPD cops, bringing in $200K annually in salary and benefits apiece, whom the Town Council has opted to retain beyond their twenty year anniversary retirement date. Their total cost to the budget is $3.6M annually. SOME cops merit continued employment beyond twenty years, specifically, some who have attained the ranks of detective, lieutenant and sergeant, but not 27 in a 100 man force. Allowing cops to continue on the payroll costs the Town three times as much as replacing them with newly hired patrolmen, and defeats the purpose of the twenty-year retirement provision. When Linda Kabot attempted to put the question of retiring 6 of these officers whom the Chief of Police said were superfluous before the Town Council in 2008, the STPD PBA mobbed the Town Council meeting in uniform and cowed the Council from even opening debate on the question. Any twenty year cops who retired, because of their high salaries, would take in $100K in pension and benefits in retirement annually, more than the vast majority of the Town employees currently slated for firing earns actually working.

Keeping undeserving cops on the payroll beyond twenty years is nothing more than a patronage perk to keep the force friendly to the Town Council members. It is the first budget item that should be axed to save the jobs of those Town employees who are NOT on the payroll because of a sweetheart deal. However, since the 2008 Town Council incident, ALL Town Council members have been supine before the demands of the police. The message of Linda Kabot's DUI arrest has not been lost on them, as well. Whether you believe that she was drunk or not, patrolmen DO NOT arrest elected officials on DUI charges without approval from above. Without sanction, it is a catastrophic career move. (Westhampton Beach cops and STPD cops have the same twenty-year-and-out contract provision. These two police forces are the ONLY ones in NY that have it in their contracts.)

STPD staffing and annual cost can be seen here in the provisional Town budget:

http://www.town.southampton.ny.us/2010Budget/16-2010-PRELIM-town-police.pdf" Nov 21, 09 2:17 PM

To Bayman1:

You misunderstand. The STPD and the Westhampton PD officers do NOT have the option of CONTINUING in employment beyond twenty years of service. They MUST retire on that anniversary date unless the Town Council elects to rehire them. According to the STPD PBA consultant who appeared before the Town Council, this contractual provision is unique to Southampton Town and Westhampton Beach.

The specific Town regulation delineating this requirement was posted previously on this website. A bit of research on your part will uncover it. If he reads this, perhaps the commentator who posted the rule previously will post it again.

In any case, do read posts relating to the election from the past few months. The entire STPD patronage scheme and its ramifications is dealt with therein exhaustively.

Parenthetically, exposing one's own ignorance by erroneously pointing out that defect in another casts doubt on the validity of every subsequent assertion one makes." Nov 21, 09 4:26 PM

To Bayman1:

THE point is that, absent some affirmative undertaking by the Town Council, either permitting them to continue on the rolls or by rehiring them, the cops' job ends with their twentieth anniversary.

If you want the authoritative source for information of the twenty-year-and-out contractual provision, you will have to research the Town laws unless the former poster whom I mentioned chooses to repost the text. I suggested that you look back in the posts on this site regarding the election as a shortcut to that process.

Your post reopens a topic that is repetitive to anyone who has been reading these commentaries for the past few months. " Nov 21, 09 5:45 PM

To North of Highway:

Thanks. Very interesting." Nov 22, 09 1:46 AM

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